Thursday, April 30, 2009 a good day!

Meyer, Stephenie, 1973- Available pickup at: PUTNAM Putnam Main Public Library 5/10/2009
Meyer, Stephenie, 1973- Your position in the holds queue: 1 Putnam Main Public Library

still subbing...

Today I'm at Hurricane High School. I typically don't like coming here. Its a big school and they never get enough subs, so they "farm" you out during prep period to go cover for another teacher. I'm on prep now though and I guess they are going to leave me alone. I'm kinda shocked.

This morning I'm subbing for a Math teacher...and I think its a Language Arts teacher this afternoon. My first block class I subbed for was an AP Statistics class. They were extremely well behaved. I mean, the room was silent up until about 2 minutes before the bell rang.

This morning, before class, another teacher came in the room. She was slightly plump (I'm being nice here) and was gnawing on, what else, but a slice of bacon. I'm not kidding. It was kinda strange. She asked me if I was working tomorrow..and I hadn't got a job yet, so I said no. She teaches Chemistry and said it would be an easy day and that she had good kids. So, of course, I told her that I would be glad to sub for her.

Later, at lunch, I went over to her room to ask her something and she was eating Lay's Potato Chips and some sort of biscuit from Tutor's.

So, tomorrow... I'll be back here. Being a Friday I probably will get "farmed" out. However, she said she only teaches 2 classes tomorrow, so I may get lucky!! Apparently, she teaches an AP class in the morning beginning at 7:15. She said that they won't be here tomorrow so I wouldn't have to come early. Then, she just has 2 blocks. Her day is over at 2 something. We'll see how that turns out!

Well...... now, about American Idol last night. I'm pretty amazed because I haven't been able to call the winners THIS well before. I'm always pretty good at it...but this year I've been great! A Looooooong time ago on Facebook, I picked my top 5. I selected Danny, Adam, Allison, Matt, and Kris and whattaya know? They WERE the top 5! If I would have picked a top would have been Matt that I left off.

I don't know about the Top 3. My guess is that it will really depend on how well they sing next week. I'm guessing that it will be either Kris or Allison, although, I love both of them....but it all depends on how well they perform.

Tonight... I am going to the Funny Bone with Whitney, Kelli and Jessica. I'm excited! I've never been before, but Kelli won free tickets and asked us to, I'm excited to hang out with them. I haven't seen Whitney or Kelli in forever!! :)

I'm not sure about the guy that will be performing. I think his name is T.B. or T.D. or something like that. Hopefully its not TOO nasty. haha. Oh, ok...I just looked it up and his name is B.T. (I was close, hahaha!)

I'll be sure and write about it later.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

another day at school...

I'm at Poca High School today, home of the Dots. I'm subbing for a science teacher today. The first 2 blocks were great. 3rd block was planning. Another teacher had warned me that 4th block was a little crazy and, in her words, squirrelly. And..she was right times ten.

I've heard foul language and I've even been called the B word because I caught two girls copying.
I can't wait until this class is over!!! AHHHHHH! They asked me this morning if I could sub for her again tomorrow and I would have done it had I not already accepted a job at Winfield. But.... after 4th block, no way.

Now, I'm overhearing a conversation about nipple piercings. yikes.

Monday, April 27, 2009

at school again...after a beautiful weekend

It's Monday...and I'm at Winfield High School, subbing for my dad. Today is the first day of turkey season, dad is currently somewhere in a bush making sounds like a turkey. Wherever he is I bet he's hot because its almost 90 today.

This weekend went by in a flash. I honestly can't even remember it....and I was NOT under the influence of a mind-altering substance. ok... its coming back to me now.

On Saturday I woke up, made myself a pancake, and then at around noon, Jesse and I went to Brian and Jessica's house. They were tearing down a fence and then putting up a pool. We were there for like 8 hours. They have one of those really nice vinyl fences in their backyard. But to fit the pool in, they had to take down two panels. When they started pulling them out of the ground, a disgusting, putrid smell filled the air. Apparently, the rain water accumulates inside of there and just sits and stagnates and rots and molds and REEKS. It was nasty.

