Monday, June 23, 2008

booo...rainy day

Today we woke up pretty early...the neighbors were slightly loud! Then we went over to the fitness center where I got on an eliptical machine for 20 minutes. When I got off my legs felt like jell-o.

There was only one treadmill and some old lady was on it. The other 2 were out of order.

After was looking a little cloudy...but it appeared to be clearing a little. So we decided to head over to the beach anyway. As soon as we got there Jesse and I spread out our blanket and went on a walk. We had walked around 10 minutes maybe when we decided to turn around.

Right then....the sky starting spitting a little rain on us. It wasn't bad. The weather was a little cool, but the ocean was FREEZING!! We kept running to stay out of the waves. When we made it back to our blanket, we sat for a few minutes...and then we heard THUNDER!! Dark clouds rolled through and we rolled outta there!

That was around 12:30. Since then we've been sitting around the "villa". Jesse's taking a little snooze.

Isn't that a rockin' couch? This place is totally "Golden Girls"

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