Sunday, March 15, 2009

the most boring weekend ever!

I've been moping around the house all weekend. I don't know why really...but I've just felt kinda depressed. I think I'm sick of the cold, icky, gross weather. I think it might be because I miss having a steady job and I don't really like going from school to school.

I like working with my Mom at Winfield Middle, but its not the same.

Yesterday I basically did nothing. I got up and ran 6 miles on the treadmill. I was pretty impressed with myself because there wasn't much on TV to keep me entertained. I watched some travel show on IonLife about islands and then I watched Animal Exploration with that Jared guy thats always on Rachael Ray's show. Its a kid show, but its still decently interesting. After that I had breakfast and painted a pretty nice watercolor painting of a vase of brightly colored flowers. My students are going to paint it with me tomorrow night.

After that I was bored all day. Jesse was watching basketball.

If I had to pick my least favorite month of the year, I think I would have to pick March. The weather is depressing. Its the end of the winter and by now I'm getting stir-crazy with cabin fever. There are NO holidays. (although I do make corned beef for St Patricks day, but is that really a celebration? no.) There are no days off at school. Spring Break feels like an eternity away. You might get a little teaser day of beautiful weather, but it just serves to remind you of what you are missing on every other day. Yup, March pretty much sucks....and to top it all off theres the torture that is known as March Madness. Its the bane of my exsistance. I can handle a little basketball now and then....but not 24 hour a day basketball for like, what, 2 weeks??????????? I'm depressed just thinking about it...and it hasn't even started yet.

So... maybe thats what has been wrong with me this weekend... I don't really know.

But.. now I'm even more depressed because I got a phone call this morning from a teacher at Winfield Middle asking me if I could sub for her tomorrow. "Sure," I said. Then tonight I got a phone call from the Vice Principal at Poca asking me if I could sub for Ms. Richards tomorrow!!! BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I'm irked deeply over that. To top that off, I just got a phone call from their Art teacher asking me if I could sub for her tomorrow at Poca!! I'm angry. Like I said, I like working with my Mom, but Winfield just doesn't feel like home like Poca did. At Winfield the teachers that work there everyday don't even know each other.... and the only person I talk to is my Mom. Don't get me wrong... the people are nice. But... I know a lot more people and A LOT more kids at Poca. Plus, I just love my little 6th graders. They'll probably be totally awful when they are in 8th grade, too...but for now, they are pretty sweet.

oh, I don't know why I'm going on and on and complaining about nothing. I'm sure I'll be back at Poca soon. I'll be at Winfield Middle tomorrow & Friday. I'll be at Winfield High on Tuesday. I still don't know where I'll be on Wednesday and Thursday.

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This thing called life said...

i had a feeling you would like march madness.. i'm sure jesse is as obsessed as i am... amanda loathes it too... hang in there.. i think we all hate the month of march.. oh and i hate the flu too :( boo