After that we put the pool up. It was really hot and felt good to stand inside the pool and it was filling up with water.

On Saturday night Jesse and I watched the movie Disturbia. It was pretty good. :) Jesse usually doesn't like to watch movies like that...(that are even slightly scary) but when I get him to watch them, he always likes them.

On Sunday, we went to church....nothing interesting happened there. Then we went to my mom and dad's for the first time in 3 weeks. Mom fried fish for lunch.

Sunday night Jesse went to watch a UFC fight at Jeremy and Bekah's house. I didn't go because it was a school night. I had plans to get ready for bed early and read. But... I wanted to play around with my new sewing machine a little. So, I sat down at around 9:30 and I was starting to get the hang of it. I made a little pouch out of an old t-shirt. Then, I looked up at the clock and it was 11:05! I still needed a shower and everything! I ended up not getting to bed until after midnight. I paid for it this morning, when I couldn't muster the strength to get out of the bed.

I'm about to finish my latest book, Jellicoe Road. It took me awhile to get into it, but its really good in the end. Its so strange, because its written by an Austrailian author and the spellings are crazy! They spell jail, gaol. Realize, is realise. Of course, color is colour. They also have different terminology. I figured out, through context clues, that "pashed" means to have made out with someone. haha. oh, and a a bra. That one took me a while to figure out. I kept picturing a girl with a wrestling singlet...then I thought maybe it was a camisole. was a bra.

I was hoping that Eclipse would be at the library for me today...since I'm about to finish this book. But, its not. Luckily though, another one that I requested is available today. So, I'm going to go get it. Its called The Graveyard Book. I think its some sort of parody of The Jungle Book.

Ok... gotta go monitor the Driver's Ed class.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Am I obsessed? hehehehe....

I'm having a wonderful day at school today!! I didn't get a phone call last night, but my phone rang bright and early this morning...and it was for the special ed. teacher for the 6th grade at Poca Middle School! I was so excited to see all my favorite little kiddos! They are so sweet to me. I miss them! :(

So, this is a pretty easy job, I mean, for a sub. I only have 2 classes for the whole day, each with maybe 11 or 12 students. They just come here for math and reading!..thats it. I'll probably float around with the kids and hang out with the other teachers some. This morning, I did have to gather together materials and make copies and stuff. I don't think she knew that she wasn't going to be here... I think maybe her son was sick or something so there weren't any real sub plans. I just figured out what they were working on...

With that being said, I've had some free time today. I've been busy on the internet looking at news releases about the New Moon movie.

I'm kinda excited about it, but I don't want to be one of those people who go to the movie on the night it comes out!! haha... I might wait a week or something. Dakota Fanning is going to be in it! She's playing Jane! Its such a small part. I wonder if they'll play it up since they got her for the role.. Also the guy that played Kicking Bird in Dances with Wolves is playing Billy Black. Looks like they got some pretty decent actors for the Volturi, too. :) I hope its better than the Twilight movie, because it wasn't that great.

Well, gotta go! kids coming!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I've turned into a reading machine!!

ok... Monday I was at Winfield Middle. On Monday afternoon, on my way home from school, I stopped at the library and picked up New Moon. I still managed to workout and even cook....but after that, I read...a lot.

I didn't get a single phone call for a sub job on Monday night. I was floored! I guess because of Spring Break not as many teachers are taking time off. So, I went to bed...after I managed to find a place to stop reading.

Tuesday morning I got ONE phone call. It was at 5:30 in the morning, and typically that would be just the first of many...and I could choose. The first (and only) one I got on Tuesday was for BD at Winfield Middle School. Well, that was an obvious NO! I've seen the BD classrooms there before. UH-UH! Not me.

So, after that... my phone never rang. So, I enjoyed a day off! I seriously laid in bed with Jesse until 11:30. You can guess what I was doing. :) Reading New Moon, of course.

Jesse had a job interview yesterday in Charleston. I went with him there...and then we walked around the Town Center for a little bit. After that we came home, I read some more, ran with Jesse, worked out, cooked dinner, ate, showered...and spent the rest of the evening watching American Idol (and reading during commercials!) or just reading. By the time I got to bed last night I had already read about 500 pages.

