Monday, December 8, 2008

Reading Tom Sawyer...

My students are reading...(well they are listening to a Read Aloud CD and following along)...of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. I really love Mark Twain.

I had a good weekend. Its just sad thats its over already. On Saturday morning I got my hair done at Bev's in Eleanor.

After that.... I went shopping with my Mom at the Barboursville Mall even though it was pretty snowy. First we went to Bob Evan's. I had their multigrain pancakes and they were DE-LISH-ISH!!

We were in Kohls for like 4 hours, I swear! I ended up getting my dad a christmas present and I think I know what I'm gonna get for my Mom now too.

We had to go to Walmart too and we didn't get home until around 9.

Sunday we had church and then we went to my Mom's church's Christmas dinner at the Eleanor Firehouse.

I cleaned my classroom this morning. ick. The windows had about 5 years of junk on 'em.

I'm excited for dinner tonight. I'm making "deer balls" My Mom gave me some of my dad's venison and I'm making meatballs and mac-n-cheese tonight! YUM!

gotta go now... this class is over!! Actually....Monday is over!! wahoo!

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