Thursday, March 19, 2009

SO frustrated!

So today I'm at Winfield Middle...and I'm not sure if I want to come back!

The teacher I've been subbing for has been absent for 2 whole weeks. I knew this when I accepted the job. I had been making plans in the morning...and it hadn't been a problem...until today.

This morning I was getting ready to find something for the 8th graders to do....when the principal comes in and tells me that he needs me in the 6th grade. I covered for a 6th grade Math teacher. They were SO good. So, I really didn't mind doing that....the problem lies with the rest of my day as an 8th grade language arts teacher.

When he came to ask me to cover.. I told him that there were no plans in here. He said he would talk to Mrs. Gordon about the plans.

BUT... when I got back here, 10 minutes after their 1st class began...what do you think???

There was NOTHING!!

So I scrambled around and found them a movie to watch.

sheesh. gotta go...lunchtime!

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