Friday, May 29, 2009

another day of PE

I am here...doing one more day of PE for Beth Conner at Winfield Middle School.  I'm glad this is my first and last day of teaching PE.  It sucks.  The male teacher that I'm working with is hard of hearing and he said he has swimmers ear right now, too!  The gym is LOUD.  The fan in there is LOUD.  The kids are LOUD.  My voice is not very loud....not loud at all.  So, when I try to communicate with the guy he never hears me.  Its frustrating. 
Tonight Jesse is going to Ty's house to hang out with some old friends from high school...  I'm not going.  Right now I think I'm going to stay home and maybe find another sewing project to work on.  I think I'll make a smaller bag that matches my beach bag.  Or...a little pouch...or a wallet...or a sunglasses bag...or maybe all of those!  I'd love to be able to make a cute little shirt out of that brown polka dotted and turquoise blue fabric that I have, but I'm not sure that I'm up to that level yet. 
I've been cutting out the carbs past 5 o'clock and trying to eat as few as possible.  I have still eaten some for lunch and had oatmeal for breakfast, but.... I've been cutting them back.  It seems to be working!  I weighed less yesterday morning than I ever have (since probably 6th grade anyway)  So... I bet if I could eliminate ALL carbs I could really be doing something! 
I don't know if I have the willpower.  I <3 fruit, oatmeal, raisins, sugar, etc.  But.. I might (I repeat MIGHT) try to do that for a day or two before we leave for the beach.  I'm happy with the way I look... I just like to test myself and see what I'm able to do.  I usually surprise myself!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

PE is OK

I'm the PE teacher at Winfield Middle today.  :)  Its okay so far.  There is another PE teacher since they usually always have one female and one male for middle school.   So, I've basically let him take over things.  We've have 8th grade and half of the 7th grade so far.  We've been taking them outside to jog around the parking lot (the football field is a mushy mess) and then they come inside and play basketball or 4-square.  Meanwhile, I stand around.  At least I'm burning a few extra calories today.  I've been walking a lot! :)
Well, I'm going to go scour the Internet looking for new New Moon filming pictures and videos.... at least it gives me something to do.  Yeah, that's what I tell myself anyway.  Or maybe I'll read my latest book, The Host by Stephenie Meyer.  Its good so far.   

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

one more Twilight video...I know, its an obsession.

easy day today

Well I had an easy day at school today. I subbed for a science teacher who teaches AP Biology and Anatomy. They watched Patch Adams and a really stupid movie called Evolution. But...It was an easy day for me. When I got home Jesse said that he wished he got paid to watch movies all day! :)

Tomorrow and Friday I have to sub for a Phys. Ed. teacher at my Mom's school. I'm a little nervous about how that will go. I've never done PE before!! I hope its not raining so the kids can go outside! Wish me luck!

On Sunday night I finished the beach bag sewing project that I had been working on for a little while. It was really fun and I like the way it turned out!

I put one big pocket on the outside...and two pockets on the inside

Do you like it? Its HUGE! Just the way I wanted. I could never get all my towels, books, sunscreen, etc in my normal small little beach bag. So, I made my own and I made it big. Its sewn from two tablecloths that I got at Walmart for $2.50. I bet I still have enough fabric left to make 3 or 4 more! That makes the total cost for this bag between $1 and $1.25!

guess who?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

another day of subbing...but its almost over now!

I'm at Hurricane Middle School today.. this is actually the very first time that I've ever subbed here even though I've been working all year. The kids have been good so far.  Today I'm subbing for a Resource Math teacher.  Its been really easy so far cause Resource classes are very small.  Usually 11 kids or less.  

I found out today that I have a few books waiting for me at the library.  Breaking Dawn is actually due back today, too.  So I guess a trip to the library after school is inevitable.  I'm wishing that I could go to the Hurricane Library today since its right next door and all...but no, I've gotta trek to Teays Valley.  Hopefully it won't be pouring the rain, but by the looks of things outside my class' window right now... it may well be.

I'm kinda sad that Breaking Dawn is over and now I have no more Twilight books to reserve at the library.  :(   I guess I won't be going back to Forks.  I think Stephenie Meyer needs to write some more books about the Cullen's vs. the Volturi and about Jacob and Reneesme.  I've heard that she is currently working on Midnight Sun (Edward's viewpoint of the stuff that happened in the first book, Twilight)  I would read that...but I'm more interested to find out what happened to Reneesme and Jacob.   Maybe thats cause I <3 Jacob. 

well, I'm going to go see if I can get any work done on preparing materials and such for my Art I class next year.  I haven't even started thinking about Art II yet! 

Monday, May 25, 2009


This blog is neglected!

I have had lots of time off,....but still my blog remains untouched! What can I say, when its beautiful outside I don't feel like getting on the computer.

I've had a really good week! Because of the West test I only worked 2 days last week. It was SOOO pretty outside so I spent a lot of time laying in the sunshine. I also finished the last of the Twilight series, Breaking Dawn. I don't know whether to be happy about that or sad.

