Wednesday, March 5, 2008

haven't felt like writing...


I haven't posted a blog forever. I think its because I am addicted to the Bubbles game I have on here. No joke I know I've played at least 6 hours in all... and thats a soft estimate :)

I've just been doin' the cracker barrel thing... coming home cookin' dinner thing... then watching lotsa American Idol and playing SingStar with Lester and Holli thing.

Tonight... my favs on American Idol were David Archuletta, David Cook, and Jason Castro.... I always try to pick who will be going home and I'm typically right. This week I think that David Noriega and Luke Menard will be the ones packing their stuff....maybe Chikezie (how the heck do u spell that?) Did anyone else think that Paula was even more out of it tonight than usual?? She tried to stand up and almost fell over!

Had a good weekend... watched a lot of movies. We watched White Oleander, The Constant Gardener, Fracture, and Mr. Brooks. On Sunday after church Jesse and I went to the Joanie Moser Park in Lewisville with Holli and Lester. We passed football, baseball, and the boys played tennis while Hollo and I layed on a blanket and read books. I tried to read Homer Hickom's new book called, The Red Helmet...but I couldn't get into it. It had about 150 characters and they ALL had stupid nicknames. You would think that a guy from WV wouldn't wanna make WVians sound stupid..but he did.

Tomorrow maybe...if I can pry myself away from the Bubbles game...then I will tell you my thoughts on the girls.

rained a lot here today.

I don't have to work tomorrow... I have a doctors appointment at 1pm to get my pre-employment physical so I can be a "SUB" I can finally play some BUBBLES!

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