Wednesday, December 31, 2008

looking forward to 2009

Today I woke up... and Jesse said some guys were gonna come over to check our heater. Its been actin' strange. So... I did that...then I went to the post office, the library and the Goodwill. I got to the library at 11:55 and they closed at noon for the holiday.

When I got home I worked out... it was a killer workout too. I did a 30 minute Jillian Michaels DVD called The Biggest Winner: Shape up-Front. Then I did another 20 minute Jillian Michaels DVD. I was sweatin' like a mamah jamah. (not sure what that means, but my Mom says it all the time)

I took some pictures with Kitsy today. She never likes getting her picture taken with me. I tried to give her a kiss. As you can tell, she wasn't that into it.

Now I gotta go get ready for the evening. We are going to hang out with the Rosenbergs tonight. They are having a thing at their church with lots of activities and such. I don't know what to wear.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

o-muh-gah... change of plans :(

ok.... so this morning I had zero plans for the day.

I woke up and made Jesse breakfast before he went to work. I vacuumed the stairs and the couch. I played around on the internet, changed my myspace background, videoed my cat, uploaded it to get the picture. A whole lotta nothin'.

At 1 I started doing a Jillian Michaels workout DVD and around 1:30 I got a phone call. I looked at my phone. "Cracker Barrel? What could they want?" I was curious, so I answered it.

Sandra, one of the managers, says "Hey, you know that shift you picked up 12-7 today?" and I was like, "umm, no...thats tomorrow" and she says "no it was today" Oops.

When I picked up the shift last week I wrote it down in my server book. But when I got home I noticed that I wrote Wed. 12/30 12pm-7pm. I realized that the date couldn't be right since Wed. is the 31st. So I called and talked to another manager, Paul (who is a little spacey and kinda lazy). I told him what I had done and asked if it was Tuesday or Wednesday when I was supposed to be there. He acted like he was checking something....and said, "you're on for Wednesday"

I'm guessin' that he never even checked.

So of course I was all sweaty, hair up, headband on, no makeup..... and now they wanted me at Cracker Barrel ASAP. I finished my workout. (I know, I'm hardcore) I washed up, prettied up, dressed, found something to eat and left the house all in less than a half hour.

It all worked out well for me. I missed 2 and a half hours of my shift. (of course I was supposed to get off at 7 originally, but ended up staying til 9) Tonight was probably gonna have more business then tomorrow, so I probably made more money. And... we are going to Winfield Baptist Church's New Years Eve event tomorrow night with the Rosenberg's so now I don't have to worry about rushing home to get ready for that. Thanks Paul!

Tomorrow I have plans to drop off some junk at the Goodwill and drop off some books at the Library. We'll see if those plans change. I didn't write yesterday

Well yesterday I didn't blog, but every other day isn't bad, huh?

Yesterday I went crazy cleaning and organizing. I worked all day...constantly, non-stop. I didn't even get online one time yesterday..well, until I was about to go to bed. I had to change my facebook status. haha. I'm a dork.

Speaking of facebook... I loaded some videos on there today. I videod Kitsy this morning playing with one of her Christmas presents.

I found these little worms...and she LOVES them. She'll play with them forever. She loses them under furniture and then comes and meows at me until I get them out. She also likes to play "fetch" with them. I'll throw it...she chases it...plays with it a bit...then brings it back to me in her mouth..drops it..and meows or makes that cute little cat noise. I can't think of how to describe it...but its cute.

I hope you like the video.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

The blog is ressurrected!

In December the blog had almost died....Today I am breathing some life back into it.

I think the problem is that with my long term sub job I feel like I never have anything new, different, or interesting to write about.
So I'm going to try to find more stuff to write about.

So the blog may be getting slightly more random and perhaps more boring...unless you are really into the details of my life.

I have also noticed that I haven't put very many pictures on here lately either. This is mostly because my camera was having technical difficulties. However it is fixed now and Im gonna try to get more photos on here! :)

Christmas was very nice and so far the break from school has been nice and relaxing. Yesterday Jesse and I watched THREE movies. Today I took a long nap.... Then I took down the Christmas tree and decorations.

I didn't do a very good job keeping up with changing this everyday. The day after Christmas I looked at it and it still said 2 days til Christmas. Yesterday when I looked at it I saw that Jesse had added the 3 and the 6. I think he was glad that Christmas was over.

This was Kitsy's stocking. Her Grandma Teresa (Jesse's mom) bought it for her!!

Kitsy was very upset that she doesn't have a plastic tree in her house anymore. She loved to chew on the branches! I'm really glad that its put up and I don't have to yell at her to "Stop eating the tree!" again until next year.

I have a few pictures from Christmas with Jesse's family.

This is our annual visit from Santa Claus.

This is Jesse's sister Mary's youngest. His name is Jaiden.

This is Jesse's brother Mike's youngest (for the moment) Her name is Hannah and she'll be 3 in January. She has a baby sister on the way at the end of January, too!

