Friday, May 30, 2008

45 hour

Today was a very good day.

First...I woke up around 9 and made french toast and turkey bacon for breakfast. Then I got ready to go to West Forsyth High to sub for a math teacher. It was only a half day job.

When I got there I found out that she only teaches 5th and 6th period and has 7th period planning! Wahoo! Then.... I found out that they were going to shorten 5th and 6th periods today because they needed an extended 7th period due to testing! An even bigger WAHOO!! So, I was in the classroom from 1:05 to 2:05, no joke, and I'm gonna get paid for a half day, which is 45 bucks. I like this job! I should really be subbing more often!!! It makes me realize how much I hate Cracker Barrel!!

After school I went to a hair salon called Steel Roots. I got my hair done, FINALLY! I was in desperate need of highlights and even more desperate need for a cut. A young girl cut my hair and the owner, Tina, colored it....I think Tina did a really good job. I was very pleased and it only cost 82 dollars. Oh, I didn't get it cut like Hilary Duff's in that pic I posted on here...and I'm glad.

After the hair got did, I got on the treadmill....even though I was dreading it. I ran (and walked a little) 4.5 miles. After that I did my new Jillian Michael's DVD. It was torture, but in a good way. Its only 20 minutes long..she mixes cardio with weights and abs..and I liked it. You are supposed to do it everyday for 30 days....maybe I'll try that.

After the work out Jesse and I had slow-cooker beef stroganoff for dinner and it was delicious!

I finally got my 1st paycheck from the sub office today! They hold it forever and you only get paid once a month. I also got my WV Teaching Certification in the mail!!

I think tomorrow I may have to start packing :(

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