Tuesday, September 30, 2008

a funny thing happened.... in an otherwise terrible school day

Tuesday... I worked for the Art teacher at a High School today. I thought I was lucky because this teacher had 4th period planning...but I was wrong! As soon as I walked in the door the principal called for me to come into the office. They told me they needed me for 4th block in another classroom because they were short a sub. GREAT! So I had to stay all day.

When I got up to the Art classroom I saw that the teacher left plans for us to have a Gesture Drawing session, with students posing up on the tables for other students to draw. I thought it sounded kinda fun! So... 1st block went very well and I saw a few fairly decent drawings. This is when the funny thing happened.

I had a student sitting in a chair up on the table. He volunteered (which in this class, no one really wanted to pose) so he was sitting there...with these huge, funky white super-star looking sunglasses on. When he climbed up on the table I noticed that he had a ankle braclet on from where he's under house arrest. I found this interesting, but he had never given me any trouble.
Anyway.... he's sitting on a chair on the table. Posing. Looking really serious...and trying not to move with big white sunglasses on and a kind of defiant look on his face.

In the Art classroom there are windows that look out onto the back hallway.

The ISS teacher walked in the room and was looking for the regular Art teacher. (Who, by the way, is a 6 foot tall man with grayish hair and a beard) When she looked around she didn't see any teacher but she did see this student sitting ina chair, up on the table. I never noticed her, because I was walking around the room looking at their drawings.

A couple minutes later I see her talking to another male teacher in the hallway. They are looking in the classroom at my Gesture drawing model. I think you might be able to see where this is going....

The male teacher is getting angry. I can see it all over his face. But at this point, I'm not really sure why.

They start to walk over to the hallway where the door to my classroom is located. They walk in and before I can get their attention....and the guy says, "Where's Coach Nelson? Get down offa that table."

I waved at them (with my SUB name badge on) and told them that I asked this student to sit on the table. I explained that the other students were drawing him.

The ISS teacher apologizes and says that she came in looking for their teacher, but she didn't see a teacher cause I "blended in."


That was the only thing amusing (to me) that happened all day...

The 2nd block class was horrible. I had to move one kids to another seat because he couldn't stay seated and he pulled the metal piece out of a ruler and was swinging it around. One boy threw another kids hat across the room. So, the other kid grabbed him around the neck in a choke-hold. It was a terrible hour and a half of dealing with immature brats.

3rd block was MUCH better. There are only 10 or 11 students in there.

4th block was actually fun, because there were only 4 students in that class....and I couldn't find any plans. So we sat and talked for the whole class....which made it go by really fast.

Monday, September 29, 2008

half days are great days!

I worked a half day today at Poca Middle. I got a bunch of calls but I kept turning them down because they were all TERRIBLE! So, I had basically decided at 9 am that I wasn't going to work today. But then I got a call to do Social Studies at Poca Middle from 11:30 to 3:15. So I took that one...and I'm glad I did. It was an easy day. The kids were excellent. They just sat there quietly and did their work! Can you believe that? CRAZY! We even had a fire drill and they were good!

So... I got home around 3:35 and then I went to Valley Park to run with Amy. Which was lotsa fun. We ran around 4 to 4.25 miles today.

On the way there I got a phone call from the secretary at Poca High School...She said that the teacher I'm working for tomorrow in the morning needed to take the whole day off now...and she wanted to know if I could work. I told her that I would gladly cancel the other assignment that I had. So I did! Which I'm SO happy about because it was going to be crazy hard (not to mention stressful) trying to drive from Poca High to Winfield Middle in 5 minutes...hahaha!
So now I'm just doing the whole day at Poca! And I really like working at Poca. And even better than that the teacher I'm subbing for has 4th block planning! It doesn't get any better than that!
Especially because I have to be at Cracker Barrel at 5....Thankfully, this will be my last week there until the last week in October. I still enjoy working there (on occasion) but I just HATE driving all the way down there in the evenings. I underestimated the sucky-ness when I signed up for it.
After running, I cooked a really good (if I may say so myself) dinner. It was spicy blackened tilapia with lime juice, roasted cajun potatoes, and pan-fried fresh green beans w/pecans. YUM! I loved it, I don't know if Jesse was extremely crazy about it.
After I cleaned up my very messy kitchen...Jesse and I went for a long walk. We walked from our place all the way to Hurricane City Park and back, of course. Then we watched a NEW episode of my favorite show, How I Met Your Mother....
Now I can't believe its 10:15!! It feels much later to me, I guess I'm going to bed pretty early tonight!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

sUgaR buZz!!!

