Monday, March 31, 2008

:::fart noise::: thats what I think about Mondays

ick... monday.

Cracker Barrel was boring today. Nothing happened worth mentioning at all.

On a happier note, I haven't bitten my fingernails for quite some time now! Jesse said if I went 3 whole months sans nibbling then he would give me $300. Yes, I know...technically it would be $300 of my own money, but it just feels because I have that $300 I have to spend it on myself..frivolously! and that's exciting! I hardly ever spend money on myself. Truthfully, I would probably have a hard time spending it.

Speaking of which... I really need to get my hair highlighted and cut...but I keep putting it off. I'm going to TRY to call someone tomorrow to make an appointment.

Tonight Jesse and I went to Chick-fil-a for dinner...well actually we went through their drive thru and brought it back home. They had sent us a coupon in the mail for two free combo meals. It was delicious. I don't know what they do to their fried chicken to make it taste so good but....its the best! :) I just needed some more pickles...but I'm a huge pickle fan.

I finished my new Nicholas Sparks book this weekend. The Choice, It was pretty good. I'm getting ready to start reading another one that I borrowed from Holli. I think its called The Rescue.

Tonight I watched Atonement. I thought it was really good, but Jesse fell asleep and was snoring through most of the movie. I just let him sleep. We just got The Kite Runner in the mail from Netflix and we'll probably watch it tomorrow.

oh... I almost forgot! I FINALLY am registered to log on the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County school systems substitute teaching job finder! YAY! This means I have to figure out what I'm going to do about Cracker Barrel. I'm thinking that I'll stay at CB a couple days a week...and then try to find Sub jobs on the other days.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Haleigh's Bday Party

<---Jonathan in the foam pit
Jesse doin' a flip into the foam pit---->
<--Hannah running on the long trampoline
Abagail also running on the trampoline--->
<---the Birthday girl!

back to NC


Welp, I'm back in NC tonight and I'm glad that I get to sleep in my own KING size tonight! Sleepin' at my parents house means a FULL... I'm just glad Jesse and I are little people (not midget "Little People" like Little People, Big World "Little People" but just small) I can't imagine 2 bigger people in a full size!!

We made it in the WV pretty early on Thursday night. We went straight to Jesse's brother Mike's house in Teays Valley. Of watch Basketball. Basketball has been the bane of my existance since the whole March madness crap began! We even had to watch the Davidson/Kansas game on his laptop in the car on the way home today!)

Thursday night was the WV game of course...and they lost. But it was a good game. I enjoyed myself watching my neices Abagail and Hannah & chatting w/ Alyson.

On Friday Jesse had to work a little bit... Mom and I did a little shopping. I got a cute new brown dress from Elder Beerman in Teays Valley. She got some new stuff for their front yard from the Craft store.

Friday night we spent w/ Brian & Jessica. We played darts and ping pong in their garage.

Saturday morning was Haleigh's birthday party. It was at Bozhi's Gym Nest in Barboursville at 11 am. It was a lot of fun watching the kids play but it sucked that the adults weren't allowed to play on anything. booo :( I have some photos to upload but I left the camera out in the car so I'll get to it tomorrow hopefully)

After the party we all went to Moe's for lunch (I get the John Coctostan with Chicken & Black Beans....Jesse always gets a Joey Bag of Donuts) and then we walked around Pullman Square a bit. It felt good to be back home in my HUNTINGTON again!!

On Sunday we went to Maranatha of course...and then back to my parents house for lunch! We left around 4:30 and got back to NC around 8:25. I drove from about Galax, VA to here... and it stunk. I hate driving w/ a passion....especially Jesse's car :(

I'm gonna go to bed now I guess... I gotta go back to the CB tomorrow..but at least its only 11 to 3! YAY! More tomorrow...

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

watched a good movie today...

Today has been a good day! :) Welll, Cracker Barrel sucked...but other than that. haha...

