Saturday, January 31, 2009

I finally dug out!

Today the weather cleared and I finally was able to get out. Cassie sent me a message on facebook and asked if I had any plans on Saturday. Of course, I didn't.
So we went to Charleston with her. One of her cheerleader buddies had a baby in CAMC Women's and Childrens hospital. So we sat in the waiting room while she visited the baby.

Then we went to the Charleston Town Center for a little bit. We had some Chic-fil-a, which was good! Then when we were on the way home...driving on the interstate...Cassie was driving and a truck in front of us slammed his brakes. Cassie barely missed hitting it...then we got plowed in the back by a Buick Skylark!!

Judging by the sound of the crash, I assumed the trunk was smushed in. Really though, there was very minimal damage to Cassie's car. We were just sitting there on the edge of the interstate. It was kinda scary. Everytime a semi drove by the car shook! This is when I snapped these photos.

After that got all straightened out we headed over to Brian & Jessica's house. We played Cassie's Wii & her Wii Fit. It was pretty cool. I liked the Wii Fit. I was pretty good at the yoga stuff, although I was TERRIBLE at the games.

On the way out of their house, I fell down their snow-covered steps. I didn't hurt myself, don't worry. I hate the snow. Its supposed to be really warm tomorrow. I hope it heats up and melts this nasty, dirty snow.

Tomorrow we are going to Jesse's brothers house to watch the Superbowl. I'll probably spend a lot of time playing with the babies :)

Friday, January 30, 2009

day 5 of my home confinement

I dont do driving in the snow. So, here I am....sitting at home. Its a good thing I like it here, huh?

Luckily I did leave the house yesterday. I went to Kroger and I went to Walmart, but that was it. The roads yesterday afternoon weren't bad at all. I still had a huge shell of ice and snow on the top of my car. I giggled like a preschooler when it slid off the top of my car and landed in the intersection. hahahaha. I still think its funny.

I really thought that we'd have school today. Mom called me early in the morning (around 5) to tell me that we were on a 2 hour delay. Ok... a 2 hour delay is ok. But then, she called me again right when I was about to get out of bed to start getting ready for school to say that school was cancelled. blah.

Well I found out yesterday that the teachers are to report now when school is cancelled. They just report 2 hours late. I know that doesn't mean substitutes because they won't pay me if students aren't there. BUT... I thought that it was a good thing since I really need to go get my stuff at the school. So, I thought I'd go over there later when the roads cleared up.

I thought WRONG... because about an hour ago a newsflash crawler came across the TV and said that Southern Putnam Co. was getting ready to get a blast of snow. Well, they weren't kidding because huge snowflakes started flying and after a few minutes we got about an inch or two of snow. Its still coming down too. It slowed a little bit now, but its still pretty steady. So, unless it stops I'll be sitting here at home again today.

I find it so hard to get motivated to do much when I'm off of work. When I work I'm up and I'm moving pretty much all day. But this week has been a sloth-fest. ICK. I'm SO sick of it. Today I'm going to find some stuff to do. I'm going to clean..... and maybe do a little crafty project..or my favorite, ORGANIZE stuff!!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

i can't believe it! ANOTHER SNOW DAY??

Yeah, thats right. I was hoping that I would get to go to school today. I was hoping that we'd get a 2 hour delay. But last night... I went downstairs to get a little dessert and I left my phone upstairs. When I made it back upstairs, Jesse says, "Your mom called." I said, "Two hour delay?" and he says, "Lets just say its a good thing I'm making money now." Sheesh... another snow day!

I haven't left the house since monday afternoon and then I only went to the library and the post office! Really I haven't been anywhere since Sunday morning at church and lunch at my parents house.

Today....if the roads thaw a bit I'm going to go to the grocery store. We are out of milk, but really I just wanna get outta here! haha. My car is the only one in our apartment's lot that still has about 4 inches of snow on it.

Last night I was really worried that I wouldn't be able to say goodbye to my students at all. I was also afraid that I wouldn't be able to get my stuff done that I needed to do before their real teacher came back. But luckily, I got a call a few minutes ago from the VP at Poca. He said he needs me there on Monday!! Wahoooo! If we don't have school tomorrow (its supposed to snow MORE!) then at least I'll be there on Monday! YIPPEE!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

yet....another snow day

Here I am again. Sitting at home, wasting time.

