Thursday, May 28, 2009

PE is OK

I'm the PE teacher at Winfield Middle today.  :)  Its okay so far.  There is another PE teacher since they usually always have one female and one male for middle school.   So, I've basically let him take over things.  We've have 8th grade and half of the 7th grade so far.  We've been taking them outside to jog around the parking lot (the football field is a mushy mess) and then they come inside and play basketball or 4-square.  Meanwhile, I stand around.  At least I'm burning a few extra calories today.  I've been walking a lot! :)
Well, I'm going to go scour the Internet looking for new New Moon filming pictures and videos.... at least it gives me something to do.  Yeah, that's what I tell myself anyway.  Or maybe I'll read my latest book, The Host by Stephenie Meyer.  Its good so far.   

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