Yesterday we had a get together with Jesse's family at Alyson's dad's house. We swam with all the kids and then we cooked out and had some brats and pasta salad. :)

Today Jesse and I slept in..late. I kept waking up and going back to sleep until 10:45 this morning.!! Then I ate breakfast....and Jesse and I went for a jog. Then I came back and did my Jillian Michaels' No More Trouble Zones DVD. Now I gotta go get ready to go over to the Valley park to celebrate Jesse's dad's birthday. Its also our anniversary! I got married 7 years ago today! :)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Another good day!

Library Holds
Pickup at
Cashore, Kristin.
Your position in the holds queue: 1
Putnam Main Public Library
Meyer, Stephenie, 1973-
Available pickup at: PUTNAM
Putnam Main Public Library


I just checked my account at the library and Breaking Dawn is now available for me to pickup!  I've been waiting for what seems like forever!  BUT... I'm right in the middle of a really good book called If I Stay.  I just started it last night, but its really, its in high demand at the library and I only have it for 5 more days. 
So.. even though it feels like a sin, I'm going to leave Breaking Dawn sitting at the library for at least another day or two.  They'll hold it for me until the 24th...but after I come and get it, I'll only be able to keep it for a week.  I also have Stephanie Meyer's book, The Host, right now.  But, I get it for 3 I'm going to wait to read it. 
I didn't get a job last night. I only got called for terrible jobs, like a half a day at Rock Branch Elementary in their MMI class and a half day at Mt. View Elementary for their music teacher.   Blah.  So I went to bed, turned off my phone, and decided to sleep in til about 7:15 and THEN turn my phone on and wait for a job.  :)  I like sleeping in.  Its much better than being rudely awakened at 5 am. 
My phone rang at 7:45 but it wasn't a sub system call.  It was the principal at Poca Middle School.  He says, "Erin, you workin' today?"  I say, "Depends!"  He laughs.   I knew they needed a sub for their BD teacher today...and I did NOT want to do that.  I know those kids in there and I don't want to spend a whole day with them.  But, he asked me to sub for the Technology Education I said yes. 
So thats where I am now.... in a Tech. Ed. class with no lesson plans whatsoever.  The kids seem to know what to do, but occaisonally they need something that I don't know where it is...or they need a password that I don't know.  So it gets kinda annoying.  Sometimes it means that they have nothing to do.   At least they are only in here for 45 minutes...and they have computers to play on if necessary. 
Tonight I think I'm making pizza for dinner. :)  I've been eating like cow lately, which is NOT good considering I'm going to the beach in 23 days.  I've got to kick it into gear.  Starting Monday, the REAL diet starts.  I think I'm going to count my carbs and really try to limit them.  I just don't know what to eat for breakfast when you are on a low carb diet.  Obviously, bacon and eggs works.  But.. I don't have time for that every morning.  Maybe I can stick with my oatmeal and try not to have any more carbs for the rest of the day.  This will mean eating LOTS of veggies.  I'm okay with that.  I <3 veggies!  but...I love fruit too.  and I wouldn't be able to eat fruit.   hmm... I think I can do it for 19 days.  maybe.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

time is ticking away

This weekend went by quickly, as always.  It was a rainy Saturday...but I didn't mind.  It was nice just to sit around the house and enjoy the day.  I did do a bit of housework...and I also worked on a sewing project.  I'm in the middle of making a beach bag out of 2 vinyl tablecloths that I bought at Walmart for $2.50 each.  Its taking a while to sew it, but I'm enjoying it ...and it seems like its getting easier for me.

I've decided that I'm going to rent a bunch of different workout DVDs from Netflix in the next few weeks.  If I like them, I'm going to copy them! :)  On Saturday I got my first one.  ( Well tehnically, its not my first one since I've rented a workout video on there before...but it was a while ago, but anyway.)  This one is called, Get Ripped and Chiseled with Jari Love.  I did it on Saturday and it was interesting.  Its very different from what I'm used to.  It didn't get my heartrate up at all.  In fact, I didn't even sweat, but it was still really tough.  I was SO SORE the next day!!

On Saturday evening, Jesse and I went to Walmart. Nothing exciting or interesting, just grocery shopping, but we did rent The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.   We watched it...all 2 hours and 45 minutes of it... on Saturday night.  I liked it, although it wasn't really what I expected somehow.   It was AMAZING to see how they could use computers to age the actors and actresses!!  It was especially neat to see how young they could make Brad Pitt look!   You have to see the movie just to witness how differerent he looks in every scene!

Sunday was Mother's day, of course.... we went to church in St. Albans, went to my Mom's house in Winfield (had Chinese food), went to my Grandma's house in Eleanor, went to Jesse's Dad's house in Ona, and then we finally came back home to Teays Valley where Jesse's mom came over. 

Monday I subbed at Winfield Middle School for a 6th grade Math teacher.   It was fun. I got to teach about radius, diameter, and the circumference of a circle. 

A funny thing happened yesterday....  When I pack a salad for lunch I always make it the night before.  Sometimes I put ham or turkey or bacon on the salad and it can make the salad a little slimy the next day.  It kinda grosses me out when this happens.  So I've been putting one of those little silica water absorption packets in there with my salad and it helps!   You know those little packets that come in everything and say "Do Not Eat" on them. 

