Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Worked at CB today.. BOOO! It was so boring and slow. I think we ARE in a recession.

The other day I got my teaching license in the mail...and today I found out that there is an ART teacher job opening in High Point, NC which is in Guilford County. Its a magnet school called Jefferson Street Global Studies School. It has students from K to 7th grade and its about a 30 minute drive....BUt I would be making at least 34 grand a year. YAY!... I applied online and I am gonna call them soon and get some more information!

Jesse and I drove out to the address we had for that house I posted a picture of yesterday....well, the Google Map was WRONG! haha... we ended up in a field full of junky trailers.

We found out it was kinda out too far when we finally got the address right. But... along the journey we found a couple really nice neighborhoods in Davie County (Redland Place & Redland Way) that are very conviently located... more on those later

now... Its time for bed

beep, beep...back the truck up

ok.... catch up time

on Saturday, Jesse and I went with Holli and Lester to look around King, NC. We were looking at some neighborhoods that we could possibly live in eventually. Then we drove up a little ways and visited Mt. Airy, NC. Mt. Airy is the town Mayberry was based on and it is the hometown of Andy Griffith. We wanted to have lunch somewhere Snappy Lunch (it was closed), The Blue Bird Diner, or Aunt Bea's....but somehow we ended up at Chili's...but it was good
Here are some photos of the "Snappy Lunch" I think you can see Floyd's Barber Shop and Opie's Candy Shop too! hahaha.... While I was standing there taking one of these pictures a strange man walked by me and said, "You shoulda got here earlier (it was 3:30pm and they close at 2) and you coulda had you a porkchop sandwich." Holli and I laughed a while about that one. I guess we looked like tourists.... in case you didn't know Andy went to the Snappy Lunch and ate porkchop sandwiches.

On Sunday we went to church at Agape Faith Church in Clemmons, NC. I'm starting to really like that church...(if Jesse will just stop jumping over purple ribbons.)

After church we drove out to Yadkin County to look at some neighborhoods out there. We found one that we liked....then we went to a park and Lester and Jesse passed football. We had lunch at Monte De Rey...a mexican restaurant. It was very good, I had Chicken Nachos Fajitas.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

been forever........

This is a house Jesse and I have been looking at lately. We haven't driven out to see it yet but we are gonna go soon. Jesse wants to go tonight at 10:30 pm, but it aint happening.
I haven't blogged for a few days...I've been busy...but I have a lot to write about... I just can't write right now cause I have to blow dry my hair and go to bed. I'm an old woman.

Friday, January 25, 2008

::cough, cough::

Well..... Jesse and I went to sleep last night around 10pm. I was feeling really stinky last night... but after a really good long nights sleep I feel much better. I think my head cold has moved down to my chest now. My body feels achy and stuff but... who wouldn't rather have a few body aches and a cough than burning, watery eyes, runny nose, and sneezing fits? I'm glad I have the day to rest....

I'll probably write more later but as for now I gotta run some arrends...hehe I've always wanted to say that. I have to go to the bank and the post office.

As I sit here writing this... Kitsy is asleep on the computer. What a good friend :)

Winston-Salem people love their 'baccer...puff, puff

This is an interesting article written about Winston-Salem schools possibly becoming smokefree. I guess they voted on it last year, but I need to find out what happened!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

I don't feel so goood....

Today I'm feelin' pretty crappy. I think I got a cold... so I gave away my CB shift tomorrow to a lady named Gail. :) Better than calling in I guess. I'm really glad that I have the whole day to rest tomorrow! I took a cold pill this morning and I felt great for awhile.. but it started to wear off around 2. I was in the smoking section today and it was soooo slow. I only had three tables in three hours....somehow I still managed to make 50 dollars.

Well Jesse went to the Dentist today and I think someone must have been prayin' for him... because the pain he was in was just an infection. His wisdom tooth has a little pouch of skin around it and some food got in there and caused an infection. Luckily the dentist did some x-rays and found that Jesse's wisdom teeth are very small and can be pulled in the Dentist office. So he doesn't need to go to an oral surgeon! I was very glad to hear that! It only costs about 150 bucks to pull each tooth.

Nap time...

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Today was a much nicer day weather-wise in the "Piedmont Triad" as they like to call Greensboro, High Point, and Winston-Salem down here.

