Friday, June 13, 2008

oh yeah... I have some news!

I have been waiting to write about this because I wanted to tell my parents first....but

We found a place to live in WV!! Its in Teays Valley...and I'm not stupid enough to spill the beans to the whole Internet about where I'm living. But its a townhouse... I'm really happy! I've never even been inside the place or even seen a picture, but I'm just glad that we have a place. Its been really really really hard trying to find a place that would let us have Kitsy in WV.

I guess here in NC there is a lot more competition in the rental property/apartment area so places HAVE to allow you to have animals. In WV very very few places will let you have pets. We have to pay for her at the place we are staying..but at least we didn't have to sneak her in!

The crazy thing is that Jesse had been calling this place for months and they had no openings! Then...he called, I think it was last Saturday, and the lady said, "Funny that you would call now because just an hour ago a tenant told me that he had to move out by July 1st" God is so good to us!

In this complex the back buildings are really squeezed in there... I mean tight. It makes me feel really claustrophobic! So Jesse was worried about getting our huge 26 foot truck back in there. So he asked the lady where our apartment would be. She says... "It's unit number 3801. Its in the front on the end" Its actually one of the best (if not THE best) townhouse in the complex!!! We feel very blessed!

The lady who owns the complex called Jesse back and asked if we needed to move in any sooner than the 1st. We really needed to unload the truck on the Jesse told her that we could move in on the 30th if that would be possible and that she could prorate the rent for that one day. To that she says, "Oh that won't be necessary" AGAIN... blessed!

I have no idea what God is trying to do to us, having us sell our house, move away, and then come all the way back after just 6 short months... but whatever His plans are..He has been with us for every step. I don't think ANY of the small, everyday miracles are just coincidences. God has always been good to me.

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