Thursday, May 14, 2009

Another good day!

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Cashore, Kristin.
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Putnam Main Public Library
Meyer, Stephenie, 1973-
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Putnam Main Public Library


I just checked my account at the library and Breaking Dawn is now available for me to pickup!  I've been waiting for what seems like forever!  BUT... I'm right in the middle of a really good book called If I Stay.  I just started it last night, but its really, its in high demand at the library and I only have it for 5 more days. 
So.. even though it feels like a sin, I'm going to leave Breaking Dawn sitting at the library for at least another day or two.  They'll hold it for me until the 24th...but after I come and get it, I'll only be able to keep it for a week.  I also have Stephanie Meyer's book, The Host, right now.  But, I get it for 3 I'm going to wait to read it. 
I didn't get a job last night. I only got called for terrible jobs, like a half a day at Rock Branch Elementary in their MMI class and a half day at Mt. View Elementary for their music teacher.   Blah.  So I went to bed, turned off my phone, and decided to sleep in til about 7:15 and THEN turn my phone on and wait for a job.  :)  I like sleeping in.  Its much better than being rudely awakened at 5 am. 
My phone rang at 7:45 but it wasn't a sub system call.  It was the principal at Poca Middle School.  He says, "Erin, you workin' today?"  I say, "Depends!"  He laughs.   I knew they needed a sub for their BD teacher today...and I did NOT want to do that.  I know those kids in there and I don't want to spend a whole day with them.  But, he asked me to sub for the Technology Education I said yes. 
So thats where I am now.... in a Tech. Ed. class with no lesson plans whatsoever.  The kids seem to know what to do, but occaisonally they need something that I don't know where it is...or they need a password that I don't know.  So it gets kinda annoying.  Sometimes it means that they have nothing to do.   At least they are only in here for 45 minutes...and they have computers to play on if necessary. 
Tonight I think I'm making pizza for dinner. :)  I've been eating like cow lately, which is NOT good considering I'm going to the beach in 23 days.  I've got to kick it into gear.  Starting Monday, the REAL diet starts.  I think I'm going to count my carbs and really try to limit them.  I just don't know what to eat for breakfast when you are on a low carb diet.  Obviously, bacon and eggs works.  But.. I don't have time for that every morning.  Maybe I can stick with my oatmeal and try not to have any more carbs for the rest of the day.  This will mean eating LOTS of veggies.  I'm okay with that.  I <3 veggies!  but...I love fruit too.  and I wouldn't be able to eat fruit.   hmm... I think I can do it for 19 days.  maybe.

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