Church this morning was really good. God ministered to my heart...and I really needed it.

After church we went to my parents house... my honey bun cake made the trip with us.

We hung out there for awhile...then went to Jesse's sister Sarah's house in Hurricane for Jesse's Mom's birthday. She got a digital camera and she loved it! :)

We layed around and watched a little football...Jesse was so happy that his Redskin's won!

After that we came home....and I ate a ton of those pretzels I made...and a bunch of peanut/candy corn mix (which I <3, it tastes like a Payday bar) until I felt sick.

I did my leg workout DVD...and worked on updating and adding to my playlist at which I can only hope you are enjoying as you read this blog! I know I enjoy it!!! But of course I am the one picking it out.

I haven't got a sub job call yet...which is strange because its a Monday....OK, thats a lie. I did get one call...but it was for an MI (Mentally Impaired for those of you who don't speak teacher) class at Buffalo Elementary and it was only for half a day starting at 7:15 am! I decided to reject that one!! We'll see if I get another call!! I may end up with the day off tomorrow.

On tuesday I have 2 half-day jobs at 2 different thats gonna be crazy. PLUS, I gotta work at the stupid barrel. blah.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

the grocery game...

Today I slept in!!! I really miss sleeping past 6:30 am!

Then Jesse and I sat around and watched some tv on the laptop.

Jesse went over to his friend Ty's house at 2... to watch the Coal Bowl Game.

I stayed home...then went to Big Lots, Kroger, and Walmart...then back to Kroger! (cause they had some stuff for cheaper than Walmart)

I bought stuff to make a honey bun cake. I was gonna bring it to Sarah & Jay's house tomorrow (since we were getting together for Teresa's birthday) But.. I found out while the cake was baking that they are all going to go out to eat...probably to the WaffleHouse, which Teresa LOVES!

So I'm gonna bring the cake to my Mom's house and we are gonna have it for dessert there. She's makign Coq a vin tomorrow....a fancy way to say Chicken in Wine. :)

I also made some REALLY good pretzels. I'm going to share the recipe with you....

Sweet Cinnamon Pretzel Nuggets

1 lb bag of Sourdough Pretzel Nuggets (Snyder's of Hanover is what I used)
2/3 cup Canola Oil
1/3 cup sugar
2 tsp. cinnamon

1. Mix oil, sugar, and cinnamon together in a small bowl.
2. Open the bag of pretzels and place in a large microwavable bowl
3. Pour sugar mixture over pretzels.
4. Microwave on High (Medium-High for higher watt microwaves. Mine is 1100 watts and I used 70% power) for 1 minute and stir. Keep microwaving for 1 minute intervals, stirring each time, until oil is absorbed.
5. Allow pretzels to come to room temperature. (try them warm!!

OMG, they are so good! Next time I may use a little more cinnamon. I think I'm going to try to come up with a recipe for Honey Mustard & Onion pretzels. I love the ones that Snyder's make..but they are expensive. Plus, its healthier to use canola oil and not use all those added chemicals like MSG that they use.

I'm going to bring them to my Mom's house too! If Jesse doesn't eat 'em all! :)

I didn't work out today.. I'm sore from yesterday!

Friday, September 26, 2008

another easy day!

Today I subbed for a social studies teacher at Buffalo High School. They did the West Test again in the morning, so it was another day of sitting and reading. This time the other teacher in the room with me was a man that goes to my Mom's church....and I went to school with his son. So we chatted a little.

After the West Test they had lunch....and then each block was shortened after lunch. I taught 1st, 2nd, and then 3rd Blocks and then went home.

