Wednesday, March 19, 2008

can u believe this?

I've blogged every day this week!

Today may be short though....

I had another good day at Cracker Barrel. I worked 9 to 2:30 today and I trained Janice again. She basically does all the work and I just follow her around. And...shes scheduled to be training with me again on Friday! :) Today was kinda slow at the Barrel....but I think thats better for training anyway. I still made 52 dollars.

When I got home from work I ate some more chips and mexican dipping a matter of fact I finished the container!

Then I did some aerobics from a Denise Austin DVD that I checked out of the library. I was mad because they were using a stretchy band and I didn't have I gave up on that and ran 3 and a half miles on the treadmill.

Then I took a...very...long bath while reading a book that I got from the library. Its called, "The Fastest Way to Get Pregnant Naturally." NO.... That doesn't mean that I'm trying to get pregnant now. I just want to learn more about the topic so that I am prepared.

Then I straightened up the house... Jesse made oatmeal cookies.. and then I got on the computer to BLOG! :oP

siiiiigggghhh.............2 more days left in the week. I'm ready for a weekend already!

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