Luckily I got a phone call last night. I'm at Poca High School today and I like it here :) I subbed this morning for a Geometry teacher and this afternoon I have a Special Ed. Language class.

Needless to say, I have finished New Moon. Now I'm anxiously checking the library's website to see when Eclipse will be available for me to pick up. Right now it says I'm number 1 on the list! :) I'm guessing I'll get it by the end of the week, if not earlier. The weather is supposed to be wonderful this weekend, so I'm thinking.... book sun book sun book sun.........and I'm getting very excited!

While I'm talking about the sun, I have a confession to make. I frequently type in, stare at the photos I posted of the Myrtle Beach Hilton, and pretend I'm already there! I love when I have something wonderful to look forward to. Right now, life is really good because I have SO much to look forward to. 1. the weekend, 2. Eclipse, ha! 3. nice weather 4. the beach, 5. never subbing again, 6. my job next year!!

I'm getting ready to start a new book now. Its called Jellicoe Road. Its supposed to be really good! It won some awards and stuff. I want to get it finished before Eclipse is at the library...because I know I won't be able to wait once I get it! :) Jesse keeps telling me that the reason I'm so hooked on these Twilight books is because they are demonic. I actually was slightly leerly of them before.... but if you've read any of them you know they are actually very innocent. Like a fairy tale. Actually...exactly like a fairy tale. I'd even say they are like a fairy tale version of Romeo and Juliet....especially New Moon. If you've read Twilight and weren't that HAVE to read New Moon. Its like 10 times better. Twilight lacks something in the plot area. Its more like an know, getting to know the setting and characters. New Moon pulls you much deeper into their lives...and has a much much more interesting conflict and thus plot.

I have to admit, sometimes I just wanna slap Bella. She can be so dense. And...what exactly is it about Bella that makes everyone so crazy about her. hahaha... I sound like I'm jealous. Its not that... I just think if Stephenie Meyer would have made Bella a little more desirable, the story could be a bit more believable. Perhaps its because we are seeing everything through Bella's eyes...and she, well, she's not the most self-confident person.

Ook ok,... enough about Twilight.

I'm going to start my new book now.

Monday, April 20, 2009

1st day back....

I'm at Winfield MIddle School today.  I like it here.  :)
Although the portable buildings are yucky.  It always seems like I'm out in the portables on the rainy days, too!
Im really excited today because I checked my library account and I have 2 books waiting for me to pick them up.  One of them is NEW MOON!  YAY!
Today I have been reading a book called Little Audrey.  Its a short little book. I'll probably be finished with it today.  It is about a young girl named Audrey who lives in a coal mining camp in the hills of Virginia in the 1950's with her alcoholic father and severely depressed mother.  Its a pretty good (but sad, of course) story so far.  It has some humorous parts.
I just have to mention that 7th grade boys are probaby the most annoying creatures on the planet!!
I'm glad the day is almost over..... as soon as schools out, I'm off to the library...
Then I'm going to work out as soon as I get home.... so I can have lots of time to READ :)  
Jesse and I are supposed to watch a movie tonight...we'll see. 

Sunday, April 19, 2009

whats new?

