Wednesday, June 4, 2008

love me some whopper jrs

This morning...I had to wake up and go to Cracker Barrel, which sucked today. I'm really glad I only have 3 more hours of that place until Tuesday.

I was supposed to get off work at 2 and then I have to do my sidework and silverware. Well I got a table at around 1:50...two really (I'm going to put this as nicely as possible!) obese people. One lady was in a wheelchair for (as far as I could tell) no other reason but that she was so large. They ordered an appetizer....which at Cracker Barrel doesn't usually happen. In fact, most employees at Cracker Barrel don't even know that Cracker Barrel has a "Cheese and Cracker Plate" available. Oh, but these people...they knew about it! So anyway...after their meal and about 5 refills a piece they just wanted to sit and sit. THEN...when they finally did get up... The guy pushed the woman around the retail store for about 20 minutes before they payed their bill.

In case you don't know.... your waitress can't leave until you do...and they can't clock out until you pay your bill. So anyway.. I was there until after 3 just standing around, waiting, wasting my time.

After work Jesse and I went to the pool. It was really hot and I even fell asleep out there today for few minutes, but I don't think I got very much sun. The pool water felt MUCH better today, but of course it was over 90 degrees.

After the pool I ran on the treadmill for awhile (4 miles) and watched some more How I Met Your Mother... LOVE THAT SHOW!!

Then I showered and Jesse and I made a quick run to the library and to Burger King where I got a Whopper Jr. no cheese, no fav! and it only has 290 calories.

Right now I'm watching So You Think You Can Dance!! Ok, I think Jesse wants the computer now...

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