Sunday, May 18, 2008

yesterday=good day

Yesterday was absolutely beautiful! It was in the 70's without a cloud in the sky! We went over to Kernersville to a park there called Kernersville Lake Park. We rented a pedalboat and pedalled around for 45 minutes...well actually it was more like 30 minutes cause Jesse's legs got sore. It didn't seem hard for me to pedal, but I guess he was doing most of it.

Afterwards we ate lunch at Cracker Barrel in Greensboro. We had a gold card and we ate a TON of food. We both had ribeyes and salads...and afterwards 2 strawberry shortcakes. YUM!

Later I layed in the sun and read my new book by James Patterson called Sam's Letters to Jennifer. Its really good so far. I think I may have found my new author (since I'm almost done with all of Spark's books)

Then Jesse and I went over to West Forsyth High School and we ran around the track a little. It sucked, I like the treadmill better. Then we went over to Meadowlark and played basketball. Yes, I played too! :)

This morning we went to church. It was rather uneventful. (Jesse says it was boring) Then we came home and ate chicken tortilla soup that we made in the crock pot.

I ran on the treadmill while watching my favorite movie of all time, Ever After...ended up going 5 miles even though my knee hurt a little.

Now... I gotta go get ready for school tomorrow. I'm teaching Art at a middle school.

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Anonymous said...

James Patterson is one of my favorites..I have read most of them! Last to die is the first one I read and it is really good.!