Thursday, May 22, 2008

Thursday..and I don't have to work!

Today I slept in til around 10 at Brian and Jessica's house. Then we went over to my parents where I made myself some oatmeal and took a shower.

Then Jesse and I drove to Teays Valley and picked up Brian. We went down to the court house and then to Lowe's and the mall. I had to wait a freakin' hour at the clinique counter just to get one tube of makeup. The lady in front of me bought over 150 dollars worth of stuff, mostly moisturizer. She just kept asking questions. I really hate the way they have those makeup counters set up. Its very inconvienent for those of us that come there already knowing what we want. What they want...are the people like the lady in front of me; people who aren't sure and so they get talked into buying a ton of crap that they don't really need.

After that.... we went to Burger King. I like to get Whopper Jrs with no cheese, no mayo and extra pickles. Well, Jesse told them what I wanted but...of course.... I didn't get it "my way" and instead they put mayo on there. I had to wipe it off with a napkin and then I accidently wiped mayo all over my face.

After the mall we went to Jesse's Dad's house in Ona and hung out for a little bit.

Then we went to the Teays Valley YMCA where I had to get a trial 3 day pass. I changed clothes and went into the gym and ran on the treadmill. I ran for 4 and half miles of torture. It made me really thankful that I have my own treadmill at home. I had to watch ESPN with no sound..and it really felt like I had to force myself to keep running.

I was UNIMPRESSED with that Y. I definately wouldn't pay the 40 plus dollars a month to work out there. They only have a few treadmills that are decent. The whole gym area is very cramped and crowded. I really feel like the cardio area should be separate from the weight room, but they have them all smooshed together. It is a really nice building with a nice basketball gym and pools, but...its not good for women. I guess a lot of people go there because its the only place around here...and I think they treat it like a social network.

After the workout we stopped at Kroger and even though I was all sweaty and gross....I changed back into my regular clothes in the car. Then we went to Brian and Jessica's and ate and hung out for awhile. the way... David Cook did win American Idol and I was glad. This was the first year I didn't really have a favorite. I would have been happy if either of them won.

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