So.. I've been on Spring Break this whole week..and its been lovely.   Although, I can admit now that I'm actually ready to get back to normal.  I function much better when I have a schedule.  Not having to do anything breeds not doing anything.  Strangely I get much more accomplished when I work than when I have nothing to do.   I even work out harder and more regularly.
Anyway...  On Wednesday Jesse took me to the Huntington Mall.  I'm glad that we went because Jesse got himself a nice new pair of Adidas running shoes.  I got a new bikini!!  I like to buy bathing suits early because it seems if you wait too long that they are all picked over...and you can't find the one you want in your size, etc.  So, I went ahead and got a new bathing suit.....and it was buy one piece, get the 2nd for 88 cents! :)  I also got a new pair of khaki pants for 15 dollars at NY&Co.  
Thursday and Friday are a blur now. I think I spent most of my time reading.  I found a GREAT book called The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins.  It is probably one of the very best books I have ever read.  I love it...Its actually the first book of a trilogy and now I'm just counting the days til book 2 (Catching Fire) is released in September!  I think I might actually have to buy it because if I check it out at the library I'll have to wait EVEN LONGER!
I think it was on Friday evening when Jesse started looking on for hotel deals in Myrtle Beach.  I don't know if you know anything about hotwire, but they won't tell you the name of the hotel until you book.  So, Jesse gets obsessed with trying to figure out exactly which hotel it is.  This is what happened when we went on our Washington DC trip last August.  So.... he figured it out again!  We are going to stay at the North Myrtle Beach Hilton in June.  I can't wait!! The last day of school for me will be on June 5th and then we will leave on June 6th!       
Here are some photos of the hotel!
Hilton Myrtle Beach Resort: The other oneHilton Myrtle Beach Resort: One of the poolsHilton Myrtle Beach Resort: Oceanfront barHilton Myrtle Beach Resort: Hilton from the beachHilton Myrtle Beach Resort: Balcony View of Hilton PoolsHilton Myrtle Beach Resort: Awesome kids water area.Hilton Myrtle Beach Resort: picture of the pool side cabanasHilton Myrtle Beach Resort: picture of the resort from the south pool

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

pita pit

I got the #3...w/o the Ranch spinach and banana peppers! :) The turkey was really moist and delicious. and the DO have wheat pitas!! :( I didn't know! Oh well... next time!

check out their website at

its been awhile

 I haven't blogged for awhile.  I'm not sure why but I haven't even thought about blogging lately.  I think it might be because I've been really into reading as of late.  I finished 6th Target and now I'm almost finished with Twilight.  I already reserved New Moon, book 2 of the Twilight series, at the library.  I think I'll be able to pick it up on Thursday! 
I haven't had to work since last Thursday! :)  I <3 Spring Break!  I really needed a little break. 
On Friday morning I had to meet with Putnam County Superintendent of schools.  I was scheduled to meet with him at 9 am.  I got there a few minutes early, but his secretary said that I could go on back.  I walked in, shook his hand and sat down.   We talked a couple minutes and he said, "Let me know if theres anything I can do for you."  and that was pretty much it.  When I got back in my car, my clock said 8:58.  haha. 
So, I went over to my Moms for a minute since I was in Winfield.   She and my Dad left for Pigeon Forge, TN on Sunday afternoon.  There going to be there all week. 
On Monday Jesse had a job interview in South Charleston.  I had been wanting to go to TJ Maxx lately and, secretly, I thought it would be a good idea for him to drop me off there...and pick me up after his interview.  I didn't say anything to him about it...but on Sunday evening he said, "I'm going to drop you off at TJ Maxx while I go to my interview.  Do you think you could kill an hour there?"  I was like, "What the heck, can he read my thoughts?"  I thought I was living with Edward Cullen or something. creepy.
So, that's what I did.  I went to TJ Maxx and I bought a book about sewing and a pair of sunglasses. :)
After that Jesse and I went on a mission to find Easter candy.  We didn't do Easter baskets or anything like that (hard to eat that much junk food on our diets)  But I mentioned to him those delicious little Reese's peanut butter eggs and he just had to have one.  I love those things they are better than regular Reese's cups by far.  I think its the greater peanut butter to chocolate ratio.       So, we went looking for them.  I wanted a Cadbury Creme Egg.  I love those things and you really can't get them any time but around Easter.   So we went to Kmart, but we were out of luck there.  They only had pre-made baskets and Peeps.
We finally found him a Reese's egg at Kroger.  Yes, he only bought one.  I didn't find me a Cadbury Creme Egg, but they DID have Cadbury ORANGE Creme Eggs.  I love orange flavored stuff, so I thought I'd give it a try.
IT WAS....wait for it............. AWESOME!!!!!       I'm tempted to go back and buy the whole box! YUM!
Today, I had a hair appointment at 11 am.  I got it highlighted and cut.  It looks pretty good :)  Then I went to a Senior Art Exhibition at the Birke Art Gallery at Marshall.   Kaylyn picked me up in her little green VW Beetle.   Afterwards we went to Pita Pit to eat.  It was pretty darn good, even though I tried to go for the healthy option.  I didn't get a whole wheat pita, and I'm not sure if they even have those, but if they don't.... they SHOULD!   I got a turkey and Swiss pita with spinach and other good veggies inside.  I didn't get any sauce put on I think I probably stayed less than 500 calories, since that's what the sign said.
  It was 5 dollars and it was one of the cheapest pitas they had.... So, it was a little pricey.  However its pretty comparable to Chipotle or Quizno's.  I would like to try their Gyros Pita.  YUMMM!  I'm sure that one would top 1000 calories though!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

