Thursday, March 12, 2009

a day at HHS

Today I subbed for a special ed. teacher who teaches Physical Science and Environmental Earth Science. It was an easy day. Her classes were really small.

During first block the asst. principal walked in the room and told me that I needed to cover half a class for another teacher. I always suspect that this will happen...and I always plan to hide in the bathroom for the first 15 minutes of my planning period. But.. he caught me because he came in during class! :(

So I had to go cover an Algebra II Honors class, but only for half. BUT... when I was walking to that classroom I saw the same asst. principal, so I asked him where the classroom was. As he walked me there, he says, "I need a big favor, I need you to stay for the whole block" So I did. The kids were good and they did their work... I had a really easy day even though I didn't get a planning.

Tomorrow I'm going back to WMS for the same teacher I subbed for on Tuesday and Wednesday. Tomorrow night Brian & Jessica are coming over for dinner... and I think we may watch a movie or something.

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