Wednesday, March 18, 2009

6 am voicemail... yikes!

Monday morning... 6 am. I had turned off my cell phone on Sunday night. When I got to work at WMS I turned it back on and saw that I had 3 voicemails. I called, and I heard a kinda redneck sounding woman's voice say, "Hello. I'm calling to find out why this number was on my husband's phone. I hope you're not #$^&ing him, 'cause I'll *&^% you up! He's a married man!"
OMG! I was like what the heck!! She blocked her number when she called so I had no idea who she was. I knew she was mistaken, obviously, but without knowing who her husband is how could I explain why my number was on her phone? So I looked back through my phone call history but I couldn't find any numbers that it may have been.

She kept calling me over the next few hours, but I wasn't about to talk to her in front of 25 8th graders! So I finally answered during my lunchtime. She first asks why my number was on her husbands phone. I said, "Who is your husband?" She won't tell me and she says, "well I think you should know if your messing around with a married man!" Then I said that I think she had the wrong number. She says, "No, this is the number that keeps showing up!"

She says that I shouldn't be messing around with a married man...and I tell her that I haven't been. She says, "Well I guess he could have taken his wedding ring off...blah, blah" and I interrupted her and said, "I haven't been with ANYONE other than my husband!" She asks, "Who is your husband?" I guess she wanted to make sure we weren't married to the same person, ha! I said Jesse's name...and she seems like that convinces her...and she says, "Well, I'm sorry..." and I said, "Please don't call me again." and she said that she wont.

I haven't heard from her again. Looking back on it...the whole thing was really weird and it just makes me think that the whole thing may have been a prank. I don't know though. She did seem genuinely angry...and she kept calling. I think she called 8 times.

Did I get CrankYanked?

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