Sunday, March 30, 2008

back to NC


Welp, I'm back in NC tonight and I'm glad that I get to sleep in my own KING size tonight! Sleepin' at my parents house means a FULL... I'm just glad Jesse and I are little people (not midget "Little People" like Little People, Big World "Little People" but just small) I can't imagine 2 bigger people in a full size!!

We made it in the WV pretty early on Thursday night. We went straight to Jesse's brother Mike's house in Teays Valley. Of watch Basketball. Basketball has been the bane of my existance since the whole March madness crap began! We even had to watch the Davidson/Kansas game on his laptop in the car on the way home today!)

Thursday night was the WV game of course...and they lost. But it was a good game. I enjoyed myself watching my neices Abagail and Hannah & chatting w/ Alyson.

On Friday Jesse had to work a little bit... Mom and I did a little shopping. I got a cute new brown dress from Elder Beerman in Teays Valley. She got some new stuff for their front yard from the Craft store.

Friday night we spent w/ Brian & Jessica. We played darts and ping pong in their garage.

Saturday morning was Haleigh's birthday party. It was at Bozhi's Gym Nest in Barboursville at 11 am. It was a lot of fun watching the kids play but it sucked that the adults weren't allowed to play on anything. booo :( I have some photos to upload but I left the camera out in the car so I'll get to it tomorrow hopefully)

After the party we all went to Moe's for lunch (I get the John Coctostan with Chicken & Black Beans....Jesse always gets a Joey Bag of Donuts) and then we walked around Pullman Square a bit. It felt good to be back home in my HUNTINGTON again!!

On Sunday we went to Maranatha of course...and then back to my parents house for lunch! We left around 4:30 and got back to NC around 8:25. I drove from about Galax, VA to here... and it stunk. I hate driving w/ a passion....especially Jesse's car :(

I'm gonna go to bed now I guess... I gotta go back to the CB tomorrow..but at least its only 11 to 3! YAY! More tomorrow...

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