I got out of CB early today and I was glad to be out of the smoking section. It was super slow today until around 12 when I got about 6 tables all at once.

When I got home from work Jesse and I went to a little park-like place near our apartments. I guess its considered a park but really its just a walking/biking trail. We walked and ran quite a bit and we even ran around a really nice neighborhood too.

After that we came home and had a quick bite of leftovers. Then we watched "Waitress," which I thought was really good. It was very funny and cute. Its chick-power kind of movie, but Jesse liked it too. Keri Russell was REALLY good and Andy Griffith was funny, too! :) It is highly recommended by me!

Tonight I had to pack up my stuff for the weekend in WV. We are leaving tomorrow afternoon after I get home from work.

I took a RealAge test on a website tonight. It said that my Real Age is around 21 (my actual age is 26). Jesse did it and he was 26 ( his actual age is almost 29) Here is the link if you want to take the test yourself. Real Age Test There is a longer version that I am assuming would be more accurate and I think there is a link on that page.

After the movie we cooked some really yummy baked chicken and roasted red potatoes. Now I gotta go get everything ready so we can leave tomorrow. I gotta leave my Kitsy and I'm upset about it. I always miss her when we leave :'o( and I worry about her too :o\

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Cute New Stuff!!

Well I guess you can see that I changed my blog a lot yesterday! I really like my new template with the cupcakes and strawberries! Hope ya'll think its cute too!

Yesterday was a busy day at Cracker Barrel...but today was terribly slow. I took what was supposed to be a 20 top table that turned into a 12 top of old folks out on a tour bus. I ended up making around 16 dollars and some change from them. I was ready to get outta there at 2!

After work I drove over to the Dollar Tree in Clemmons and bought a few things I needed. Then I went over to K-mart and walked around for awhile. They had their vitamins on sale buy one get one free so I bought a Multivitamin and a calcium supplement. I'm gonna try to take them everyday.

I decided that I wanted to start taking vitamins again and especially calcium after watching Dr. Oz on Oprah. He said that people who took in 1000 to
1200 milligrams of Calcium a day would lose an extra 6.5 pounds of fat a year through their poop. So that's what gave me the idea. I thought, "Hey, I can do that!" haha..... It was on Oprah but it was from his Discovery Health show called "The Truth About Food."

I'm not sure if taking vitamins is supposed to make you feel better... but I'll be sure and report any changes. I haven't taken vitamins for a few years now.

Well, I guess I'm going to go take a shower now so I can be ready for AmericanIdol!!

Monday, March 24, 2008

ok... another blog 4 Jessica

I'm thinking that you need to blog too Jessica... this is a little one sided.

Ok... I had this great idea about 5 minutes ago when I saw that you put your picture on my Guestbook (Thanks for that by the way!) ok... anyway heres my sneaky plan. Next time that you work at CB let me know and I will go to their website and tell them what a great server you were!! :) And you can return the favor! hahaha... PASS ME A GOLD CARD!! Yippeee! What do you think? Leave me a comment at the bottom of this posting or send me an email to

Friday, March 21, 2008

new guestbook thingie....

Today I found a cool guestbook thing that I added to my blog. Its at the bottom of the page...just scroll down. If you are a reader of my blog...OR if you are just reading it today PLEASE take a second and put your name & a pic on there!! I wanna know if you are visiting!! THANKS!

ok, back to my life..........

Today was another day of Cracker Barrel. It was really busy today, of course, because its Good Friday, and people don't have to work....that is, except servers.

It was a good day though. It went by pretty fast and I made good money.

Tonight I am extremely tired... Jesse & I made some dinner (Mediterranean Baked Chicken) and in a few minutes we will probably be watching one of our two movies from Netflix. (If I can get Jesse away from the March Madness!) One is the Number 23 and the other is Rendition.