A couple weeks ago I saw this comforter at JCPenneys. I searched on and found it. I really want it!! Someday I'll have a house..and maybe even some new bedroom furniture....and then I'll get this comforter set.

I love the colors in this. I would love to decorate a room using these colors. In person the blue is brighter and the orange is too. I love love love it!

Erin's New Bedroom!! (i wish)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

oh - so - much - snow!

Yesterday was a snow day. I basically did NOTHING all day long.

Well, todays a repeat. The snow came early this morning. We knew it was coming and we knew it was going to be quite a bit. However the schools won't close based just on a forecast. It actually has to be snowy. So, last night... it wasn't bad yet. I went to bed not sure if there would be a 2 hour delay or what. So I was anxious and couldn't sleep well. I woke up at 2:45 am and looked out the window. no snow. I woke up again at 3:30 am and there was a couple of inches of snow. Thats when I thought, "ok, no school." But I still didn't know..and it was still hard to sleep. Finally my mom called at 4:45 am and told me that school was cancelled! ah, finally....sleep.

Both yesterday morning and today I made Jesse an omelet before he went to work. He's getting spoiled.

Its looking like tomorrow might be a snow day too. I probably won't be able to sleep tonight either!!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

didn't the weekend just start?

boo... to the end of the weekend.

boo... to the massive amounts of snow about to be dumped on us this week.

boo... that it had to be this week of all weeks... this being, my last as a full time teacher at Poca.

I am trying to get everything graded. My students were supposed to have a test tomorrow and they have projects due on Wednesday. I need to get all of my stuff together that I have brought to the school over the past 3 months. I guess I just feel anxious. All of this forecasted snow is making me even more anxious.

Tomorrow we have a 2 hour delay. Two hour delays are great for a sub... cause you get to sleep in, work less, and still get paid!! But... It does mean that I have shortened classes and I REALLY need my time with my students.

I'm thinking right now that I'm gonna give my students a "going-away" present.. NO TEST! I don't have time to grade them. Maybe I'll just give 'em all 100%'s. hahaha.

I have one week left and I think I'm going to take it easy.

Although I was told that I needed to write up lesson plans for the first week that Ms. Richards was back. I feel really stupid writing lesson plans for a teacher with 30 years of experience and a Reading Certification...when I'm an Art teacher with 0 experience. Oh well.

Yesterday I was a busy bee all day long. After watching Wall-E I went to Big Lots, Kroger, Dollar Tree, and Walmart. I organized a lot of my kitched cabinets. I organized a big closet downstairs, I organized my laundry "room" (really a closet) and I cleaned and organized the space under our stairs. I keep all of Kitsy's stuff in there (food & litter box) and of course, did dishes and the laundry too!

Today Jesse and I went to Maranatha for church. We had a crew with us this morning. We sat with Ty, Sarah, Jay, and Mary. Afterwards I finally met the infamous "Roop." He's Jesse's friend from work. His name is Jonathan but... it seems strange to refer to him as that since Jesse just calls him Roop. I also met his lovely wife, Amanda.

Then, of course, we went to my Mom and Dad's house where we had steaks, salads and baked potatoes.

Tonight I cooked a huge pot of 15 bean soup. I'm going to take it to school for my lunches this week...(if we even have school!) Then I made this recipe I found on for "homemade cereal" and I doctored it up a touch. Its delicious! It kinda tastes like Post Just Bunches, but its healthier and not to mention cheaper!! :)

I'll post the recipe later. :)

Saturday, January 24, 2009

i <3 saturday

Jesse woke up early this morning and worked out with Ty. Then they wen't to the WSAZ Wrestling tournament.

I made him an omelet and turkey bacon and I made wheat &oat pancakes for me (not as good as Bob Evan's, but tasty w/ peanut butter, yum!) I drank my coffee, relaxed, and read the February edition of Better Homes & Gardens.

After that I started cleaning up the house and doing a little organization.

I did a workout DVD and now I'm watching Wall-E. Its really cute.

