Tuesday, December 30, 2008

o-muh-gah... change of plans :(

ok.... so this morning I had zero plans for the day.

I woke up and made Jesse breakfast before he went to work. I vacuumed the stairs and the couch. I played around on the internet, changed my myspace background, videoed my cat, uploaded it to get the picture. A whole lotta nothin'.

At 1 I started doing a Jillian Michaels workout DVD and around 1:30 I got a phone call. I looked at my phone. "Cracker Barrel? What could they want?" I was curious, so I answered it.

Sandra, one of the managers, says "Hey, you know that shift you picked up 12-7 today?" and I was like, "umm, no...thats tomorrow" and she says "no it was today" Oops.

When I picked up the shift last week I wrote it down in my server book. But when I got home I noticed that I wrote Wed. 12/30 12pm-7pm. I realized that the date couldn't be right since Wed. is the 31st. So I called and talked to another manager, Paul (who is a little spacey and kinda lazy). I told him what I had done and asked if it was Tuesday or Wednesday when I was supposed to be there. He acted like he was checking something....and said, "you're on for Wednesday"

I'm guessin' that he never even checked.

So of course I was all sweaty, hair up, headband on, no makeup..... and now they wanted me at Cracker Barrel ASAP. I finished my workout. (I know, I'm hardcore) I washed up, prettied up, dressed, found something to eat and left the house all in less than a half hour.

It all worked out well for me. I missed 2 and a half hours of my shift. (of course I was supposed to get off at 7 originally, but ended up staying til 9) Tonight was probably gonna have more business then tomorrow, so I probably made more money. And... we are going to Winfield Baptist Church's New Years Eve event tomorrow night with the Rosenberg's so now I don't have to worry about rushing home to get ready for that. Thanks Paul!

Tomorrow I have plans to drop off some junk at the Goodwill and drop off some books at the Library. We'll see if those plans change.

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