Gotta go put the dishes in the dishwasher... boooo!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

another day another 50 dollars


Today at the CB was soooooo slow at first. I was in the smoking section with Beth. I got there at 9 and at 12:30 pm I had waited on about 8 people. It was terrible! I was so bored I was about ready to pluck my eyelashes out.

But... at around 12:30 the manager cut the floor and I was in the back by myself. After that it picked up a little bit. I seemed to make really good tips I just had very few tables. I only sold 212 dollars worth of food, but I made 48 dollars. For the math-impaired, thats over 22 percent. :oP

I was at work until after 3 o'clock even though I was cut at 2...I felt like I was NEVER gonna get outta there!

Then, I came home and ate lunch...took a dressed and pretty...and Jesse and I went shopping. I had hopes of finding an adorable Easter outfit at Kohl's. My hopes were usual. But... I did get a little brown sweater that was on clearance for $7.80. I also had a 10 dollar off a 10 dollar purchase coupon. So I had to find something small to buy to make my purchase 10 dollars.

I found a clearance rack of shower gels, lotions, bath salts and stuff like that. So I bought some vanilla body butter and shower gel for 4 bucks... making my total price $1.28. Can't beat that, huh?

After Kohl's we went to Ross but I didn't find anything there either. They had a lot of nice suits..but nothing that would work for me.

Then Jesse and I had a lovely dinner from Burger King that we ate at our kitchen table.

I found out today that my weaving piece that won in Marshall's Student Juried Show has been transported to the WV Cultural Center and will be in a show there until around the end of March! So...anybody back home reading this needs to take a short trip to the Cultural Center that is in the WV Capital complex and see MY BLANKET!! On this
webpage, the WV Cultural Center says, "There also will be a display of award winners from the annual Marshall University Juried Student Art Show in the Great Hall."

Here is a link to an article about the show that was in the


Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Goodbye Amanda!

Its not a bad thing that Amanda is gone... it just should have been Ramelle. And then... if it wasn't her it should have been Christy Lee Cook before Amanda. Oh well... Hopefully Ramielle or however she spells her name, will be gONE next week!

can u believe this?

I've blogged every day this week!

Today may be short though....

I had another good day at Cracker Barrel. I worked 9 to 2:30 today and I trained Janice again. She basically does all the work and I just follow her around. And...shes scheduled to be training with me again on Friday! :) Today was kinda slow at the Barrel....but I think thats better for training anyway. I still made 52 dollars.

When I got home from work I ate some more chips and mexican dipping a matter of fact I finished the container!

Then I did some aerobics from a Denise Austin DVD that I checked out of the library. I was mad because they were using a stretchy band and I didn't have I gave up on that and ran 3 and a half miles on the treadmill.

Then I took a...very...long bath while reading a book that I got from the library. Its called, "The Fastest Way to Get Pregnant Naturally." NO.... That doesn't mean that I'm trying to get pregnant now. I just want to learn more about the topic so that I am prepared.

Then I straightened up the house... Jesse made oatmeal cookies.. and then I got on the computer to BLOG! :oP

siiiiigggghhh.............2 more days left in the week. I'm ready for a weekend already!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

goin' 4 a 3-pete!

Today was another good day.

First I woke up at 6 am and put my corned beef brisket in the crock pot. By 6:05 I was back in the bed. I had to be at work at 10.

I had a really busy day at Cracker Barrel. I had the whole smoking section to myself and I was training that lady, Janice, again. I'm glad she was there to help me because at one time I had 10 tables back there.

After work Jesse and I went to the library and I picked up some books. When we got home I finished up dinner.... boiled potatoes, carrots, onions, and cabbage...put a glaze on the corned beef, and baked a loaf of irish soda bread. The bread was really good. I used a recipe from for it.

After dinner Jesse and I watched Dan In Real Life. Its a really sweet movie..I really liked it!