After this goes off I'm going to take a shower and go to Walmart and a couple other stops.

ok, movies almost over... gotta go.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Life: Imagine the Possibilities


Oh, I want to write.... but Jesse is asleep beside me (probably cussing the tap-tap-tapping of these keys in his dreams) Plus, I'm pretty sleepy too.

I'll just have to write tomorrow. Good night all!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Shame on You, Jessica

hahaha... (Jessica I am sticking my tongue out at you!!)

So I've been trying to workout with Jessica for about a month now. She says she wants to...umm hmmm. Today was supposed to be the day "for sure" she said. haha... She called me at 4:30 to tell me that she (conveniently) forgot her workout clothes (she stops by my house on her way home from work)

I'm just giving her a hard time. I know she really did forget her clothes. At least, I think so. :)

We have a new president now. I feel blessed to live in a country that would elect a minority as their leader. I was suprised how moved I was while watching the inauguration. Don't get me wrong, I didn't shed any tears. But it was a huge moment for our country!

Were Sasha and Malia not the most adorable things ever???? I want that pink coat/orange scarf ensemble. haha. TOO CUTE!

ok..its time for bed... I'm just praying that my alarms work.


It was a very long weekend. We had MLK Jr. Day off, of course...and Friday was a snow day.

Friday night I went shopping at the Town Center with my Mom. I found 2 pairs of boots (which are very hard to find in a size 5 1/2!) and Mom bought them for me.

We had dinner at Bob Evan's. I had a Wildfire Chicken Salad. YUM! Even though my waitress never brought my dressing!

On Saturday, Jesse and I went down to the Bob Evan's at the Barboursville Mall and met Cassie there for breakfast. I had those delicious Multigrain pancakes again. They are MY FAV!! We had a good time talking to Cassie. On the way home we stopped at Walmart and did the grocery shopping.

After that... I didn't do much of anything and was pretty much bored all day. was snowy. We decided not to brave the weather and watched church on the internet instead. Then the weather cleared and we went to Mom and Dad's for dinner.

Later Sunday night we went to Mike and Alyson's house to watch the Steelers game....and to see the new baby. Shes cute! :) and shes got a lot of hair. I played with Emma. She had some fashion designing thingie and she was so excited to have me draw some clothes. She said that we needed to start a business, "Crouch Designs." hahaha.

Monday... it was snowy again. It would have been a snow day if we had had school scheduled for the day. I woke up and actually ran on the treadmill while I watched Rachel Ray! (only about 4 miles) Lately my knee has been hurting when I run. :(

After that... I got ready and made a quick trip to Walmart. I needed laundry detergent. Then, I cooked a TON. I made soup to take for my lunch this week. I cooked the taco meat for dinner on Tuesday night AND I cooked dinner last night, which was chicken w/ garlicy pasta.

But, tonight... Jessica is coming over to workout with me. I wanted dinner to be all I have to do is throw together the salads for taco salad.

This morning.... I woke up when Kitsy was scratching at the door to the bathroom. I looked around....something felt strange!... I looked at the clock.. IT WAS 7:30! I usually leave the house at 7:15. OMG!!

So I called the school, and told them I was going to be late.... I managed to leave the house right around 8 am. I didn't make it to school until around 8:25. No big deal though. Mrs. Paugh (the librarian) came in to watch my homeroom until I got there.

I still don't know what happened to my cell phone. I set the alarm to repeat every M-F at 6 am. Sometimes I'll turn it off on accident but on those days I usually wake up with it in the bed or under the pillow or something. Today it was laying on the dresser, just where I left it. The alarm said it was on. It wasn't on Silent or vibrate.

I always set another alarm, too...just in case. I checked it last night to make sure it was on. It didn't go off either!!! Its a mess. I'm going to be afraid to go to sleep tonight!

I think I'm going to bake some snickerdoodles tonight. I made some on Saturday but they burned on the bottom. The ones that didn't burn were good.

Friday, January 16, 2009

snow day numero tres

Wow... Last night I was working out when my Mom called to tell me there was going to be a 2 hour delay today. All subs love 2 hour delays! You get to sleep in, work less, and get paid the same amount. Snow days, on the other hand, kinda stink. I'll admit, its always nice to have an unexpected day off. You can loaf around the house and not even feel guilty about it. But, of course, subs don't get paid on snow days. So, its mixed emotions. Jesse's emotions aren't mixed at all; he hates snow days. hahaha. Although Putnam County is making up all snow days (at least until a certain date) this year. So, I may not be making the money now, but it means I will work longer into the summer. Of course, working when its 72 degrees outside and beautiful isn't a fair trade. Oh well.