Yesteday, I was almost done eating my salad, when I realized, "OMG, I didn't take the packet out!"   Needless to say, the packet was no where to be found.  I turned over every piece of spinach, lettuce and cucumber, but wasn't there!  Is it possible to eat a big chunk of plastic and not realize it!?!?!

I was a little freaked out about this until I googled searched about eating a silica packet and found out that it was harmless. Its basically the same thing as eating a tiny bit of sand wrapped in plastic.  Still creepy.  Maybe I didn't swallow it after all, but I KNOW I put it in there.  

Today I'm subbing at Winfield Middle School again.  This time for a 6th grade English teacher.   Thats where I am right now... we just finished first basic..and now the second basic class in filing in the door.  Gotta go there daily "Caughta Ya" assignment on the Elmo.  :)

Friday, May 8, 2009

another FRIDAY!

I'm so glad that its Friday!  I want to sleep in tomorrow and eat pancakes and bacon!

This week hasn't been too bad.   I was at Hurricane High for the 1st 3 days.  I was at Winfield Middle for my Mom yesterday...and today I'm subbing for a teacher that works half time at Winfield High and half time at Buffalo High.

I signed my employment contract with Putnam County Schools today! YAY!!   They said in July I would need to come in a fill out paperwork for my benefits.  They said the benefits will take effect on Sept. 1st.  :)  Thats good news. 

I have no idea what I'm going to do this weekend.  I don't know if Jesse has plans or what.  I think its supposed to rain a lot.  blah.

I would like to go buy some fabric to make a beach bag and get started on that this weekend.   I may just do that, who knows...especially if its raining.

I'm gonna go text Jesse and ask him if he has any plans for the weekend.  :)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

those photos I promised

This is what I made for my Mom for Mothers day. I took floral tape and attached some fake flowers to pencils. Its for my Mom's she always has pencils. :)
This is a little cell phone pouch that I made.

My first bag! Here you can see the straps

Here are the pouches that I sewed on the inside.

Monday, May 4, 2009

SEW much time.

This weekend flew by. I don't think I got on the internet at all!   
Friday did end up being a really good day at HHS.   I only had to sub for 2 classes, but I got paid for a whole day.   I ended up coming home early, at around 2.  I was afraid that I may have some students come for her 4th block AP Chem Lab even though I was told that they didn't come to Lab on Fridays.   However, no one came.  I actually could have left at around noon!!
When I got home, I relaxed on the couch with a blanket and read Eclipse.  Kitsy curled up next to me.  I was about as happy as I could be!  Home early, on a Friday, reading a good book with my cat! :)
On Saturday I ate lunch with my mom at Bob Evan's.  I got a multigrain pancake with sugarfree syrup.  It was good! :)  Then I drove myself down to Barboursville.  I went to AC Moore, Target, Michael's, JoAnn's Fabric, and Walmart.  I bought 3 yards of fabric to play around with on my sewing machine.  I got a sewing kit and a few other things..  I also got something to make for my mom for Mother's day.  I'll put some pictures of it up...maybe later tonight.  Its kinda neat.  My mom ever reads my blog so it doesn't matter.
On Saturday night I started messing around with my sewing machine.  I made a cute little bag and I even put little pockets on the inside.  I am pretty proud of it.  I'll have to post some pics of it later too.  Before I realized it, it was one o'clock in the morning!
On Sunday, we went to church.  Then to Mom and Dad's house for lunch.  My mom made shrimp scampi and pasta and it was SO good.  I came home from church with the intent to work out.  I started playing with the sewing machine again and...before I knew it, it was 9!  I never got a sub call.  So, I decided last night that I would just turn my phone off...until I woke up, around 7 and then turn it back on.  It worked because I got some sleep....and I got a phone call at around 7:30 for Hurricane High School.  So, I was a little bit late getting here....but, of course, I still get paid the same AND I got a LOT more sleep!
Right now, I'm subbing for a traveling math teacher.  It really sucks to travel...and it really sucks to sub for a traveling teacher. You never can find a place to go for planning or lunch.   Its not that bad at Winfield Middle or High Schools because my parents work there.   But, I don't know a soul here at HHS.  
My dad has been telling me that teachers at Winfield High School are vying for Mrs. Cole's classroom!  THATS MY ROOM!  Its terrible to travel, but its 1000 times worse to travel as an Art teacher.  I was getting concerned about it, so I sent the Principal, Mr. Hughes, an email about it.   He wrote me back this morning and said, "I never intended for you to be on a cart"  YAY!  I'm so happy.  Now that I KNOW that for sure, I can start preparing my stuff like a have a room. 
I'm so excited!  How can I be so lucky?  My friend, Kelli, is an elementary ed. teacher.  It takes them forever to get hired in Putnam County!  She has a friend who has been subbing for 5 years!  I know a lady (on long term at Poca Middle) that has been subbing for 7 years!  Its crazy!  But... here I ART teacher and I got a job after just one year of subbing!  And there are only 11 Art teachers in all of Putnam County.  Its amazing.  I'm so blessed.