Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Jesse & I both lost our jobs yesterday!

Yes, yesterday Jesse called me while I was at school to tell me that he was laid off from his job. He works for HSBC, a bank based in HongKong, and they decided to pull out of North American lending. So he is now without a job...again. But, he does get a severance package of sorts for 2 months. So look for him at Cracker Barrel in April. haha.

About my job... I got a call from Cracker Barrel while I was at school yesterday too. They said they needed to talk to me ASAP. So, I called them back after school and they said "We've decided that all of our once-a-month employees will now need to work at least once a week or we will terminate your employment. Yaddi-yaddi-yah" But they said I could be rehired in the I guess I'm going to do that because I do not want to work at that place once a week. oooooh no.

One of the teachers at school today took this picture. These are the ladies I work with... from left to right this is Suzy, Kim, Amanda, Kendra and me!

Right now I'm watching American Idol. I don't have any favorites picked out yet. So far they haven't been very good at all. I know I never want to see that kid with the headband ever again. More about Idol later.

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