Sunday, November 30, 2008

1st blog as a 27 year old I'm 27 now. yippee. (note the sarcasm there)

Its been a good birthday. I got a lot of stuff.

Thanksgiving was good. I'd normally have lots of pictures to put on here...but, sadly, something is wrong with my digital camera charger. It just won't charge my camera. I need to search online and see if I can find another charger. It was a cool little dock thing.... I'm kinda sad about that. Kodak Easyshare is cheap. If you're gonna buy a camera go for a Sony or at least a more expensive Kodak. I want a Cannon Rebel.

So.. anyway, no Thanksgiving pictures. I've been doing a little Christmas shopping. I got a lot of it done. All I really need to buy now is something for my Mom and Dad...and something for the "White Elephant" gift exchange that Jesse's brothers and sisters do. In case you've never heard of the "White Elephant" (I always used to call it the "Yankee Swap") Wikipedia explains it fairly well.....just click here. Its pretty fun. Last year I forgot about it until the last minute and I brought a bunch of used Christian books from back in my Bible College days. For Jesse's "gift" we brought a huge container of chocolate protein shake mix. This year I might wrap a 24 pack of toliet paper. No one ever does funny stuff though. One year I ended up with a picture frame and I saw it later (the EXACT same one) at Big Lots for 4 dollars. The gifts are supposed to be 15 bucks! I got ripped. Oh well, I guess I made up for it with the protein shake and used books. (Although those were expensive!)

Well I better go work out before it gets too late. I was getting sick of the same old workout videos... and then Jesse reminded me that I can watch fitness videos on demand with our Netflix membership. So I've been doing that lately. There are some Jillian Michael's DVDs on there...and there are some more of the Self DVDs (like my legs DVD that I love so much!) I also found some new ones called 10 minute solutions which have 5 ten minute workouts on each DVD so you can just do one, some, or all...and they are really good!

I'm dreading going to school tomorrow. Not because I don't want to go...just because I'm afraid its going to be FRIGID! I'm wearing long underwear tomorrow. hahaha. Can you teach wearing earmuffs?

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