Friday, June 6, 2008

joke of a job

My job working with LD kids was a joke. I don't know why I even needed to be there...but all the better for me I guess. I couldn't even know which students I was there to help..haha. Its confidential! I only went to 2 classes. One was watching a movie and eating snacks. I poured soda and passed out potato chips and cheese puffs. The 2nd class was taking a vocab test so I just say there and did nothing.

After school Jesse and I went to the pool where I got a little sun!! I think we're gonna go swimming tomorrow morning too. Its supposed to be 97 degrees here tomorrow!!

I didn't work out today. I can't even remember the last time I didn't I guess I was due for a day of rest.

I started packing today. I got about 5 pretty large boxes packed up. My kitchen decorations are pretty much gone..and a lot of my other decorations too. It looks all bare in here now and I don't like it.

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