Friday, March 27, 2009

Planning Period... :)

I'm at GWMS today....and this is my planning period.  Its so nice not to have to go cover another class or anything....I get an hour and a half to just relax.  With 8th graders.. I NEED it!
Last night I did my newest Jillian Michaels DVD.  I've been doing it every day almost.  I think I skipped one day and ran instead because I was sore.  It gets easier every time. 
I cooked a really good broccoli chicken and brown rice casserole last night that I made up myself.  yummy.  I brought some for my lunch today... and I can't wait to eat it!
I watched Twilight last night too.  I never would have thought that I would like that movie.... but, I got on Focus on the Family's Plugged-In website (it reviews movies from a Christian perspective) the other day and I read the review for it.  It didn't seem to be as evil as I thought that it might be.  So, I decided to watch it.    Jesse refused to watch it with me, but thats just as well... I'm sure he wouldn't have liked it.  He probably would have fallen asleep (like always!) 
I never thought that Edward guy was hot either.  I didn't really understand why all the girls were swooning.  Now I get it.  Its his character.  Something about his abilities to refrain himself from acting out on what his body desires is just....well, hot.  
Remember that I knew absolutely nothing about this movie before last night...(except that it was about vampires)  As soon as I saw Jacob, I thought... wow, he's cute! 
ok, enough about Twilight... but now I gotta read the books!!
I didnt watch the results of American Idol last night...but Jesse did.  He told me it was Michael Sarver that got sent home.  I'm kinda glad.  It was obvious that he wasn't going to win.  On Wednesday night when we were watching it, I told Jesse that I hoped Michael Sarver was the one so he could go home and be with his wife and kids.   After that comment he made about his daughter last week, America may have felt the same way.  

Thursday, March 19, 2009

SO frustrated!

So today I'm at Winfield Middle...and I'm not sure if I want to come back!

The teacher I've been subbing for has been absent for 2 whole weeks. I knew this when I accepted the job. I had been making plans in the morning...and it hadn't been a problem...until today.

This morning I was getting ready to find something for the 8th graders to do....when the principal comes in and tells me that he needs me in the 6th grade. I covered for a 6th grade Math teacher. They were SO good. So, I really didn't mind doing that....the problem lies with the rest of my day as an 8th grade language arts teacher.

When he came to ask me to cover.. I told him that there were no plans in here. He said he would talk to Mrs. Gordon about the plans.

BUT... when I got back here, 10 minutes after their 1st class began...what do you think???

There was NOTHING!!

So I scrambled around and found them a movie to watch.

sheesh. gotta go...lunchtime!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

6 am voicemail... yikes!

Monday morning... 6 am. I had turned off my cell phone on Sunday night. When I got to work at WMS I turned it back on and saw that I had 3 voicemails. I called, and I heard a kinda redneck sounding woman's voice say, "Hello. I'm calling to find out why this number was on my husband's phone. I hope you're not #$^&ing him, 'cause I'll *&^% you up! He's a married man!"
OMG! I was like what the heck!! She blocked her number when she called so I had no idea who she was. I knew she was mistaken, obviously, but without knowing who her husband is how could I explain why my number was on her phone? So I looked back through my phone call history but I couldn't find any numbers that it may have been.

She kept calling me over the next few hours, but I wasn't about to talk to her in front of 25 8th graders! So I finally answered during my lunchtime. She first asks why my number was on her husbands phone. I said, "Who is your husband?" She won't tell me and she says, "well I think you should know if your messing around with a married man!" Then I said that I think she had the wrong number. She says, "No, this is the number that keeps showing up!"

She says that I shouldn't be messing around with a married man...and I tell her that I haven't been. She says, "Well I guess he could have taken his wedding ring off...blah, blah" and I interrupted her and said, "I haven't been with ANYONE other than my husband!" She asks, "Who is your husband?" I guess she wanted to make sure we weren't married to the same person, ha! I said Jesse's name...and she seems like that convinces her...and she says, "Well, I'm sorry..." and I said, "Please don't call me again." and she said that she wont.

I haven't heard from her again. Looking back on it...the whole thing was really weird and it just makes me think that the whole thing may have been a prank. I don't know though. She did seem genuinely angry...and she kept calling. I think she called 8 times.

Did I get CrankYanked?

such a beautiful day!

Today the weather was stunning. I went to Poca Middle to sub for Ms. Richards. The kids were so sweet and all happy to see me. I missed them! (I should say, SOME of them...hehe) It was good to see all the teachers too.

After that....I came home and ran outside. It was lovely. :) Jesse and I grilled burgers and then went to the valley park just to walk around a bit. When we got there, Sarah, Jay, and Caylan were there with their friends Jackie, Eric and their daughter, Madison. So we talked to them and I played with Caylan a little bit.

Then Jesse went to go workout at Ty's house (which is where he is right now) and I drove my little butt over to the Teays Valley McDonald's to get me a vanilla cone. It was a tasty 150 calories....just wish I had another!

