Monday, June 23, 2008

we have arrived!

Well... we made it here to the Outer Banks. Its late on Sunday evening right now...

Its quite different than Mytle Beach, thats for sure. So far...its pretty nice! We got here around 4 pm and then we went to dinner at a place called "Pizzazz Pizza Company" We had a "deluxe" which was a pizza with green peppers, onions, ham, olives, jalapenos, sausage and pepperoni. It was VERY good! So good, in fact, I had 3.5 slices!!! I blew the diet today!!

After dinner we went to the Foodlion to get groceries. Then we drove over to see the beach. It was very nice. Today was very cloudy and cool. Its supposed to get over 90 degrees later this week though. They're forcasting possible showers tomorrow and tuesday but I think it'll be fine!

Tomorrow Jesse and I are planning on waking up around 9 and going to work out. This place has a really nice gym. After that....if its nice, then I guess we'll be off to the beach!

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