Tuesday, June 24, 2008

it did! The Sun Came Out!!

Today was a great beach day! Jesse and I skipped working out (and its probably a good thing cause my hammies were screamin'! from the eliptical!) We headed over to the beach around 11ish and we stayed out there for a good while.

After that we came back to the room, had sandwiches and then went to the pool.

After all the outdoor fun...we got prettied up and drove to Duck. Yes, thats right. There is a town here on the Outer Banks called Duck. Duck seems like a more upscale area. There is a lot of shopping there and some outstandingly beautiful homes.

We ate dinner at a little BBQ place called "Sooey's" It was SO good! I had beef brisket and it was delicious!! Jesse had a pulled pork sandwich and I tasted it and it was wonderful too! YUM!!

After dinner we went to a shopping area called The Waterfront Shops...They are right on the sound and it was a beautiful view of the sunset

Yesterday I bought some Salt Water Taffy....and I can't keep my hands outta it!!

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