Monday, March 9, 2009

first day subbing again :(

Last night I didn't get any phone calls for sub jobs. But... I got a ton at 5 am!! YAY! <----sarcasm

I turned down a bunch of elementary jobs....then, finally I took a half day (AM) job at Hurricane High. I didn't want to go for a half day, but Jesse made me. I subbed for a lady who only teaches a half day. She teaches Assisted Reading or something like that....the first class had 7 students. The second class had 5 students. After my second class, I got asked if I could stay for another teacher, Mrs. Grim, who hurt her leg. At lunchtime, I went in her room and got situated...then Jesse brought me some McDonald's since I wasn't planning on staying for lunch. I ate in his car in the parking lot. Then I walked back up to Mrs. Grim's room....but the door was locked! I grabbed a teacher who was standing in the hallway and she says, "Oh you are going to switch to Mrs. Browne's room" Sheesh. So I ended up finally subbing the afternoon for a Adv. Communications class and Yearbook. They were all very well behaved. It kinda stunk that I didn't get a planning, but subs aren't required to have a planning block. Today was a very boring day. I really missed my 6th graders..and the 5 45 minute classes!!

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This thing called life said...

i guess this is what jesse and i are in for, huh?