working for the mom

Today I'm at WMS, subbing for my mom. She decided that she wanted to go watch high school band ratings, so here I am! Its probably going to be a really easy day. Eighth grade has an assembly today. Then I have one 7th grade class, planning, lunch, another 7th grade class, then 2 6th grade classes. The 7th and 6th grades are just going to play their instruments along with a cd. Easy stuff.

Yesterday I only worked a half day... I went to walmart and the library on the way home and I was still home around 1. I took a nice nap.... it was a good evening.

I worked out, cooked dinner and still had time for a LOT of TV. Jesse and I watched Jeopardy, American Idol, Biggest Loser, and then Law & Order SVU.

I'm going to try and finish my James Patterson (6th Target) today. I really want to start Twilight!

I'm about to pee myself and I have to wait 15 more minutes! AHH!. Gotta go walk around or something.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

at school....

So, I'm here at WMS today. I didn't realize when I accepted this job that it was only for half the day. So I told the secretary that I would be willing to work this afternoon, but I may end up going home early today. I won't be mad if that's the case! :) The weather is pretty yucky and cold today so Jesse said he would be happy if I came home early so I can hang out with him! He needs to get a job.

Jesse and I watched Slumdog Millionaire on sunday night. I loved it! Its a very good movie..everyone needs to see it. I stayed up til 11:45 on a school night to watch it!

Last night I worked out, cooked chicken enchiladas, and then took a 2 hour bath. I read my latest James Patterson book, 6th Target. Its pretty good. I think the 7th book just came out. After this book I'm going to read Twilight. I also checked out a book from the library called Hunger Games that I heard was really good. I'm going to try to finish them both during Spring Break.

I only have 2 more days before we are off for 10 whole days for Spring Break! I'm mad because I have to take the MAT on the 18th. Thats the last saturday of spring break. I guess thats as good a time as any.

Since I got the job at Winfield High School... my plans for grad school have changed. I feel pretty secure there because its a growing area, they students are required to have a fine arts credit, and the principal told me that they don't have enouch electives as it is. So... I am rethinking the reading certification. I think I may stick with Art now. I would enjoy the classes more, I'm sure.

Now I'd have to decide which type of art to concentrate in. I love ceramics... I love printmaking...and I love painting. I don't really know what I'd choose...but now that I have a job I have some time to think about it.

Friday, April 3, 2009

I got the job!

So.. all that blogging time I missed last week because of working on my interview portfolio really paid off.

My interview was today, after school, at 3:30. I went... actually got there a little early, and sat and waited awhile. Mr. Pahl was nowhere to be found. I think he forgot about it and bolted out the door. (hey, it is Friday!)

So, my interview was with Mrs. Welch, the Asst. Principal, and Mr. Hughes, the Principal. I knew the final decision would be made by Mr. Hughes anyway.

So, the interview went very well. I walked out of the room, very pleased. It was the complete opposite of my last interview. Mr. Hughes said, "I have to go to a conference this sunday, monday, and tuesday. So, we won't be making out decision until Wednesday. Then I'll call you and let you know."

I got home.... talked to Jesse a bit and then he left to go workout with Ty. Then I called Mom to tell her that the interview went really well.

Right after I hung up the phone with her... I was about to start working out...and my phone rang. It was a Winfield phone number. I thought, "hmmm? No, it couldn't be"

I answered, and he says, "Erin, this is Bill Hughes. You need to buy some green stuff, cause Friday is Green day here at Winfield"


Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I haven't blogged in awhile, but I have a good reason. I have a job interview on Friday. I've been working on getting ready... :) Thats what I'm doing right, bye for now.