Tuesday, May 27, 2008

feel like a pig

Kitsy missed us this weekend. Since we've been back she's been sleeping on our suitcase. I think shes trying to keep us from leaving again!

I went to Cracker Barrel this morning and it was a pretty good day. I stayed busy and the day went by fairly quickly.

On the way home from Cracker Barrel I called Jesse and he told me that we were gonna eat dinner with Holli and Lester at Texas Roadhouse. Holli got some free coupons for we got a cactus blossom onion thingie and cheese fries. They were HUGE! I tried not to eat too much...but it was hard. Jesse and I got a combo platter with a sirloin and BBQ chicken. I didn't even eat a roll. I was still stuffed when I left there.

Then we went to Old Navy and I got the bathing suit cover-up that I had been wanting....except they didn't have the color that I wanted...BUT, I got it on sale. I was going to pay 25 dollars for it, but I only ended up paying 9 dollars. Jesse also got a pair of swimming trunks which are really cute. (see pic below)

During the day today...Holli, Lester and Jesse went over to the apartment's pool. Holli got sunburned. Lester didn't because he put on SPF 50, but Jesse got freakin' burned alive. He is so red!

He searched on the Internet for home cures for sunburns...and later I saw him spray his body with vinegar, hold a bag of frozen strawberries on his chest, and then rub mustard all over himself! I told him that he looked like a gigantic hot dog...and the smell was putrid. He even went upstairs to Holli and Lester's topless with the mustard all over him. Mixed with his red skin, the yellow mustard made Jesse look an Oompa Loompa!!

After gorging myself ...I did run a little on the treadmill...I did 4 miles even though I felt like throwing up.

After that we went upstairs (with the mustard still on his chest, neck and arms) and played Scattergories with the Conn's. It was fun, but I was not very good at that game.

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