Tomorrow I'm going to be at Winfield Middle again....for the same lady!! She's not been to school for 2 weeks! I think I'm going to get lunch at McDonald's tomorrow!! yummmm... I'm thinking grilled honey mustard snack wrap and a fruit & yogurt parfait.....or maybe a grilled southwest salad. Those are so good!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

things are lookin' up

Well... today my depression left!

I had a great day at Winfield High School today. I subbed for my dad! :) He had to take some students on a field trip today. He teaches Intro to the Majors and Drivers Ed. I had Intro for first block.....and then planning second. I went to the teachers lounge and read a James Patterson book. Then for lunch I had an hour because my dad didn't have a duty. THEN, for 3rd block all of my dad's students were supposed to go to gym. So, I didn't have anywhere to go or anything to do for 3rd either! So, again, I read my book. Fourth block was another Intro class, but my dad came back early, around 2:30. So, I got to leave early! I got home before 3!

The weather was absolutely perfect today! I came home and Jesse and I went for an hour long jog. Well, he rode a bike. Jesse cooked corned beef, cabbage, potatoes, and carrots tonight for St. Patrick's Day! It was so good, too. He's been helping around the house and running a lot of my errands for me since his unemployment. I've been calling him my Personal Assistant lately. hahaha.... Its actually very nice to have a little help!

Also, I'm so excited today because I'm going to Poca Middle tomorrow! YAY!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

the most boring weekend ever!

I've been moping around the house all weekend. I don't know why really...but I've just felt kinda depressed. I think I'm sick of the cold, icky, gross weather. I think it might be because I miss having a steady job and I don't really like going from school to school.

I like working with my Mom at Winfield Middle, but its not the same.

Yesterday I basically did nothing. I got up and ran 6 miles on the treadmill. I was pretty impressed with myself because there wasn't much on TV to keep me entertained. I watched some travel show on IonLife about islands and then I watched Animal Exploration with that Jared guy thats always on Rachael Ray's show. Its a kid show, but its still decently interesting. After that I had breakfast and painted a pretty nice watercolor painting of a vase of brightly colored flowers. My students are going to paint it with me tomorrow night.

After that I was bored all day. Jesse was watching basketball.

If I had to pick my least favorite month of the year, I think I would have to pick March. The weather is depressing. Its the end of the winter and by now I'm getting stir-crazy with cabin fever. There are NO holidays. (although I do make corned beef for St Patricks day, but is that really a celebration? no.) There are no days off at school. Spring Break feels like an eternity away. You might get a little teaser day of beautiful weather, but it just serves to remind you of what you are missing on every other day. Yup, March pretty much sucks....and to top it all off theres the torture that is known as March Madness. Its the bane of my exsistance. I can handle a little basketball now and then....but not 24 hour a day basketball for like, what, 2 weeks??????????? I'm depressed just thinking about it...and it hasn't even started yet.

So... maybe thats what has been wrong with me this weekend... I don't really know.

But.. now I'm even more depressed because I got a phone call this morning from a teacher at Winfield Middle asking me if I could sub for her tomorrow. "Sure," I said. Then tonight I got a phone call from the Vice Principal at Poca asking me if I could sub for Ms. Richards tomorrow!!! BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I'm irked deeply over that. To top that off, I just got a phone call from their Art teacher asking me if I could sub for her tomorrow at Poca!! I'm angry. Like I said, I like working with my Mom, but Winfield just doesn't feel like home like Poca did. At Winfield the teachers that work there everyday don't even know each other.... and the only person I talk to is my Mom. Don't get me wrong... the people are nice. But... I know a lot more people and A LOT more kids at Poca. Plus, I just love my little 6th graders. They'll probably be totally awful when they are in 8th grade, too...but for now, they are pretty sweet.

oh, I don't know why I'm going on and on and complaining about nothing. I'm sure I'll be back at Poca soon. I'll be at Winfield Middle tomorrow & Friday. I'll be at Winfield High on Tuesday. I still don't know where I'll be on Wednesday and Thursday.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

a day at HHS

Today I subbed for a special ed. teacher who teaches Physical Science and Environmental Earth Science. It was an easy day. Her classes were really small.

During first block the asst. principal walked in the room and told me that I needed to cover half a class for another teacher. I always suspect that this will happen...and I always plan to hide in the bathroom for the first 15 minutes of my planning period. But.. he caught me because he came in during class! :(

So I had to go cover an Algebra II Honors class, but only for half. BUT... when I was walking to that classroom I saw the same asst. principal, so I asked him where the classroom was. As he walked me there, he says, "I need a big favor, I need you to stay for the whole block" So I did. The kids were good and they did their work... I had a really easy day even though I didn't get a planning.

Tomorrow I'm going back to WMS for the same teacher I subbed for on Tuesday and Wednesday. Tomorrow night Brian & Jessica are coming over for dinner... and I think we may watch a movie or something.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

at school......

Well I'm at Winfield Middle School today... I can't write long. I'm not supposed to be on here. However, I'm subbing for an 8th grade Language Arts teacher today. It seems like now I'm only getting reading and language jobs for some reason.

