Monday, May 4, 2009

SEW much time.

This weekend flew by. I don't think I got on the internet at all!   
Friday did end up being a really good day at HHS.   I only had to sub for 2 classes, but I got paid for a whole day.   I ended up coming home early, at around 2.  I was afraid that I may have some students come for her 4th block AP Chem Lab even though I was told that they didn't come to Lab on Fridays.   However, no one came.  I actually could have left at around noon!!
When I got home, I relaxed on the couch with a blanket and read Eclipse.  Kitsy curled up next to me.  I was about as happy as I could be!  Home early, on a Friday, reading a good book with my cat! :)
On Saturday I ate lunch with my mom at Bob Evan's.  I got a multigrain pancake with sugarfree syrup.  It was good! :)  Then I drove myself down to Barboursville.  I went to AC Moore, Target, Michael's, JoAnn's Fabric, and Walmart.  I bought 3 yards of fabric to play around with on my sewing machine.  I got a sewing kit and a few other things..  I also got something to make for my mom for Mother's day.  I'll put some pictures of it up...maybe later tonight.  Its kinda neat.  My mom ever reads my blog so it doesn't matter.
On Saturday night I started messing around with my sewing machine.  I made a cute little bag and I even put little pockets on the inside.  I am pretty proud of it.  I'll have to post some pics of it later too.  Before I realized it, it was one o'clock in the morning!
On Sunday, we went to church.  Then to Mom and Dad's house for lunch.  My mom made shrimp scampi and pasta and it was SO good.  I came home from church with the intent to work out.  I started playing with the sewing machine again and...before I knew it, it was 9!  I never got a sub call.  So, I decided last night that I would just turn my phone off...until I woke up, around 7 and then turn it back on.  It worked because I got some sleep....and I got a phone call at around 7:30 for Hurricane High School.  So, I was a little bit late getting here....but, of course, I still get paid the same AND I got a LOT more sleep!
Right now, I'm subbing for a traveling math teacher.  It really sucks to travel...and it really sucks to sub for a traveling teacher. You never can find a place to go for planning or lunch.   Its not that bad at Winfield Middle or High Schools because my parents work there.   But, I don't know a soul here at HHS.  
My dad has been telling me that teachers at Winfield High School are vying for Mrs. Cole's classroom!  THATS MY ROOM!  Its terrible to travel, but its 1000 times worse to travel as an Art teacher.  I was getting concerned about it, so I sent the Principal, Mr. Hughes, an email about it.   He wrote me back this morning and said, "I never intended for you to be on a cart"  YAY!  I'm so happy.  Now that I KNOW that for sure, I can start preparing my stuff like a have a room. 
I'm so excited!  How can I be so lucky?  My friend, Kelli, is an elementary ed. teacher.  It takes them forever to get hired in Putnam County!  She has a friend who has been subbing for 5 years!  I know a lady (on long term at Poca Middle) that has been subbing for 7 years!  Its crazy!  But... here I ART teacher and I got a job after just one year of subbing!  And there are only 11 Art teachers in all of Putnam County.  Its amazing.  I'm so blessed.

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