Saturday, June 21, 2008

beach tomorrow!!!

Yay! I'm leaving for the beach tomorrow. As I type now I am sitting in my living room with Jesse and my mom and dad and we are watching the Women's gymnastics Olympic Trials. These girls are good!

Earlier we ate at Monte De Rey and then we went to McDonald's and got dessert. I got a vanilla cone! YUM!

Kitsy is so sweet and laying right beside me! I'm really gonna miss her this week!

I was told the other day by Jesse's brother (Hi Mike!) that he really enjoyed reading my blog lately...until he read about my vomit the other day! haha.. of course I laughed but I want to say that I'm sorry if I grossed anyone out. I hope Mike continues to read the blog..haha. From now on if I'm going to be nasty I'll (try to) warn you first.

Yesterday I worked literally nonstop packing and cleaning from the time my feet hit the floor around 9 am until 2 am when I went to bed. I was thankful today that I got all that stuff accomplished yesterday though. I was able to rest a bit today. Jesse and I went to the library and I picked up a few James Patterson books for the beach. Then we went to the Goodwill for old times sake.

Now its around 11 and my parents are getting ready for bed. Jesse and I will probably be up a little later....tomorrow we'll be up around 8 am and on the road by 9:30!! I can't wait... I think I'm mostly excited about going someplace different, someplace I've never been before.

Don't worry!.... Jesse's bringing his laptop so I should be able to blog a bit while we're there! Pray for us to have a safe trip tomorrow!

Good Night!

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