Here are some of the kids waiting to open their gifts. From left to right...Amiya, Haleigh, Emma, Jaiden, and Braylan.

and this is Jonathan... Jesse's brother Jeremy's youngest. He is dressed in his Storm Trooper costume that he got for Christmas. I have some funny videos of him dancing wearing it. haha

Again from left to right... this is Jonathan, "Mamaw" Teresa, Caylan, Hannah, Alyson, and Abagail.

God willing I'll write more tomorrow!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

felt like poo... but feeling better

Yesterday... monday. I went to school feeling pretty yucky but not awful.

After Homeroom and planning I started feeling terrible. Yucky, yucky, yuk! I had been having a cough and some congestion all weekend, but I had felt fine. On monday my nose started running...eyes watering...and all that stuff that goes along with a cold.

I felt terrible at school. I couldn't think straight. It was hard to get anything accomplished. I don't know if it was the cold or the meds I took that made me feel loopy.

As soon as I got home... I got right in the bed. I watched TV, played on the laptop and dozed off a bit.

This morning...thankfully, I felt much better!! My nose is SO sore, but other than that I'm feeling pretty good! :)

I'm really liking teaching Reading. Its making me think about possibly getting my Masters in Reading. :)

Friday, December 12, 2008

snow day! YAY!

Wow...this week went by really quickly!

My students have been reading The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and most of them seem to really enjoy it. I like it too! :)

This week at Cracker Barrel they were having employee appreciation... giving me an extra 10% on our employee discount. (for a total of 45%) So on Tuesday I went there and bought our 2 "white elephant" gifts. There wasn't a lot there that I when I left I still had almost 10 dollars on my 25 dollar gift card.

So on thursday night Jesse and I went there to eat. We both ordered grilled chicken tenders salads with fat free honey mustard, even though I really wanted a Grandma's sampler. Our salads had been in the cooler for awhile...and the lettuce was frozen. The tomatoes were gross. I really wish I would have ordered the breakfast!! oh well.

Friday... I was woke up at 5:41 am with a phone call from Suzy of the teachers I work with....she said that we were on a 2 hour delay. Back to sleep I went!

Then a little bit later my Dad called me to tell me the same....back to sleep again.

And...finally, Suzy called back again to tell me that we were gonna be out for the whole day! I rested....cleaned...did some laundry...wrapped some presents.

We were invited over to Brian and Jessica's house for dinner tonight. I baked an apple cake to take.... got all ready to go. We got in the car with the snow blowing. I was telling Jesse that we were crazy to drive in the bad weather when we didn't have to. He kept on driving....until he saw a car in front of us fishtailing a bit...and then he decided to turn around and head back home. So I was all dressed up with no place to go.

I was really looking forward to giving Jessica her Christmas gift, too!!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Reading Tom Sawyer...

My students are reading...(well they are listening to a Read Aloud CD and following along)...of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. I really love Mark Twain.

I had a good weekend. Its just sad thats its over already. On Saturday morning I got my hair done at Bev's in Eleanor.

After that.... I went shopping with my Mom at the Barboursville Mall even though it was pretty snowy. First we went to Bob Evan's. I had their multigrain pancakes and they were DE-LISH-ISH!!

We were in Kohls for like 4 hours, I swear! I ended up getting my dad a christmas present and I think I know what I'm gonna get for my Mom now too.

We had to go to Walmart too and we didn't get home until around 9.

Sunday we had church and then we went to my Mom's church's Christmas dinner at the Eleanor Firehouse.

I cleaned my classroom this morning. ick. The windows had about 5 years of junk on 'em.

I'm excited for dinner tonight. I'm making "deer balls" My Mom gave me some of my dad's venison and I'm making meatballs and mac-n-cheese tonight! YUM!

gotta go now... this class is over!! Actually....Monday is over!! wahoo!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

ahh, planning period

Here I am...on my planning period. :) So this won't be long. I have a couple minutes to spare. I just posted my student's grades to edline and sent them in for their Midterms. Most of them did well.

I actually wasn't that cold yesterday. I was thrilled! I dressed warmer so I guess that helped. Our usual custodian cut her hand and has been absent for the past few days. She always turns my heater on in the mornings...but since she wasn't here yesterday it wasn't on! :( I miss her!

I think I'm going to give her a thank you card when she comes back!!

Its a lot warmer today because I left the heater on all night. Yay, Tuesday!

After I blogged on sunday I searched the internet for something that would charge my camera. I ended up buying a Kodak battery charger for 28 bucks.

My mom sent birthday cake home with us on sunday.... I think it was 6 pieces (of a round yellow layer cake with chocolate icing and mini M&Ms on top!) and OMG it is the best cake ever.... Or, I should say that it WAS the best cake ever. I finished it off last night. I can't believe that I ate that much. (Jesse only ate a little bit) Oh well, birthdays are only once a year....and I usually don't eat birthday cake...but this stuff was to die for.

Today I am cooking chicken breasts in my slow cooker...and I'm going to boil some noodles later tonight to make "Chicken & Noodles." Holli made some for us when we lived in Winston and it was really I thought I'd give it a shot.

Jessica is coming over tonight to work out with me!! YAY!

Jesse started his new job yesterday... he's working at a place called "Beneficial Finance" in South Charleston (on Corridor G). So far, so good! :) I'm so glad that he is done selling insurance now.