Technically I guess today isn't really a snow day at all. School was cancelled because of the terrible, bitter cold. This morning's low was -2. Yes, a little chilly for all those poor little boys and girls standing at bus stops and walking to school. Wimps. My Granddad told me he walked 2 miles to school in the freezing weather uphill both ways. hahaha...thats a true story. I remember him telling me that...and thinking, "Why in the world didn't you just walk down the hill??" hahaha.

The best part about snow days is that Kitsy loves them! She cuddles with me all morning..just purring her little fool head off. She gets up with me...follows me around everywhere. As I am typing this, sitting at the kitchen table, she is sitting on my lap, still purring away.

I took this photo with my laptop's web cam, since I couldn't exactly get up to go get my camera. Its teeny. :(

I made myself some pancakes for breakfast. They were delicious...almost completely whole wheat. My family has a weird thing we do with pancakes. While they are hot, we smear peanut butter all over them (instead of butter) and then we put maple syrup on top of that. Its delicious, but people always think its strange. If you like peanut butter, you should try it. Although I suggest using NATURAL peanut butter because regular JIF is FULL of partially hydrogenated fat.

Just a moment ago, I got a phone call from a lady at the Putnam County board office. She said that I got the job for the Community Ed. Art class teacher. They have to wait and see if they get enough students who want to take the class. Right now I'm figuring that there won't be enough students 'cause thats what happened last time. But...its worth a shot. Just in case, now I have to come up with a supply list and put some thought into what I'd have them do.

I REALLY need to go to the grocery store. But... I'm not sure if I want to brave the cold.

Tomorrow I made plans with Cassie Hite to go visit with her and have some breakfast. I'm looking forward to that.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

whadda day.

Yesterday a girl named Sarah in one of my classes showed me that she had a fifty dollar bill. I told her to put it away before she lost it. Then we started reading Tom Sawyer.

In the very next class, we began reading, and another girl yells out, "I FOUND FIFTY DOLLARS!!" I said, "Give it to me, I know who it belongs too." Sarah is lucky that she showed it to me because I don't know what would have happened to it if I didn't know who it belonged too. It might have found its way into my purse. hahaha.

I kept waiting for Sarah to come to me, in a frantic fit, telling me she lost her money. She never did. I kept it all night last night.

The next day she never said anything either. She wouldn't have even brought it up if I didn't ask her some questions about it.

I said, "Sarah, what are you gonna get with that money?" She said, "Oh, I don't know. I'm not sure where it is. I think its at home. I had it yesterday in here and I haven't seen it since."

Well, she went to the bathroom and I told the other kids in her class about how I wanted to teach her a lesson.

When she got back, I asked the whole class, "Yesterday, did anyone in here find a white envelope with something in it?"

Justin says, "Yeah, with money in it! 50 bucks!"
Sarah says, "That was mine! Give it back!"
Justin replies, "I spent it!"
Sarah angriliy said, "Well you owe me 50 dollars!"
Justin says, "Finders Keepers, Losers Weepers!"

I broke in and said, "Who believes in Finders Keepers, Losers Weepers?"
Sarah quickly shouts out, "I think its stupid!"
So I say, "Lets have a vote. Raise your hand if you believe in Finders Keepers, Losers Weepers"
The whole class, save Sarah, raises there hands.

So I said, "Good, that means I get to keep this 50 dollars I found yesterday!" and I pulled the envelope out of my back pocket! Sarah jumped up and ran to me...gave me a big hug..and I warned her about flashing money around and bringing it to school. Hopefully she hasn't lost it again.

In my second class of the day.... a girl was fiddling with my filing cabinet. She was messing with the little lock button. If you push it in, it locks. I don't have a key. So I said, "Don't touch that!" and she says, "Why? it doesn't lock" as she pushes the button. Then she tries to open the drawers and, of course, they are locked.

This typically wouldn't be a huge ordeal...however, this happened to be the filing cabinet that my homeroom students keep their cell phones in. Fabulous.