Then we went upstairs to Holli & Lester's to watch American Idol. I'm hoping that Ramielle goes home this time! But she always seems to do it will probably be Christy Lee Cook that goes home...but whatever :(

I wasn't thrilled with any of the performances tonight. David Cook was ok...and David Archuletta was pretty good.

Now......I'm beat! Time for bed!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Convo w/ my friend Kaylyn

 sucreepois24:  so..i know you haven't met the new gallery director..but she's a b*tch
DanceERB:  oh gee
sucreepois24:  i went in this morning to photograph your weaving, and my stuff hanging
DanceERB:  yeah...
sucreepois24:  and before i started just taking pictures i asked her
sucreepois24:  if i could
sucreepois24:  and she was like "um, only the press is allowed to photograph in here"
DanceERB:  haha..yeah
sucreepois24:  which, a lot of people were taking pictures yesterday
sucreepois24:  i just didn't have my camera
DanceERB:  thats stupid
DanceERB:  you HAVE to photograph your senior show
DanceERB:  thats stupid
sucreepois24:  and i was my friend who's weaving is right there who won moved to north carolina & she won't see it hanging
sucreepois24:  and i just need a pic for her to see it
sucreepois24:  lol
sucreepois24:  and she was like..well if you're a friend
DanceERB:  what a wacko
sucreepois24:  and then she was like, "oh, so she's no longer a student here?"
sucreepois24:  i was like she graduated in december
DanceERB:  um hmm
sucreepois24:  and she was like, "oh, ok"
sucreepois24:  so i didn't get pictures of my stuff
sucreepois24:  :\
sucreepois24:  b/c she just like totally ruined my morning, you know?
sucreepois24:  i brushed it off
DanceERB:  thats so stupid
sucreepois24:  but i mean, if it's my work
DanceERB:  yeah really
DanceERB:  I would have asked Byron
sucreepois24:  i'm gonna try to go in when one of the student workers are in there tomorrow
DanceERB:  yeah, thats a good idea
sucreepois24:  i was inclass all afternoon today or i would have
DanceERB:  yeah...well I wish u luck
DanceERB:  :)
DanceERB:  I'm sure no one else would care
sucreepois24:  no
sucreepois24:  she yelled at casey pauley & i on friday for "loitering" outside the door while they were hanging the show b/c evidently "she had been there until 2 thursday night, and they were short staffed, and they were working so hard trying to get it all hung, and we were being a distraction"
sucreepois24:  we weren't even trying to get into the gallery
DanceERB:  sheeesh
DanceERB:  she sounds stressed
sucreepois24:  we were standing in front of the gallery doors totally in the atrium with like a million other people, and she opened the door and said all that to us in front of all those other people
sucreepois24:  we had gone down to make sure the spaces we were going to use for our show
DanceERB:  yup, sounds like a b*t&h to me
sucreepois24:  so we peeked in once, and pointed out our walls, then stepped back & stood there and talked for like 15 mintues
sucreepois24:  then she came out and yelled
sucreepois24:  so we stood there another 5 minutes :)
DanceERB:  hahaha
sucreepois24:  casey & i both said, "we're not even trying to get in"
DanceERB:  and what did she say?
sucreepois24:  she just kept repeating how they were getting it up as soon as they could
sucreepois24:  whatever
sucreepois24:  casey got pretty upset about it
DanceERB:  you should have said WE DONT GIVE A CRAP
DanceERB:  yeah, shes like that
DanceERB:  shes a sweet girl
sucreepois24:  she is
DanceERB:  not like u :)
sucreepois24:  i love her
sucreepois24:  i thought about it all afternoon
DanceERB:  lol
sucreepois24:  it frusterated me
DanceERB:  it would have irked me too
sucreepois24:  the gallery is supposed toopen at 10, and it never is
sucreepois24:  she's always late
DanceERB:  i just hate when people act like they have something stuck up their butt
sucreepois24:  she's never ran a gallery before
DanceERB:  yeah
sucreepois24:  she doesn't know what she's doing at all
DanceERB:  u need emily back
DanceERB:  lol
sucreepois24:  i know
sucreepois24:  i'm glad emily got a better job though
DanceERB:  yeah me too
sucreepois24:  i know a lot of people don't like her much, but i like her,
DanceERB:  shes just slightly annoying
DanceERB:  but i like her too
sucreepois24:  i think going to twin falls with her for a week, and her being more relaxed there..makes me like her..probably if i had had her any other time she would have gotten on my nerves
DanceERB:  perhaps...
DanceERB:  or maybe Drawing II is just a terrible class no matter who teaches it
DanceERB:  i realized yesterday that I could have entered stuff from my Figure Drawing class and I was mad
DanceERB:  i had that pink drawing on black paper from my show and it was matted and stuff already
DanceERB:  booooooooooo
sucreepois24:  true true
DanceERB:  oh well when I was getting all that stuff together and moving... I had a lot on my mind
DanceERB:  I'm glad you got to vent your frustrations
DanceERB:  lol
sucreepois24:  thanks for that tho
sucreepois24:  :)
sucreepois24:  i got you a picture
DanceERB:  thanks!!
sucreepois24:  next time i hoook up my camera i'll send it to you
DanceERB:  kik
DanceERB:  lol i mean
DanceERB:  LOL
DanceERB:  ok.. that would be nice :)
sucreepois24:  kik
DanceERB:  shut up

