Friday, March 21, 2008

new guestbook thingie....

Today I found a cool guestbook thing that I added to my blog. Its at the bottom of the page...just scroll down. If you are a reader of my blog...OR if you are just reading it today PLEASE take a second and put your name & a pic on there!! I wanna know if you are visiting!! THANKS!

ok, back to my life..........

Today was another day of Cracker Barrel. It was really busy today, of course, because its Good Friday, and people don't have to work....that is, except servers.

It was a good day though. It went by pretty fast and I made good money.

Tonight I am extremely tired... Jesse & I made some dinner (Mediterranean Baked Chicken) and in a few minutes we will probably be watching one of our two movies from Netflix. (If I can get Jesse away from the March Madness!) One is the Number 23 and the other is Rendition.

Gotta go put the dishes in the dishwasher... boooo!

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