Sunday, September 12, 2010

Lost Camera

I haven't posted new pictures of the house for awhile.  I had misplaced my camera and I just found it today. So, the next time Jesse and I head over there I'll be sure to take plenty of new photos to post on here.  They have finished the deck.  They have built stairs in the garage.  They poured our walkway to the door and our driveway.  They have been working on the drywall still.  I think they might be laying tile soon.  I think the brick masons are supposed to be there this week to finish up the brick on the front of the garage.  We might even have our kitchen cabinets delivered this week!  (I can't wait to see those!...They are made by hand by an Amish man).  

We....excuse me, I mean...I picked out our light fixtures.  Here is a link to the one that will be in our dining room.  And this one is going in the bathroom.  I liked these lights because I was able to get all the lights in the house to match. I got them in the brushed nickel finish.  We also picked out our ceiling fans.

We also bought our kitchen faucet.  (and I LOVE it!) 

We had to pick out our tile last week.  We were at the store for an hour and a half.  It took awhile to make up my mind, but that was mostly because the tile salesman wouldn't leave me alone to think.   I hope it all works out!  Its really tough to make a decision like that!

On Friday, I went to pick out our carpet.

I still have a lot of things to pick out!  I think my next mission will be cabinet hardware...which sounds kinda fun!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Drywall is up! Siding almost done.

I am still super excited about building this house.  I love going to look at it every night.  I cannot wait to move in a decorate.  The fun stuff is coming soon... They will be painting the walls and putting in the carpet, tile and floors soon!  I'm looking forward to seeing my kitchen cabinets!!
They have started to build our back deck.  Love it!

Drywall in the living room.

This is the tray ceiling in the master bedroom.

I love the high vaulted ceiling in this bedroom!

They are almost finished with the siding.  The front of the garage will be brick eventually.  I think they are supposed to be working on that this week.  Do you like the siding colors?  Initially I wanted the two different sidings to be close to the same color.  Jesse wanted more contrast.  I think I like it though.  Its growing on me.  I'm thinking that I might like it more when it is all finished and the garage has the brick on it.  

More pics to come soon!!