2 N ah rOw!

myspace comments

YAy! 2 bLoGs iN 2 dAyS!

Today has been a great day...especially for a MONDAY!

I didn't have to go to work until 10:45 so I got to sleep in!

When I got to work today I was told by the ETC that I was going to be training basically every day this week. I trained a lady named Janice today...and she's with me tomorrow, wednesday and maybe again on Friday too. Shes really nice... shes probably in her late 30's and has a 19 month old baby at home. I worked from 10:45 to 2 and I made 54 dollars... I was pretty happy w/ that. It was a lot better of a day than I've had in a long time.

On the way home I stopped at the FoodLion in Clemmons. I had to get a green pepper for our dinner...and I also bought some really yummy Hot Mexican Dipping Cheese. When I got home with it Jesse and I ate about half of the container..haha

Then I was a goooooood girl and I got on the treadmill. I did one of those preprogrammed courses on there... Intervals. So I would be walkng fast and then running fast and so on and so forth for 45 minutes. All together I went over 3.5 miles today.

After that I cleaned the litter box, swept the floors, ran the vacuum cleaner ( & Jesse even helped!) and dusted a little bit.

We had some yummy fajitas for dinner......sooooo good. We used these turkey strips from Walmart called Chipotle Citrus Turkey Strips or something like that. They are a little on the hot side but DELICIOUS & Healthy! Look for them at Walmart!

After that I watched "How I Met Your Mother" and some other shows...a little of Dancing with the Stars. Actually it was the very 1st time that I've EVER watched...even a little bit... of that show!!
Then I came in here to blog... the computers in a little desk area in my kitchen. After I'm done blogging I'm going to get everything prepped to make some Corned Beef for tomorrow!! We are celebrating St Patricks Day a day late.
This is a link to the recipe that I'm using from . I'll try to write about it tomorrow... but tomorrow is American Idol so I'm sure I'll be upstairs w/ Holli & Lester watching!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

ok Jessica... this is for you! :)

ok Jessica... this is for you! :)

I haven't blogged in forever and a day.....but here it goes

So I used to come home from work and I would get online and blog almost immediately. But lately I've been trying to get on the treadmill or do a yoga video from the library when I get home. If I don't blog immediately it just never seems to happen.

I'm gonna try to do better cause I like blogging...its like a diary, but better!!

I have some cute photos of Kitsy I want to share...

The other day we did some baking and Kitsy really enjoyed it...hehehe We made biscuits for breakfast last Wednesday morning.

but I think eating those biscuits made Kitsy a little self-conscious because later I found her here.....

