Wednesday, March 26, 2008

watched a good movie today...

Today has been a good day! :) Welll, Cracker Barrel sucked...but other than that. haha...

I got out of CB early today and I was glad to be out of the smoking section. It was super slow today until around 12 when I got about 6 tables all at once.

When I got home from work Jesse and I went to a little park-like place near our apartments. I guess its considered a park but really its just a walking/biking trail. We walked and ran quite a bit and we even ran around a really nice neighborhood too.

After that we came home and had a quick bite of leftovers. Then we watched "Waitress," which I thought was really good. It was very funny and cute. Its chick-power kind of movie, but Jesse liked it too. Keri Russell was REALLY good and Andy Griffith was funny, too! :) It is highly recommended by me!

Tonight I had to pack up my stuff for the weekend in WV. We are leaving tomorrow afternoon after I get home from work.

I took a RealAge test on a website tonight. It said that my Real Age is around 21 (my actual age is 26). Jesse did it and he was 26 ( his actual age is almost 29) Here is the link if you want to take the test yourself. Real Age Test There is a longer version that I am assuming would be more accurate and I think there is a link on that page.

After the movie we cooked some really yummy baked chicken and roasted red potatoes. Now I gotta go get everything ready so we can leave tomorrow. I gotta leave my Kitsy and I'm upset about it. I always miss her when we leave :'o( and I worry about her too :o\

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