Wednesday, March 18, 2009

such a beautiful day!

Today the weather was stunning. I went to Poca Middle to sub for Ms. Richards. The kids were so sweet and all happy to see me. I missed them! (I should say, SOME of them...hehe) It was good to see all the teachers too.

After that....I came home and ran outside. It was lovely. :) Jesse and I grilled burgers and then went to the valley park just to walk around a bit. When we got there, Sarah, Jay, and Caylan were there with their friends Jackie, Eric and their daughter, Madison. So we talked to them and I played with Caylan a little bit.

Then Jesse went to go workout at Ty's house (which is where he is right now) and I drove my little butt over to the Teays Valley McDonald's to get me a vanilla cone. It was a tasty 150 calories....just wish I had another!

Tomorrow I'm going to be at Winfield Middle again....for the same lady!! She's not been to school for 2 weeks! I think I'm going to get lunch at McDonald's tomorrow!! yummmm... I'm thinking grilled honey mustard snack wrap and a fruit & yogurt parfait.....or maybe a grilled southwest salad. Those are so good!

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