This teacher is very sick and so are a lot of the students here. I will actually be working for her tomorrow...possibly the rest of the week.

Monday, March 9, 2009

first day subbing again :(

Last night I didn't get any phone calls for sub jobs. But... I got a ton at 5 am!! YAY! <----sarcasm

I turned down a bunch of elementary jobs....then, finally I took a half day (AM) job at Hurricane High. I didn't want to go for a half day, but Jesse made me. I subbed for a lady who only teaches a half day. She teaches Assisted Reading or something like that....the first class had 7 students. The second class had 5 students. After my second class, I got asked if I could stay for another teacher, Mrs. Grim, who hurt her leg. At lunchtime, I went in her room and got situated...then Jesse brought me some McDonald's since I wasn't planning on staying for lunch. I ate in his car in the parking lot. Then I walked back up to Mrs. Grim's room....but the door was locked! I grabbed a teacher who was standing in the hallway and she says, "Oh you are going to switch to Mrs. Browne's room" Sheesh. So I ended up finally subbing the afternoon for a Adv. Communications class and Yearbook. They were all very well behaved. It kinda stunk that I didn't get a planning, but subs aren't required to have a planning block. Today was a very boring day. I really missed my 6th graders..and the 5 45 minute classes!!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

good weekend... minus one hour

So this weekend was "spring forward" AKA daylight savings time. I always hate that weekend. I just always think about how short weekends feel anyway...and this weekend is even shorter!! Why can't they make MONDAY shorter!!!!

We went to Jesse's aunt's "farm" this weekend. They have a bunch of cows....and a big field full of cow poop. They rode a go-cart, a golf cart, and dirt bikes. It was entertaining. We were celebrating Jonathan's birthday. He got a rocket and they launched it twice. It was crazy how high that thing went!! Brian and Jessica came with us.

Friday, March 6, 2009

i guess this is it............

Sadly, this may be the last time I can blog from school.  I'm depressed. My students have been so sweet today.  I need a crate to carry home all the stuff they've given me today.  I <3 them.   :(

Thursday, March 5, 2009

I think its really the end.

I think my long term sub job is over. I'm depressed.

They are getting doughnuts for breakfast....and pizza for lunch. I'm going to be enormous.

After I leave Poca Middle School I will probably lose weight because they are always trying to feed me. You don't get people trying to feed you when you sub day to day... and when they do have food, you don't feel like you should eat it.

The more I think about it ...the sadder I get. I truly hope that I get a job this coming year. I don't want to jump around from school to school for another year.

About American Idol......... I am pretty happy with the choices the judges made. I didn't like Jasmine tonight. I thought she was boring. But... I guess they wanted to give her a second chance. I liked Matt, Anoop, and Megan. I've been a fan of Megan from the beginning. Her last note tonight was kind of a mess, but I think she could be really good.

Jesse said that the reason they had to have a top 13 this year was because the blind guy made it through and he shouldn't have. I couldn't agree more. He will NOT sell any albums. He'd be like Taylor Hicks #2.

Now I'm going to go cry.

Could my sub job REALLY be over this time?

Perhaps Ms. Richards will actually be returning to work on Monday.  Mrs. Thomas called her the other day and she said that she'd be back, but.... I'll believe it when I see it. 
However,  Mrs. Thomas is planning a going-away party for me tomorrow with cake and pizza!
The kids in one of my classes proposed that they should start a petition to keep me as their teacher.  I told them I didn't think that would work.  They are very sweet. :)
Thats enough about that.. I'm depressed.  I'm changing the subject to American Idol.  I was pretty happy with all the choices for the top 12 so far...except the blind guy.  I hate to call him the blind-guy, but I can't remember his name.  I'm looking forward to watching the wild card people perform.  I want the piano-player guy to get throughand Anoop...and maybe Jasmine, the really cute little black girl.  I'll wait to see their performances to say for sure though.
Yesteday after school Jesse and I went for a long walk/jog through Hurricane.  We even stopped in at Lester's office and talked to him and Holli for a few minutes.  I think I'm going to run again today. 

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Jesse & I both lost our jobs yesterday!

Yes, yesterday Jesse called me while I was at school to tell me that he was laid off from his job. He works for HSBC, a bank based in HongKong, and they decided to pull out of North American lending. So he is now without a job...again. But, he does get a severance package of sorts for 2 months. So look for him at Cracker Barrel in April. haha.

About my job... I got a call from Cracker Barrel while I was at school yesterday too. They said they needed to talk to me ASAP. So, I called them back after school and they said "We've decided that all of our once-a-month employees will now need to work at least once a week or we will terminate your employment. Yaddi-yaddi-yah" But they said I could be rehired in the I guess I'm going to do that because I do not want to work at that place once a week. oooooh no.

One of the teachers at school today took this picture. These are the ladies I work with... from left to right this is Suzy, Kim, Amanda, Kendra and me!

Right now I'm watching American Idol. I don't have any favorites picked out yet. So far they haven't been very good at all. I know I never want to see that kid with the headband ever again. More about Idol later.