I dug through Ms Richards drawers. I found 5 keys..none worked. Then, I found a whole key ring with over 20 keys. None of them worked!! Finally another teacher went to get the maintainance man...and he just popped the lock off. Now it won't lock,but I guess thats ok. Sheeeesh!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

short update

oh my gosh..this makes 3 posts in one day!

I didn't want anyone getting mad at me for possibly having strep around all the little children at I wanted to make sure that everyone knew that my throat feels much, much better now. Hopefully it was just sore from a little phlegm drainage or something while I slept last night (although it started hurting last night, hmmm? IDK) Oh, the things I write about on here. Sometimes its embarrassing, but... its life! Life ain't always pretty.

Also... Big News that I forgot to write about earlier!! My sister-in-law had a baby today! I am the new aunt to Leah Alyson Crouch! Wahoo! I'll write more about that later, cause I don't really know anything yet.

Jessica did not come workout with me tonight. I'm done with her. booooooooooo! more great thing about today is..... AMERICAN IDOL starts! yippee! I can't wait. So I gotta go take a shower to be sure and be ready at 8 to watch. Jesse just called and he's on his way home. Its a rare night tonight cause I am NOT cooking for once! Jesse is gonna stop and pick up a pizza for us. I'm being bad. I said I was going to try to only eat 2 slices. But... I'll probably end of eating 3. Seems like thats what always happens.

what to do ???

I've been thinking a lot about graduate school. I know I HAVE to go. If you are a teacher you have to! One for required professional development and two for more money!!

I'm loving this reading job and it makes me want to teach reading. Its a lot of fun! :) So, I've been reading up about grad school reading ed. programs. I think I've decided what I want to do.

I can take the first 6 classes online and then take the Praxis and I'll be certified to teach Reading in WV! After that all of those classes count toward a MA in Reading Ed. I want to start in the summer.

Also, I researched my sore throat symptoms online.... and I might have strep.... Its not bad right now, but if it gets worse I'll go to the doctor. I have insurance now!! YAY!

off to a rough start....

Oh gee. This morning was a little crazy. First of all, I woke up a few minutes late. My throat feels a bit sore...and so do my gums. I don't know whats wrong with me! So I took a little extra time and flossed and rinsed with peroxide.

Then I heard this noise downstairs. It sounded like what our heater was doing before those guys came and fixed it. So...I continued getting ready...but when I went downstairs I knew it wasn't the same sound. When I walked into the kitchen I realized that the freezer was OPEN!! A lot of the stuff in there was kinda thawed so I hope everything was ok. Apparently a bag of venison (from my Dad) rolled down and knocked the door ajar. That freezer must have been working really hard, because it was making a pretty loud noise.

After that... while I was eating my oatmeal, Kitsy threw up all over the carpet. Fantastic! So I had to clean that up. Luckily, I was only a few minutes late leaving. I don't know how I pulled that off.

At school today there are 3 teachers on our team that are absent!! I was supposed to have my room during planning today (Usually an 8th grade traveling teacher has the room, but they were going to the computer lab) But another teacher asked me if they could use my room to take a test!

I tried a few minutes ago to fill out my Marshall Grad. School application online, but the stupid internet filter here won't let me do it!! AGH!

Now I gotta go see if someone here will let me fax a paper over to the board office in Winfield. With the luck I've had this morning, I'm thinking it might be a long shot.

I think Jessica is gonna come over tonight and workout with me! :) I haven't heard from her yet, so I'm not sure.

ok...gotta go pee.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

relaxing weekend.....

I feel like this has been a long weekend. Maybe its because of the snow day on Thursday. Maybe we'll get another snow day (or at least a delay) this week because the weather forecast has been looking snowy!! I think I would like a delay because then I still get paid! Wahoo!

Yesterday I was lazy all day long. I did get up and exercise, but after that I just layed in bed.

Jesse and I went to church this morning of course. It was a very good message about the first commandment. Pastor Wright is going to be preaching on the 10 Commandments for the next few weeks. The sermon podcast from this morning isn't posted online yet, but it will be shortly. Here is a link Maranatha Fellowship Online

After church we stopped over at Mary's (Jesse's youngest sister) house. She lives in St. Albans in a 2 bedroom house and she has 3 children. Jesse's oldest brother, Jeremy and his Moms husband, John are building 2 more bedrooms for her kids where her (basically unused) dining room used to be. The girls are so excited to be getting their own rooms!