So.......I had my friend Kaylyn enter some of my artwork into Marshall's Undergraduate Juried Art Show. I entered a weaving piece and a watercolor painting.
I found out on Saturday that I won something!..and then Kaylyn called me on Sunday to tell me that I won first place for the blanket that I wove in Weaving class!! YIPPIE! I won 100 dollars!
Ok... I've got stuff to do now. I'm gonna try to blog tomorrow!

Friday, March 7, 2008


Today is another rainy day...which is good because this area is in the middle of a very bad drought, but its dreary.

For the past 2 days at CB I've been training a girl named Krystel. Shes really nice and seems like a girl that I could be friends with! :) Shes easy to train too... she really gets it. Shes only been there 2 days and shes doing better than that last chick.

Also yesterday morning Jesse and Lester left for a business trip to Virginia.

When I got home from work yesterday I talked to Alexis (from back home at CB #336) for almost an hour about stuff thats going on in her life right now. Anyone reading this.... try to remember to pray for her. After that I called Holli to see if she wanted to go out on a little shopping trip. We went to the shops in the plazas by Hanes Mall...Factory Card Outlet, HomeGoods, Target, and World Market. I'm a huge World Market fan now. I love that store.

After that we ate dinner at East Coast Wings. I had a Fajita Wrap and it was delicious!

Then we came home and watched the results show of American Idol. I called the boys, I knew Danny and Luke were going home this week. I didn't really suspect that Asa'h (or whatever) would be going home for the girls, but I picked her as a maybe. I thought it was going to be the Katy girl for sure...and either Asa'h, Ramiele, or the Irish chick. I'm glad it worked out the way that it did.

I didn't sleep very well last night w/o Jesse at home... but Kitsy slept beside me alllllll night! :) Shes such a good friend. She woke me up at 6:30 am throwing up everywhere. I am a little worried about how much shes been throwing up lately!!

Work today was good.... I made decent money but I love training because I make 6.15 an hour plus my tips. That little bit helps a lot.

After work I had to drive over to Lewisville Family Physicians to get my TB test checked. GOOD NEWS! I don't have to be quarantined and I can teach school! YAY! I had to get my pre-employment physical on Wednesday.

Jesse should be home soon... so I'm gonna go get in the shower I still smell like CB's fireplace...YUK!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

haven't felt like writing...


I haven't posted a blog forever. I think its because I am addicted to the Bubbles game I have on here. No joke I know I've played at least 6 hours in all... and thats a soft estimate :)

I've just been doin' the cracker barrel thing... coming home cookin' dinner thing... then watching lotsa American Idol and playing SingStar with Lester and Holli thing.

Tonight... my favs on American Idol were David Archuletta, David Cook, and Jason Castro.... I always try to pick who will be going home and I'm typically right. This week I think that David Noriega and Luke Menard will be the ones packing their stuff....maybe Chikezie (how the heck do u spell that?) Did anyone else think that Paula was even more out of it tonight than usual?? She tried to stand up and almost fell over!

Had a good weekend... watched a lot of movies. We watched White Oleander, The Constant Gardener, Fracture, and Mr. Brooks. On Sunday after church Jesse and I went to the Joanie Moser Park in Lewisville with Holli and Lester. We passed football, baseball, and the boys played tennis while Hollo and I layed on a blanket and read books. I tried to read Homer Hickom's new book called, The Red Helmet...but I couldn't get into it. It had about 150 characters and they ALL had stupid nicknames. You would think that a guy from WV wouldn't wanna make WVians sound stupid..but he did.

Tomorrow maybe...if I can pry myself away from the Bubbles game...then I will tell you my thoughts on the girls.

rained a lot here today.

I don't have to work tomorrow... I have a doctors appointment at 1pm to get my pre-employment physical so I can be a "SUB" I can finally play some BUBBLES!