I was tired when I got home....and I felt fat. I wanted to work out but I couldn't muster up the energy! I finally did a little later on...I did the Sculpt Sexy Legs Fast DVD and then Level 3 of Jillian on top of that!!

After I showered and got ready... Jesse and I went over to Brian and Jessica's house where we ate PIZZA!!!!!!!!!!! (I told myself I was only gonna eat 2 pieces, but I ate 3) Brian made some Brownies though...and I didn't eat ANY of those! Yay for me!

We watched "Baby Momma" with them. It was pretty funny! :)

Thursday, September 25, 2008

drivers ed...was CAKE

Today was the easiest day ever!! The state is doing the "West Test" right now...and I haven't taken the required class to be able to admininster the I sat in a classroom and read my latest James Patterson book. (3rd Degree)

That lasted until 11 am...then the students had lunch until 12. At 12 I had first block which was a driver's ed class. It only lasted about 40 minutes. After that I had planning period from 2:50 til 1:35. I sat in his office and read my book. His 3rd block class he goes driving with students but I didn't have to do again, I sat in his office and read. Fourth period was Health, and it lasted from 2:40 until 3:30.

After school I ran with Amy. It was so much better running today! Yesterday was terrible! I felt like I could have ran 2 more laps! We ended up running around 5 miles....and not stopping very much.

Tomorrow I'm going to be a Social Studies teacher...and again I have to put up with West Test, we'll see how that goes.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

hangin in...

I didn't get a job on Tuesday, but I had a really good day! I got up and ran at the park with Jesse (ok, so he sat at a picnic shelter)...then Jesse finally got my car inspected. It had been expired since Sept. began! Then we went to Walmart and got my oil changed while I was shopping. I had a full day! Then at 5 I went to work at Cracker Barrel. I was there from 5 to 8 and I made 36 dollars. I'm done with that place.

I took a job for today at an Elementary School. I didn't like that so much! I taught music to 5th, 4th, 3rd, 2nd, two 1st grades and Kindergarten! The teacher was WAY anal and left crazy detailed plans. Her room was SO cute, but everything was SO perfect it was kinda creepy.

It was the fastest time has ever past while I was subbing, thats for sure! But it wore me out! I tried to run when I got home but it felt like my legs weighed 100 lbs each! I still ran some but I power walked mostly..about 5 miles. After dinner, Jesse and I went for another walk too. I think it was about 2 miles, so I think I did ok for today even if I didn't run!

Just a few minutes ago I finally got a phone call for tomorrow! I'm doing DRIVERS ED!! AHH!! At first I was like....NO!... I can't drive with kids! But then Jesse reminded me that I would probably be teaching in the classroom..and I was like, "oh yeah, I forgot they did that" Duh! I'm hoping that he has planning period for 4th block and I get to come home early!!!

So, I'll let you know how that goes tomorrow! (pray for me)

Monday, September 22, 2008

last day of 4 day job

nothing exciting happened today at school....but after school I met my friend Amy at the park and we ran together. I hadn't really seen her since high school so it was great to chat even if we were out of breath! We are gonna do it like once a week or so. YAY!!!

After that Jesse and I cooked grilled chicken for dinner. Then we watched some TV (even though there was nothing good on but Dancing with the Stars and I don't like that show) and then we went to get gas (cause Jesse said the price was gonna go up tomorrow) Then we got ice cream cones from McDonald's and stopped by his mom's house.

I haven't got a phone call for tomorrow yet...and I'm hoping that I don't!!!! hahaha... cause I have to work at the Barrel tomorrow night. Hopefully it will be my last night there for awhile..... maybe ever. Plus tomorrow I REALLY need to get my car inspected and my oil changed...AND I need to go to the grocery store!!

Now...time for bed!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

ahh, sunday

Today was a good day at church.... we went to my mom's house after church like always and we had Chinese food. Yum!

Then I came home.. ran... did laundry... and changed my blog background. Do you like it?

Friday, September 19, 2008

3 day job...turned into 4 with a bonus~!