I went to Cracker Barrel at 8 am and when I got there I found out that I wasn't really supposed to be there until 8:30! I coulda slept longer!! haha... no big deal. I just did some of my sidework so that I could get outta there faster this afternoon. I had to portion up a whole can of Apple butter. The people down here sure love their apple butter.... and they really love their Texas Pete hot sauce. At first I was amazed how many people asked for it... and I told Jesse and he told me it was because Texas Pete was made in Winston-Salem!! Who woulda thought that TEXAS Pete would be made in North Carolina. Odd but true.

After work I decided to go to the library and get a library card. I drove to Lewisville's branch of the Forsyth County Library....and then I decided I wanted to just drive around and explore a little. So, I turned down Meadowlark Dr...onto Robinhood Rd... and looked around at some nice houses and businesses...then I turned around near Silas Creek Parkway...went back down Robinhood Rd. and turned onto Peacehaven to get back onto Country Club.

Now I'm thinking that I need a cup of coffee... so I'm gonna go make me some! I have been using whole bean Eight O'clock Coffee...its the cheapest that I have found in the vacuumed sealed whole bean variety and its really good!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

"Momma needs some new shoes!"

Jesse and I went to Moe's, Krispy Kreme, Homegoods, Target, Ross, Dollar Tree, and Michaels tonight. I bought these new shoes. I LOVE THEM...and they actually fit cause they are a size 5 and a half!! YAY!

whadda day

haha... actually today wasn't bad. I was looking forward to working at CB by myself and not training. (its so tiring!!) but I had to train a girl named Shannon today. Then she got a migraine and she left before she could help me with my sidework or silverware! pooo! haha... I made 70 dollars again, and it wasn't nearly as busy today.

A bunch of Ford trucks got broke into at work today... Cops were all over the place. They said some professional thief had some sort of machine that would unlock the door of Ford trucks. They got him on the camera system a Chevy Tahoe. He must not like Fords. Glad I drive a Scion! :)

Jesse says that we are gonna go to the Mall and go out to eat tonight! I'm really excited. Hes supposed to be home around 5 and I'm supposed to be ready to go. SOOOO... I better go get in the shower! Hope I have hot water! hahaha

Monday, January 21, 2008

another day another 70 dollars

Today I went in to Cracker Barrel at 8 am.... actually, I almost always go in at 8 am. Today was my last day training Alice. Shes a really nice lady with a 15 year old and an 8 year old that drives to CB from the other side of Davie County... It was a little busy today because it was MLK Day, but we only had three tables. I make minimum wage to train...which is $6.15 down here...wahooo...big money, huh? Alice is already my second trainee in NC! :)

Jesse has a toothache and he thinks its an abscessed wisdom he has a doctors appt on Thursday. We are praying that he won't need a trip to the oral surgeon...if you are reading this, say a little pray please! :)

Tonight I made taco salad, black bean soup and Mexican style cheesy cornbread...and apple crisp for dessert! yummmm.... Now I'm just waiting for Jesse to get home from work so we can eat it!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Link 2 New Apartment Photos....

Start the year off right. Easy ways to stay in shape in the new year.

Our Apartment...

This is a photo of our apartments. We are on the first floor.

Post Numero Uno!

Well.... I guess the first thing I should do is get everybody caught up on everything....

On December 26th Jesse and I packed up everything we owned (w/ the exception of a water hose that we forgot) and put it on a 32' bright yellow Penske Truck... with lots of help from Jesse's brother Jeremy, Jesse's Dad, my parents and our nephew, Jonathan.

On December 27th.. we all drove down I-77 to Winston-Salem, NC.... In case you didn't know one of Jesse's unit managers (Lester) from United American Insurance started his own Branch of the company down here...and Jesse was promoted into a management position.

On Decemeber 28th...we piled into my parents 4Runner and drove back to WV.... I guess we just had to spend our last weekend there...and it just worked out better for everyone involved because Jeremy had to be back home that day.

That same night...Jesse was dropping off his brother in Hurricane in his RSX and hit a curb, busting two of his tires! He had to get towed but had 4 new tires in less than 2 hours!

We decided to drive back to Winston-Salem on December 31st because it was supposed to snow that night....we didn't want to be driving down I-77 in snow or ice. So... we celebrated New Years Eve opening boxes and putting our junk away... excuse me, I mean, I celebrated New Years Eve putting stuff away. Jesse played with the new bunny ears he had just bought until we could sorta see Dick Clark.

okay... enough details for now

but since then I have been working at the Cracker Barrel in Clemmons, NC which is working well so far....but I have been working on getting a teaching job down here too. I may start subbing as well. I'm sure I'll write more about that later.

For now, I'm gonna go upstairs and watch the Packers/Giants game at Lester and Holli's apartment.