Monday, March 17, 2008

2 N ah rOw!

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YAy! 2 bLoGs iN 2 dAyS!

Today has been a great day...especially for a MONDAY!

I didn't have to go to work until 10:45 so I got to sleep in!

When I got to work today I was told by the ETC that I was going to be training basically every day this week. I trained a lady named Janice today...and she's with me tomorrow, wednesday and maybe again on Friday too. Shes really nice... shes probably in her late 30's and has a 19 month old baby at home. I worked from 10:45 to 2 and I made 54 dollars... I was pretty happy w/ that. It was a lot better of a day than I've had in a long time.

On the way home I stopped at the FoodLion in Clemmons. I had to get a green pepper for our dinner...and I also bought some really yummy Hot Mexican Dipping Cheese. When I got home with it Jesse and I ate about half of the container..haha

Then I was a goooooood girl and I got on the treadmill. I did one of those preprogrammed courses on there... Intervals. So I would be walkng fast and then running fast and so on and so forth for 45 minutes. All together I went over 3.5 miles today.

After that I cleaned the litter box, swept the floors, ran the vacuum cleaner ( & Jesse even helped!) and dusted a little bit.

We had some yummy fajitas for dinner......sooooo good. We used these turkey strips from Walmart called Chipotle Citrus Turkey Strips or something like that. They are a little on the hot side but DELICIOUS & Healthy! Look for them at Walmart!

After that I watched "How I Met Your Mother" and some other shows...a little of Dancing with the Stars. Actually it was the very 1st time that I've EVER watched...even a little bit... of that show!!
Then I came in here to blog... the computers in a little desk area in my kitchen. After I'm done blogging I'm going to get everything prepped to make some Corned Beef for tomorrow!! We are celebrating St Patricks Day a day late.
This is a link to the recipe that I'm using from . I'll try to write about it tomorrow... but tomorrow is American Idol so I'm sure I'll be upstairs w/ Holli & Lester watching!

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