So I got a 3 day sub job on Wed, Thurs, and Fri for a traveling teacher that goes between Winfield and Buffalo High. So I've been doing that for the past 3 days. I found out that the reason I'm there is because the former teacher resigned after just 8 days of teaching. It was his first year ever teaching. He was an engineer and I'm sure he was very good at Math. He was superbly (to the point of being ANAL) organized. But... he was a terrible teacher (according to the students and other teachers) and he could not control the students.

So.... he quit.

But thanks to him I made some money. I was asked to come back on Monday (Monday night there is a board meeting and they will be voting on the new teacher) So my 3 day job turned into another teacher while I was at Buffalo asked me to sub for her next friday! YIPPERS!

I have been emailing back and forth with the doctor lady who wants me to teach her son private art lessons. It looks like that will be happening as of next week...and there may be two other students added in....which will make me mucho dinero.

I have to work at Cracker Barrel this week....but I'm thinking that this may be my last time. I've waited A LONG time to be able to say that!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

busy bee

monday -- subbed at Hurricane High for a Science teacher. Ran 6.3 miles
tuesday -- subbed at Buffalo High for a math teacher. I really liked it. Ran 5.3 miles.

I'm tired.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

weekends over already

Friday I thought FOR SURE I'd get a job. But I didn't!! I know teachers take Mondays and Fridays off more often than any other day....but I didn't get a call on Friday and so far I haven't got a job for tomorrow. (well, take that back,... I got offered a job for tomorrow to teach Elementary School BD (Behavior Disorder) kids and I turned it down..oh, no...thats just not for me!)

So.. I might not work tomorrow.

But the good news is that I did get a phone call about a three day job on Wed, Thurs, and Friday this week! YAY! And I got two jobs for the same Art teacher that I subbed for last Wednesday...but they are for later in September and one in October. YAY! Things are looking much better now!

Now I'm feeling bad for calling Putnam Co. sub system a "redneck" system. But at least I got to use all those photos. :)

I got an email tonight from a Family Practice Doctor in Ashland or Huntington that asked me if I could teach private art lessons to her kid. Thats exciting, huh?

We'll see what becomes of that!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

1st & 2nd Sub Jobs in Putnam Co.

On Wednesday I went to Poca High School and subbed for the Art teacher there. It was a really good experience. Everyone there was super nice and sweet. The VP herself walked me up to my classroom and unlocked the door. I had a good day. 1st & 2nd blocks had about 23-25 students but 3rd block only had 11. After 3rd block I assumed that I would be able to leave since 4th block was the teacher's planning period.

So I walked down to the office with all of my things. I went to the secretary and told her that I was finished for the day, handed her my sub-folder, and asked if there was anywhere else that they needed me. She wasn't sure but she went to go ask the VP. The VP told her that they might need me and asked me to go sit in the teachers lounge next door. So I did that...and then I chatted with another teacher who I happened to go to school with back in the day.

15 or 20 minutes later.... I'm still sitting in there waiting...and thinking, "Gee, if they really NEED me, why am I sitting here?"

So I walked back in to the office....and the secretary says that the VP must have forgot about me. So we walked to her office but the door was closed.... bad news. She was in a meeting with some troublemaker and what appeared to be his grandmother. Great... So now I didn't want to just bail....but I was contemplating it. When I finally got to talk to her, she said that they didn't need me after all. So I left. My last class was over at 1:55 pm. I sat down in my car at 2:50pm. Almost an hour.....sheeeeesh.

I had a terrible headache when I got home...but I went for a jog anyway. I had a feeling it would make me feel better...and I was absolutely right! I only ran about 4 or 4.5 miles.

I got another call at around 6:40 last night. Jesse answered it and wouldn't let me hear what it was. He accepted it and didn't tell me what it was!!

I had to call back to hear where and what I'd be doing. The recording said, "Hurricane High School, 7:45 - 11:32 am," Then it said the teachers name and she said what she teaches... which sounded like a huge mumble. Jesse knew the teacher and knew what she taught the whole time cause he went to school at Hurricane. I'm still not sure what she said on that recording, but she teaches Language Arts to students who are BD or LD and maybe MI.