After that we went to my parents house, as usual. When I got home, I was going to start working out...but I've been meaning to check out some information on graduate I started doing that and I couldn't stop. I found out some very interesting information and I emailed someone about it. I guess I'm going to try to get started this summer.

After that I finally worked out...and now Jesse is b*&%$ing at me to give him the computer so I gotta go.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

I have the best kitty ever!

When Kitsy is thirsty she just jumps right up on the bathroom counter and I turn the faucet on..and she laps it up. She rarely drinks water from her bowl. I know, shes spoiled rotten!

This morning it was all rainy and even thunderstorming a bit outside. My house was a little cool and my bed was so warm! Needless to was an enjoyable morning of laying in my bed cuddling with my Kitsy. Normally Jesse would be there with us too....but today was his one Saturday a month to work. So he left us around 8:30.

I didn't get up until around 10:15. I ate some breakfast and drank some coffee. I had to unload the dishwasher so I could get rid of all the dirty ones in my sink...just so I would have room to clean out my coffee pot. After that I did my old favorite workout video (Self: Sculpt Sexy Legs Fast) and then I showered and tried to make myself pretty.

Jesse got home around 1:30 and then we went to Walmart. I got 2 tacos from TacoBell on the way home....and ever since then I've been messin' around on the internet. My butt is sore cause I've been sitting on it all day! :( Jesse is over at Ty's house watching football and I'm actually kinda bored.

I think I'm gonna go find something to eat for dinner.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Snow day!!

On Wednesday night I was tired. I thought I would go to bed early, but I didn't make it.

About 5:30 am on Thursday morning, my cell phone rang. I answered, groggily. It was my Dad... he said, "I just got a phone call, Putnam County schools are closed today" So I went back to sleep...until around 9:45. I was so glad for those extra hours of sleep.

I wasted most of the day with sleeping, laying around, watching TV, and playing on the internet. Then I exercised, showered, and went to Walmart. We needed some milk...and I wanted to make stir-fry for dinner and we were out of brown rice.

I baked some orange drop cookies that didn't turn out very well. :( They had frosting on top and it made them gooey and too sweet.

I cooked my Chicken Stir-fry and it was SO good. I usually use those frozen bags of mixed veggies...but this time I cut up my own green peppers, onions, green onions, carrots and broccoli. I HATE frozen broccoli. They always give you the stalks!! YUCK! I also put some slivered almonds in it...fresh squeezed orange juice, soy sauce, garlic, and ginger.

I loved it so much that I can't wait to make it again. I told Jesse that I was going to cook it again next week! I brought some for my lunch at school today! :)

After dinner we went to Mike & Alyson's house. We watched the Oklahoma and Florida game there. Alyson is about ready to pop out a baby. Actually, shes scheduled for a C-section on Jan. 13th. I'm gonna have a new neice named Leah Alyson. :)

Well gotta go talk about Tom Sawyer!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

1st day back..and Hawaiian Muffin recipe :)

Yesterday was the first day back to school. I am thankful that I had a place to go back to! By this I mean that I'm glad I have a long term job right now. It may only be for another month. I think Ms. Richards will be back in Feb.

Yesterday was a busy day. I went to school..and I kinda had a little bit of a headache. I really hated getting out of bed at 6:15 am. blah. But the day went by quickly.

I had to make myself exercise yesterday. I did a Jillian DVD finally around 6pm. I cooked dinner... Pineapple Baked Chicken, Wild Rice, and a Salad.

I also had 2 old yucky blackish bananas that I needed to I made some Hawaiian Bread Muffins. I'm bad about making up recipes and not writing them down, so I'm going to try to recall what I put in them because they are really good. I dont really measure so.. I have to guess at the amounts.

