Thursday, May 1, 2008

just watched 27 Dresses...

and it was really cute. I liked it a lot.

Holli and Lester just left a few minutes ago. They brought Blackberry Cobbler and ice cream....yummmm!

Today I worked at Cracker Barrel. When I got there it was really strange because I saw my name on the floorplan, but when I tried to clock in, the computer system said that I wasn't scheduled. What the heck? haha... I think they suspected that I might call in again, or just never come back!! hahaha....... I was in the smoking section too. They must love me. (<---sarcasm)Then when next week's schedules came out, I was only scheduled 2 days!

oh well, I'll just get to sub more! YAY!! I love subbing! I get paid to sit and read books and magazines. :)

I ran on the treadmill today. I walked a half mile..and then I ran (at 6.0 mph) for 3.5 miles straight w/o stopping!! yay! I think that's my new record. I don't ever remember running that much before. I think it took me about 43 minutes to go 4 miles. That's an average of 5.58 mph.

OK, so I know that everyone may not be interested in my exercise routine and stuff...but I like to keep a record of it..and seriously, I consider my blog to be a diary of my life anywho. So really...its all for me. I just let you read it.

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