I was scared to go at first....but it wasn't too bad. I was hoping that she'd be a traveling co-teacher (cause those jobs are cake since theres another teacher in the room!) But...she had her own classroom. There was an aide in the room for the 2nd block....but he slept the whole time!!!
And then when he did wake up he went and got a lunch and ate. Then he took his tray out of the class and never came back.

Luckily the students were very well behaved, especially the 2nd block. After 2nd block, I got to leave! What a short day!

I went over to the valley park and attempted to run after that. It was too hot! Plus, I never run very well over there because of the soft gravel trails and of course the massive hills.

When I got home...I ate some lunch and then did my Jillian DVD again. I'm getting much better at Level 2. My arms used to shake and I used to follow the "beginner" chick. But now, I'm following the "advanced" chick and I'm doing GOOD! So.. I think it may be time to move on to the dreaded Level 3!!!

Now... I am just waiting on the phone to ring and tell me where I'm going to teach tomorrow. I'm pretty sure that I'll get a job for tomorrow since it is Friday! So far calls.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

3rd days the charm!

So today... I didn't substitute but I did work at Cracker Barrel from 5 to 8. It was a pretty decent night even though I rolled 2 pans of silver, was on middle Delfield and the "front round," as we like to call it. I made close to 40 dollars. (I rolled 2 pans as opposed to the typical 1 pan, because another girl's fake fingernail ripped off taking with it her real fingernail...which made it very hard for her to roll silver. So I was nice and made a deal with her, she racked it all...and I rolled it all)

While I was there I had my phone calls forwarded to Jesse's phone in case I got called for a sub job for tomorrow.

So... when I got out of Cracker Barrel I had a text message from Jesse that said "Got you a job for tomorrow" So I called him and I will be subbing for an Art teacher tomorrow! Yippee!! It made me sing, "Goodie Goodie Gumdrops, My heart is doing flip flops!"

So... tomorrow night I'm sure you will get the pleasure of learning about my first day subbing the great state of WV.

until then...

day 2

Day 2 of substitute teaching.... still no calls.

I'm gonna have to try Cabell County too cause this is ridiculous. I was actually really depressed about it this much so that I couldn't bring myself to run. I got dressed in my running clothes...went outside...tried a little, but I just couldn't do it. So I power walked it through Hurricane.... over 3 miles.

Then I read my book on my rocking chair for awhile... and was still kinda bummed

Then I got over it mostly...and cleaned up my kitchen, did my Jillian DVD (level 2...and I KICKED ITS BUTT!)

Now... I'm chillin' and getting mentally ready to go to Cracker Barrel for the first time in over 2 weeks.

sigh... someday I will have a big girl job.

Monday, September 8, 2008

still .... ear - ah- tate- ed

So, last night I never got another phone call from Putnam Co.

So I got all my stuff together and ready for the morning....and went to sleep kinda early

I woke up this morning at 6 am... looked at my alarm clock and thought, "hmm, still no phone call." Then I couldn't go back to sleep. I kept waking up every 10 or 15 minutes because I was expecting a phone call.

Needless to say... I NEVER got a phone call.

Today I was very bored... I ran this morning (6.3 miles according to my pedometer) Then I got bored of sitting around and daytime I went to the Goodwill and to Big Lots (I'm poor now cause I can't make no money!)

Then I came home and sat on the back deck and read my newest James Patterson book, Judge & Jury. After this one I'm gonna read 3rd Degree.

When Jesse came home from work I made dinner, Grilled Chicken Breasts, Sun-dried Tomato Whole Grain Rice with Mushrooms, and a salad. It was goooood.

Now... I'm still waiting on the phone to ring. This is gonna drive me nutso.

I think I'm going to go make Jesse (yeah, Jesse.....hehehe) some cookies.

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Sunday, September 7, 2008


Right now I'm very irritated with the phone call system thingie that Putnam County BOE uses for their substitutes!!

First of all...the lady I interviewed with on the 28th told me that someone would call me and tell me when I was set up in the system and they would tell me what my "access ID" would be.

