Tuesday, December 2, 2008

ahh, planning period

Here I am...on my planning period. :) So this won't be long. I have a couple minutes to spare. I just posted my student's grades to edline and sent them in for their Midterms. Most of them did well.

I actually wasn't that cold yesterday. I was thrilled! I dressed warmer so I guess that helped. Our usual custodian cut her hand and has been absent for the past few days. She always turns my heater on in the mornings...but since she wasn't here yesterday it wasn't on! :( I miss her!

I think I'm going to give her a thank you card when she comes back!!

Its a lot warmer today because I left the heater on all night. Yay, Tuesday!

After I blogged on sunday I searched the internet for something that would charge my camera. I ended up buying a Kodak battery charger for 28 bucks.

My mom sent birthday cake home with us on sunday.... I think it was 6 pieces (of a round yellow layer cake with chocolate icing and mini M&Ms on top!) and OMG it is the best cake ever.... Or, I should say that it WAS the best cake ever. I finished it off last night. I can't believe that I ate that much. (Jesse only ate a little bit) Oh well, birthdays are only once a year....and I usually don't eat birthday cake...but this stuff was to die for.

Today I am cooking chicken breasts in my slow cooker...and I'm going to boil some noodles later tonight to make "Chicken & Noodles." Holli made some for us when we lived in Winston and it was really I thought I'd give it a shot.

Jessica is coming over tonight to work out with me!! YAY!

Jesse started his new job yesterday... he's working at a place called "Beneficial Finance" in South Charleston (on Corridor G). So far, so good! :) I'm so glad that he is done selling insurance now.

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