Thursday, March 20, 2008

another day another 50 dollars


Today at the CB was soooooo slow at first. I was in the smoking section with Beth. I got there at 9 and at 12:30 pm I had waited on about 8 people. It was terrible! I was so bored I was about ready to pluck my eyelashes out.

But... at around 12:30 the manager cut the floor and I was in the back by myself. After that it picked up a little bit. I seemed to make really good tips I just had very few tables. I only sold 212 dollars worth of food, but I made 48 dollars. For the math-impaired, thats over 22 percent. :oP

I was at work until after 3 o'clock even though I was cut at 2...I felt like I was NEVER gonna get outta there!

Then, I came home and ate lunch...took a dressed and pretty...and Jesse and I went shopping. I had hopes of finding an adorable Easter outfit at Kohl's. My hopes were usual. But... I did get a little brown sweater that was on clearance for $7.80. I also had a 10 dollar off a 10 dollar purchase coupon. So I had to find something small to buy to make my purchase 10 dollars.

I found a clearance rack of shower gels, lotions, bath salts and stuff like that. So I bought some vanilla body butter and shower gel for 4 bucks... making my total price $1.28. Can't beat that, huh?

After Kohl's we went to Ross but I didn't find anything there either. They had a lot of nice suits..but nothing that would work for me.

Then Jesse and I had a lovely dinner from Burger King that we ate at our kitchen table.

I found out today that my weaving piece that won in Marshall's Student Juried Show has been transported to the WV Cultural Center and will be in a show there until around the end of March! So...anybody back home reading this needs to take a short trip to the Cultural Center that is in the WV Capital complex and see MY BLANKET!! On this
webpage, the WV Cultural Center says, "There also will be a display of award winners from the annual Marshall University Juried Student Art Show in the Great Hall."

Here is a link to an article about the show that was in the


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