Friday, December 12, 2008

snow day! YAY!

Wow...this week went by really quickly!

My students have been reading The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and most of them seem to really enjoy it. I like it too! :)

This week at Cracker Barrel they were having employee appreciation... giving me an extra 10% on our employee discount. (for a total of 45%) So on Tuesday I went there and bought our 2 "white elephant" gifts. There wasn't a lot there that I when I left I still had almost 10 dollars on my 25 dollar gift card.

So on thursday night Jesse and I went there to eat. We both ordered grilled chicken tenders salads with fat free honey mustard, even though I really wanted a Grandma's sampler. Our salads had been in the cooler for awhile...and the lettuce was frozen. The tomatoes were gross. I really wish I would have ordered the breakfast!! oh well.

Friday... I was woke up at 5:41 am with a phone call from Suzy of the teachers I work with....she said that we were on a 2 hour delay. Back to sleep I went!

Then a little bit later my Dad called me to tell me the same....back to sleep again.

And...finally, Suzy called back again to tell me that we were gonna be out for the whole day! I rested....cleaned...did some laundry...wrapped some presents.

We were invited over to Brian and Jessica's house for dinner tonight. I baked an apple cake to take.... got all ready to go. We got in the car with the snow blowing. I was telling Jesse that we were crazy to drive in the bad weather when we didn't have to. He kept on driving....until he saw a car in front of us fishtailing a bit...and then he decided to turn around and head back home. So I was all dressed up with no place to go.

I was really looking forward to giving Jessica her Christmas gift, too!!

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