Friday, May 9, 2008


So in case you didn't hear....the Winston area was hit with severe thunderstorms and a few tornados yesterday. I didn't get to blog because Kitsy and I were holed up in the bathroom with pillows over my head. Jesse was standing next to the window watching like a big dufus. <---is that how you spell dufus? haha!

Anyway.... It was a crazy night but everything was fine! :) A few houses were hit in the Advance and Greensboro area.

Currently I am sitting in a classroom at North Forsyth High with 3 students in it. Its been a crazy morning!! I was supposed to sub for one lady...but when I got here they sent me to another teachers room. I had 2 sets of lesson plans for 1st period, but only one set (for the other teacher) for the rest of the day! It was so confusing, but I think I have it figured out. Most of their students went on a field trip today so I am just filling in for the ones they left behind.

1st period was a bunch of hooligans, but I think I will have really small classes for the rest of the day! YAY! Plus, I got lucky and one of the students stayed logged on on this computer so I am able to get on the internet! YIPPIE!

Well.... I better go now, I'll write more later tonight probably.

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