Friday, May 9, 2008

here I am again....

I'm still at North Forsyth. I'm on planning period right now and I'm bored. I sat in a silent classroom for the last period (which is an hour and a half) and now I'm sitting here in this room alone until 2:11 pm. Don't get me wrong...this is almost the easiest 90 bucks I ever made...and I'm not complaining. I just wanted to blog so I had something to do.

According to my plans I will have 6 students from Mrs. Parker's class during 4th period and thats all. I'm not really sure about Mrs. Ledwith's class, hopefully none though, because she didn't leave me any plans for them.

la la la la la......... still bored.

oh, I know..... I have something that I wanted to post. It was a forward that my Mom sent me..hehehe, its really funny. ok...brb

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