Wednesday, June 25, 2008

lifes a beach!

Jesse and I went to the gym first thing this morning. I got on the eliptical again and I ran on the treadmill a bit too.

Then we went to the beach...It was a very nice day again today. I finished my newest James Patterson book, "Sundays at Tiffany's" I read it in about a day and a half. There were jellyfish EVERYWHERE!! They are just the little guys with no tenticles so I assume that they don't sting...but yesterday Jesse got stung by one on his leg. It didn't seem to hurt him too much, but I still don't like those creepy little things. They look like balls of snot.

So, we went to the pool and had a good time.

For dinner we drove down to Nags Head. First we stopped at Jockey's Ridge State Park which boasts the largest sand dunes on the East coast. It was pretty neat...the dunes are enormous. I wanted to walk up the hill, but it didn't happen.

Then we were off to find some dinner... first we stopped at a seafood bufft called "Carolina Seafood" It looked like a hole in the wall, yucky, yuk, yuk..... and then our waitress was about 104 and she threw down a dirty-lookin', wet plastic bowl on the table. I think my Mom was grossed out and then the waitress told us that the buffet was $29.99. We decided to leave.

Then we drove right down the road to place called Awful Arther's. It looked SOOOO much better! In fact, it must have been a lot better because there was a 2 hour wait!! It was already 7 pm and 9 seemed like a looong way away. So, again, we left.

Finally we stopped at a place (where I had been wanting to go all week!) called "Barefoot Bernie's" There was only a 20 minute wait. I had the Santa Fe Salad. Jesse had a Philly Cheesesteak. My Dad had what they call Grouper in a bag...and my Mom had a BBQ Chicken Salad, which she LOVED. Mine was good...and I tasted Jesse's and it was tasty too!! We also got chips and guacamole dip for an appetizer. They also brought out a bagette with olive oil dipping oil. (ps...I still have garlic breath) Anyway, it was a great little restaurant.

Tomorrow Jesse and I will be leaving here :( But I can't wait to see my lil Kitsy!!

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