Monday, May 26, 2008

back in NC

Jesse and I are back in WV after a good weekend in WV.

On Saturday I went shopping with my mom for stuff for a cookout. We bought a cornhole type game and another game called ladder ball...and of course, all the stuff for hamburgers!

After we got home from our shopping trip I changed into a tank top and shorts and layed outside in the backyard of my parents house. It was a BEAUTIFUL day!! I finished my James Patterson book and now I need another one!! Jesse spent the whole day helping his brother build a deck in his backyard.

On Sunday we went to church at Maranatha. We had seen on the news the other day about a lady from Maranatha who had been declared brain dead for like 17 hours and then came back to life. It was a miracle! What a great story! I would recommend sunday's sermon by James Wright to anyone who wants to know more info about healing and about what happened to this woman. Their website is

Here is a video from where it was on the news.

After church my parents had a cookout in their backyard with my dad's family. I ate way too much...and then we went to Jesse's dad's house to celebrate his 56th birthday. It was a fun time and I took lots of photos of the kids...and they even took some of me! (I know....scary)

We brought ladder ball with us and we had a lot of fun playing it.

Sunday was also our 6th anniversary! Maybe next year we'll do something special.

Today we went to Jesse's Mom's house in Charleston and tried to have a picnic, but it was a muddy rainy mess. Then we drove back to NC...and here we are....

Tomorrow back to the Cracker Barrel at 8:30 am...blah.

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