So.. .I waited all last week.

No phone calls.

So, I called the sub help desk on Friday morning and the lady said... "Oh, all you need to do is call the system and enter your Access ID to set up your account." I said, "I knew I had to do that, but I don't know what my Access ID is." and she says, "Oh, its just your phone number!"


Why didn't the first lady tell me that!?!!?

Anyway... I got that set up on Friday so Monday should be my first day subbing.

Jesse and I got home today around 6:15pm. I wanted to go for a run. So I checked my little sub info. sheet and it said that the system started calling for the next day at 7 pm on sundays. So I thought that I had enough time for a short run, right?

So... I left around 6:30 and I knew I needed to be back around 7, but I don't have a watch..... So I ran 3 miles and figured that was probably around 7.

I walked in the door and immediately grabbed my phone. It was 7:08 pm. AND I ALREADY HAD 2 MISSED PHONE CALLS!

I thought "WOW, I will get a job tomorrow!" YAY! and Its so much easier when you know about it the night before!

but... since that 2nd phone call that I missed.. I haven't got a single call!! AHHHHH!

I don't like this phone call thing. It was SO much better in W/S when I could pick a job from the internet.

Right now... I feel like Putnam Co. has a "redneck" substitute phone system.

Redneck TimeOut

Redneck Doorbell

Look Closely..... Redneck Tank Top

How does that happen I wondered....and then I realized that the lady wearing this masterpiece must have forgot her own tank top for the tractor-pull so she had her old man take off his scivies behind the porta potties and lend her his jack knife. Ewwwww…

hahaha.... ok, back to my life.

I'm a very organized person... I like to have all my ducks in a a matter of fact, I can't STAND not having my ducks in a row. haha....

So, this not knowing...until I get a phone call in the early morning is HARD on me. I guess I'll get used to it.

So... change of subjects

I found this really funny blog called Cake Wrecks. Its about cakes that are screwed up, strange, or just wrong. I laughed HARD. You should really check it out!

and again... if you are reading this and you like to read my blog, you should become a follower.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

doing nothing...still busy

Lately I haven't been working (because I'm waiting for Putnam Co. to get me set up in their substitute teacher system!) but I still feel like I've been very busy. Its funny but I find more time to blog when I'm working.

So...this week has been fun! I enjoy not working..hahaha.

On Monday... which was Labor Day... We all (Jesse's family) went to Jesse's Mom's house in Charleston..... We had a cook-out and swam in the pool. A bunch of them (not me) took rides on John's 6-wheeler out in the woods. It was a good time.

After that...we all came back to Teays Valley and the boys played baseball at the Valley Park. While that was going on some of the ladies took Luke (Mike & Alyson's dog) over to the Wave Pool for the Annual Dog Swim. It was CRAZY over there! I never would have imagined that SOOOOOO many people would bring their dog to swim in a pool. It was so crowded...there were dogs jumping over the edge....fetching floaty toys...crapping in the shallow end! was insane. You couldn't have paid me to get in that water.

On Tuesday.... Jesse and I went to the library and then we hung out with his Mom who was babysitting Caylan at Sarah & Jay's house. On Tuesday night I made (a healthier version of)Broccoli Cheddar Chicken Casserole and a delicious salad. It was all so good, in fact, that we decided to have leftovers on Wednesday night too.

On Wednesday I decided that I wanted to drive to Marshall so I could use their computers. I needed a web publishing program and access to my V-drive. I want to make a website for my new Mural Painting business that I'm calling "Murals By Erin" (Even though its against the acceptable use policy at Marshall to host a business website on their server, Ooops!....its only temporary... I'm going to buy a domain name eventually)

Well, I made a website and it looks really REALLY good ( I think) but when I got home and tried to pull it up the links don't work.

If you are can view the sites...just realize that the links don't work.

I can't wait to get it all up and running. I need some more business!! :) Let me know if anyone wants a MURAL!!

Also.... please notice that I have placed a "Followers" gadget on my blog. Its in the top-ish right hand corner-ish. If you read my blog... click the link, its pretty cool!! Thanks!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008