Monday, March 17, 2008

Convo w/ my friend Kaylyn

 sucreepois24:  so..i know you haven't met the new gallery director..but she's a b*tch
DanceERB:  oh gee
sucreepois24:  i went in this morning to photograph your weaving, and my stuff hanging
DanceERB:  yeah...
sucreepois24:  and before i started just taking pictures i asked her
sucreepois24:  if i could
sucreepois24:  and she was like "um, only the press is allowed to photograph in here"
DanceERB:  haha..yeah
sucreepois24:  which, a lot of people were taking pictures yesterday
sucreepois24:  i just didn't have my camera
DanceERB:  thats stupid
DanceERB:  you HAVE to photograph your senior show
DanceERB:  thats stupid
sucreepois24:  and i was my friend who's weaving is right there who won moved to north carolina & she won't see it hanging
sucreepois24:  and i just need a pic for her to see it
sucreepois24:  lol
sucreepois24:  and she was like..well if you're a friend
DanceERB:  what a wacko
sucreepois24:  and then she was like, "oh, so she's no longer a student here?"
sucreepois24:  i was like she graduated in december
DanceERB:  um hmm
sucreepois24:  and she was like, "oh, ok"
sucreepois24:  so i didn't get pictures of my stuff
sucreepois24:  :\
sucreepois24:  b/c she just like totally ruined my morning, you know?
sucreepois24:  i brushed it off
DanceERB:  thats so stupid
sucreepois24:  but i mean, if it's my work
DanceERB:  yeah really
DanceERB:  I would have asked Byron
sucreepois24:  i'm gonna try to go in when one of the student workers are in there tomorrow
DanceERB:  yeah, thats a good idea
sucreepois24:  i was inclass all afternoon today or i would have
DanceERB:  yeah...well I wish u luck
DanceERB:  :)
DanceERB:  I'm sure no one else would care
sucreepois24:  no
sucreepois24:  she yelled at casey pauley & i on friday for "loitering" outside the door while they were hanging the show b/c evidently "she had been there until 2 thursday night, and they were short staffed, and they were working so hard trying to get it all hung, and we were being a distraction"
sucreepois24:  we weren't even trying to get into the gallery
DanceERB:  sheeesh
DanceERB:  she sounds stressed
sucreepois24:  we were standing in front of the gallery doors totally in the atrium with like a million other people, and she opened the door and said all that to us in front of all those other people
sucreepois24:  we had gone down to make sure the spaces we were going to use for our show
DanceERB:  yup, sounds like a b*t&h to me
sucreepois24:  so we peeked in once, and pointed out our walls, then stepped back & stood there and talked for like 15 mintues
sucreepois24:  then she came out and yelled
sucreepois24:  so we stood there another 5 minutes :)
DanceERB:  hahaha
sucreepois24:  casey & i both said, "we're not even trying to get in"
DanceERB:  and what did she say?
sucreepois24:  she just kept repeating how they were getting it up as soon as they could
sucreepois24:  whatever
sucreepois24:  casey got pretty upset about it
DanceERB:  you should have said WE DONT GIVE A CRAP
DanceERB:  yeah, shes like that
DanceERB:  shes a sweet girl
sucreepois24:  she is
DanceERB:  not like u :)
sucreepois24:  i love her
sucreepois24:  i thought about it all afternoon
DanceERB:  lol
sucreepois24:  it frusterated me
DanceERB:  it would have irked me too
sucreepois24:  the gallery is supposed toopen at 10, and it never is
sucreepois24:  she's always late
DanceERB:  i just hate when people act like they have something stuck up their butt
sucreepois24:  she's never ran a gallery before
DanceERB:  yeah
sucreepois24:  she doesn't know what she's doing at all
DanceERB:  u need emily back
DanceERB:  lol
sucreepois24:  i know
sucreepois24:  i'm glad emily got a better job though
DanceERB:  yeah me too
sucreepois24:  i know a lot of people don't like her much, but i like her,
DanceERB:  shes just slightly annoying
DanceERB:  but i like her too
sucreepois24:  i think going to twin falls with her for a week, and her being more relaxed there..makes me like her..probably if i had had her any other time she would have gotten on my nerves
DanceERB:  perhaps...
DanceERB:  or maybe Drawing II is just a terrible class no matter who teaches it
DanceERB:  i realized yesterday that I could have entered stuff from my Figure Drawing class and I was mad
DanceERB:  i had that pink drawing on black paper from my show and it was matted and stuff already
DanceERB:  booooooooooo
sucreepois24:  true true
DanceERB:  oh well when I was getting all that stuff together and moving... I had a lot on my mind
DanceERB:  I'm glad you got to vent your frustrations
DanceERB:  lol
sucreepois24:  thanks for that tho
sucreepois24:  :)
sucreepois24:  i got you a picture
DanceERB:  thanks!!
sucreepois24:  next time i hoook up my camera i'll send it to you
DanceERB:  kik
DanceERB:  lol i mean
DanceERB:  LOL
DanceERB:  ok.. that would be nice :)
sucreepois24:  kik
DanceERB:  shut up

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