Hawaiian Muffins
Prep time: 15 minutes
Cook time: 20 minutes
Makes 12 muffins
Bake temp. 350

2 mashed ripe bananas
½ c. crushed pineapple
¼ c. walnut or macadamia pieces (opt.)
1/8 c. orange juice concentrate
¼ c. coconut, toasted (opt.)
1/3 c. canola oil
¼ c. Splenda, granulated
¼ c. dark brown sugar
1 egg
1 c. oats, quick cook
½ c. whole wheat flour
½ c. all-purpose white flour
1 tsp. baking soda
½ tsp. salt

1. Preheat Oven to 350 degrees F. Lightly spray muffin pan with cooking spray.
2. In a medium bowl, mix bananas, pineapple, walnuts, orange juice concentrate, and coconut.
3. In a small bowl, mix canola oil, splenda, brown sugar, and the egg. Combine the two mixtures in the medium bowl.
4. Add oats, both types of flour, baking soda, and salt. Mix until just moistened.
5. Pour batter into prepared muffin pan. Bake 20 minutes or until golden brown. Allow to cool on cooling racks.

*These are healthy and they turned out really good. If you’d like them really sweet, you can use all sugar and no Splenda…or add more sugar. Also you can use all all-purpose flour instead of the whole wheat. It’s not as healthy, but it would probably taste even better.
Nutritional Content:
for each muffin (when divided into 12 muffins)
Calories 161.94 kcal
Cholesterol 17.71 mg
Fatty acids, saturated 1.41 g
Other Carbohydrates 17.5 g
Protein 2.43 g
Sodium, Na 215.43 mg
Total Fat 9.28 g
Total Fiber 1.54 g
Total Sugar 1.23 g

Saturday, January 3, 2009

new blogger template

I was SO sick of looking at that old template. I'm really excited that I found this one. It really suits me. It may be here for awhile.

I also added a little picture slideshow so all you out there can see what I look like now. Kitsy and Jesse are in a few of my pictures too... along with a couple of my neices.

Today was a lazy day. I woke up late...and just layed in bed. Jesse tried to watch Tropic Thunder but he said he couldn't finish it because it was so stupid.

I moped around the house. Played on the internet (thats when I changed my blogger stuff) and then decided to work out. I did a Jillian DVD from Netflix...and then I tried a Yoga video but it was beyond boring.

After a shower I headed to Walmart where the lines were 4 miles long. I almost read a whole issue of Shape while I was in line. Well, ok... I just skimmed it.

I just finished putting the groceries away and now I'm about to bake some cookies. Jesse called me from Ty's house and said he wanted some cookies. I haven't eaten that much today... so I'm all for it! So... gotta go find some recipes!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

looking back to 2008

Believe it or not...this is a true story.

When I was in Bible College, which was from 2001 to 2003, I remember very specifically God speaking to me about the year 2008. In one of my notebooks or prayer journals or something I joted down a note in the margin. It said "2008 is a year of CHANGE"

For some reason I always imagined that to mean that I was going to have a baby in 2008. Thats a pretty big change, right?

So I always kinda had that in the back of my head. I was always thinking, "Whats the change gonna be?"

When 2008 was half over I started really thinking about it. I remember one sunday at church the thought came back to me and God spoke to my heart and said, "It's not a big change but a year of many changes"

Looking back on 2008....

I graduated in December of 2007. Jesse and I sold our house at the end of 2007. We packed and moved to a new a new state. Jesse worked for UA. I started working for Winston-Salem/Forsyth County schools. Jesse switched jobs to work for Hughes & Associates. We packed up and moved back to WV. I lost 15 pounds. I stopped biting my fingernails (little but worth mentioning.) Jesse switched jobs again to Nationwide Insurance. I started working for Putnam Co. Schools. Substitute teaching CHANGES every day. Jesse switched jobs AGAIN to work for Beneficial Finance.

I think that God wanted me to know...way back in 2002 when He first talked to me about 2008....that even all these little changes are in His plan. Its very hard to try to understand why God would want all these changes...and I don't pretend to understand why we've been through all of this....but because he spoke to me about it I know that He had his reasons...and I can live with that.

Also... as soon as I learned that Barack Obama's theme for his campaign was "CHANGE" I was slightly taken back. It was strange. I just had a little feeling like he was going to be our president.

Lately.. I've heard many news broadcasts and other things where they have decided CHANGE was the theme for 2008. This, to me, is so strange because in my mind 2008 and CHANGE have always been linked.

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