Sunday, December 28, 2008

The blog is ressurrected!

In December the blog had almost died....Today I am breathing some life back into it.

I think the problem is that with my long term sub job I feel like I never have anything new, different, or interesting to write about.
So I'm going to try to find more stuff to write about.

So the blog may be getting slightly more random and perhaps more boring...unless you are really into the details of my life.

I have also noticed that I haven't put very many pictures on here lately either. This is mostly because my camera was having technical difficulties. However it is fixed now and Im gonna try to get more photos on here! :)

Christmas was very nice and so far the break from school has been nice and relaxing. Yesterday Jesse and I watched THREE movies. Today I took a long nap.... Then I took down the Christmas tree and decorations.

I didn't do a very good job keeping up with changing this everyday. The day after Christmas I looked at it and it still said 2 days til Christmas. Yesterday when I looked at it I saw that Jesse had added the 3 and the 6. I think he was glad that Christmas was over.

This was Kitsy's stocking. Her Grandma Teresa (Jesse's mom) bought it for her!!

Kitsy was very upset that she doesn't have a plastic tree in her house anymore. She loved to chew on the branches! I'm really glad that its put up and I don't have to yell at her to "Stop eating the tree!" again until next year.

I have a few pictures from Christmas with Jesse's family.

This is our annual visit from Santa Claus.

This is Jesse's sister Mary's youngest. His name is Jaiden.

This is Jesse's brother Mike's youngest (for the moment) Her name is Hannah and she'll be 3 in January. She has a baby sister on the way at the end of January, too!

Here are some of the kids waiting to open their gifts. From left to right...Amiya, Haleigh, Emma, Jaiden, and Braylan.

and this is Jonathan... Jesse's brother Jeremy's youngest. He is dressed in his Storm Trooper costume that he got for Christmas. I have some funny videos of him dancing wearing it. haha

Again from left to right... this is Jonathan, "Mamaw" Teresa, Caylan, Hannah, Alyson, and Abagail.

God willing I'll write more tomorrow!

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