Sunday, May 4, 2008

burned alive

Today was a BEAUTIFUL day!! It was 76 degrees and sunny without humidity and just perfect.

After church Jesse and I had our first taste of Backyard Burgers. Its kinda funny cause now that we are moving back we are trying to try all the stuff Winston has to offer that WV doesn't. I have to admit..Backyard Burgers was good. Expensive, but good. For our two "bundle meals" we paid over 12 dollars. I tried to get the nutritional info on their site, but it said "coming soon."

After eating lunch, I took Kitsy for a little walk. Then I decided I wanted to pull out my lawn chair and lay outside. So I did, wearing a tank top and shorts...for 2 and a half hours...while reading The Guardian.

I finally decided to come back inside.... only to realize, my skin was red and itchy. I am really sunburned, but only on the front of my arms and the front of my legs. My face didn't burn because I wear sunscreen every day, thank goodness!

It was so nice outside..I wasn't even hot or sweaty or anything. So, I didn't realize that I was getting burnt. Oops!

After this... I cleaned our master bathroom because it was getting nasty. I have never hated cleaning a bathtub more than the bathtub here!! It is all bright white tile and the grout is a great place for mold and mildew to grow. Its so disgusting and the only thing that works on it is bleach! So that took an eternity....and my hands smell like a janitor.

After my cleaning fest I got on the Substitute finder website and booked a job for tomorrow at a middle school. I'm kinda depressed about that because middle schools start at the crack of dawn. Oh well, it does mean that I'll be home earlier! I'm subbing for a 6th grade math and science teacher. I'll write about it tomorrow.

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